Hello everybody!  It’s time for your weekly dose of Ring of Honor action!  We’ve got a pretty stacked card this week, with Matt Taven squaring off against Silas Young, plus Tommaso Ciampa defending his ROH TV Championship against 2014 Top Prospect Winner Hanson, and Chris Hero will be taking on Adam Cole in our main event!  

Let’s get started!

Silas Young vs. Matt Taven

Before the Bell:  Young enters the ring first, then Taven.  They shake hands, but Young definitely acts like it was a waste of his time.

The Match:  Lockup, but Taven fires back.  Young with some knees to the gut.  Taven hits an armdrag and a dropkick.  Young counters.  Taven hits a nice hurricarana, but Young rolls him through.  Taven rolls through that.  Young ducks out of the ring.  He runs back in while Taven looks at the ramp - it’s Truth Martini heading out to ringside.  He joins in on commentary.  

Taven goes up top, near fall.  Truth says Taven fired him.  Young tosses Taven through the ropes and nearly into Martini’s lap.  We go to break.  When we return, Silas is in control.  Silas takes the legs out from Taven, crotching him on the ropes.  He hits a springboard clothesline, knocking him to the floor.

Taven hits a series of kicks back in the ring.  He goes for a lionsault, but lands on his feet and hits a superkick instead.  He nails the lionsault this time.  Near fall.

Nice sequence.  Taven nearly hits Angel’s Wings, but Young counters with a clothesline.  Silas goes for his springboard finisher, but misses, and Taven hits his frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven

After the Bell:  Taven stands tall.  He offers to shake Young’s hand.  They shake, but after the shake Young attacks him.  Truth Martini rolls into the ring and directs Young to attack more.  Young and Martini stare each other down.  Martini offers Young a handshake.  Young just keeps on walking.

What Worked:  Good match.  I really like Silas Young.  Taven wrestles a bit too spotty, but he’s very good.  He works as a face.  

What Didn’t:  The pace was a little frantic for no reason.  

The Summary:  Good opening contest with a bit of story advancement.  

Hanson vs. Tomasso Ciampa (c) for the ROH TV Championship

Before the Bell: Hanson is out first.  Ciampa walks out in a hurry.  He gets right in Hanson’s face.  We get our in-ring introductions.  The crowd is hot for Ciampa.  They shake, head into their corners, and it’s on!

The Match:  It’s a car wreck from the get-go.  Hanson gets the best of the exchange initially.  Kneepad down, but Hanson tries for a spin kick.  Ciampa sends Hanson over the top and hits the Ring of Honor spot, but it’s a bit sloppy.  Running knee into the corner outside the ring.  He hits it twice.  Back in the ring, he goes for a cover.  Some nice back and forth action here.  My connection started buffering so I missed a few spots.  Whoops.  

They trade elbows.  Ciampa switches to kicks.  Hanson hits a cartwheel into a jump kick.  Pretty cool.  Ciampa hits a knee and gets a near fall.    Going back and forth again.  Hanson hits a Bronco Buster on Ciampa.   He goes up to the top rope and hits a moonsault for a very near fall.  Ciampa immediately rolls into the Sicilian Stretch, but Hanson stands him up, drops him, and hits the Spin kick of Doom.  Ciampa rolls to the ropes for safety.

They head up top, and Hanson picks Ciampa up, but Ciampa rolls through into a powerbomb and hits Project CIampa for the win.

Winner: Tomasso Ciampa to retain the Ring of Honor TV Championship

After the Bell:  Ciampa celebrates.

What Worked: This was an intense match from beginning to end.  Full of energy and hard hitting action.

What Didn’t:  Ciampa still no-sells a bit too often for my tastes.  

The Summary:  A very good title defense.  Hanson walked out of that match looking like he belongs.

We get a recap of the events leading up to Chris Hero earning a title shot against Adam Cole.  

Chris Hero vs. Adam Cole (c) for the Ring of Honor World Championship

Before the Bell:  Nigel McGuinness is out on commentary.  Hero is out first. Adam Cole second.  Proper intros here, the belt held high.  Kevin Kelly puts the title over as being “the most prestigious title in North America, and arguably the world as well.”  Nice touch.  They shake and we’re off!

The Match:  Both men jockey for position to start, but Hero gets the upper hand and Cole ducks out.  Cole hits a shoulder block and boasts.  Nice sequence where Cole goes for a leapfrog and gets hit with a frontkick instead.  Hero is on the offense, but Cole reverses the tide.  Cole decides to take a time out, and walk outside the ring.   Hero heads outside too, and they stare each other down through the ropes.  Hero cuts Cole off and kicks him in the face.  Another boot to the head.  He rolls Cole back in, catches Cole on the apron, and knocks him outside the ring.  Hero teases a leap outside the ring, but he catches the ropes instead.  Cole cuts him off and hits him with a nasty chop.  

Cole is in charge of things now.  Heelish tactics, as expected.  Cole sets Hero up for a suplex, but Hero knees out.  Shining Wizard courtesy of Cole.  Two-count.  The fans start mocking Cole strangely and we go to break.

After the break, Hero hits some nice moves, capping it off with a boot to the face.  They’re outside the ring now.  Hero rolls Cole back in and leaps back into the ring.  Near fall.  Hero on the offense.  I’m not sure what the fans are doing, but it’s annoying.  Cole gets a desperation kick in.  DDT of sorts on the ropes and only a near fall.  Every time Cole starts to talk trash to Hero, the fans start the laughter.  Cole taunts, and Hero takes advantage.  He puts Cole up on this shoulders, hits the rolling elbow, but sends Cole out of the ring.  He rolls Cole back in, but Cole rolls out the other side.  Cole hits a belly-to-back suplex out of nowhere to the mat outside.  Cole rolls Hero back into the ring.  Suplex into neck breaker, and it’s a two-count.  

Cole tries to set Hero up for the Florida Key.  The referee is way too close, and he gets taken out.  Hero strikes and hits a submission move, but the referee isn’t there to count it.  Cole taps out.  No ref.  Nigel McGuinness is tending to the referee.  Hero sets Cole up, but Cole nails him with an enzuigiri.  A pair of super kicks from Cole, Florida Key, and kickout.  Cole tries again, rolls it over, then hits another one, with a bridge, for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole to retain the Ring of Honor World Championship

After the Bell:  Kevin Kelly shows Nigel McGuinness the video of Cole tapping out.  

What Worked:  Good back and forth action.  Cole is a great heel champ, and he gets better each time I see him.

What Didn’t:  Hero relies on the kick to the face a bit much, I think.  Just nitpicking really.  It was an enjoyable match.

The Summary: A very good title defense.  Cole is very much your typical heel, in a good way.  Hero looked good here as well.  Worth watching.

That does it for me today folks.  Join me next week for more Ring of Honor action!