ROH is finally taking advantage of the stars they’ve created, and has a little bit of an intro where they declare they “create excellence.”  Good.

We get a recap of the events leading into tonight’s main event, featuring Jay and Mark Briscoe vs. Michael Bennett and Adam Cole.  

We are in Philadelphia, PA this evening.  Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly at ringside.  Here we go!

We have a six man tag match!

Adrenaline Rush (ACH & Tadarius Thomas) & Andrew Everett vs. The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs & Roderick Strong & BJ Whitmer)

Before the Bell:  Streamers for The Decade.  Hands extended for the Code of Honor.  The Decade has no interest.  

The Match:  Everett and Strong starting it out.  Everett uses some nice matwork to flip out of Strong’s hold.  Tag to Thomas, tag to Whitmer.  Back and forth, until Jimmy Jacobs holds onto Thomas when running the ropes.  Whitmer tosses Thomas out of the ring, and Jacobs and Strong attack before throwing him back into the ring.  We go to break.

After break, ACH is in the ring fighting out of the corner.  He fights out and tags in Thomas, who hits Strong with some nice capoeria kicks.  Good action here.  Thomas is knocking fools around.  German Suplex into a bridge, but Jacobs breaks it up.  Thomas rolls over to Everett and gets the tag.  The Decade is all over the place.  Everett hits a nice springboard Shooting Star Press outside the ring, then one inside the ring onto Strong.  Near fall.  Bodies are flying everywhere, impossible to keep up with.  Roderick Strong hits a running knee, then a nice back-breaker on Everett to get the pin.

Winners: The Decade

After the Bell:  The Decade celebrate as all three men recover.

What Worked:  A fast paced match to kick things off.

What Didn’t:  A few unnecessary high spots.

The Summary:  A short but high-octane match to get things started.  

Next week, Michael Elgin vs. AJ Styles.  Elgin cuts a promo telling Adam Cole to watch what he does to AJ Styles next week.

The Romantic Touch vs. RD Evans (w/ Veda Scott)

Before the Bell:  The masked Romantic Touch shakes his way out to the ring and blows rose petals to all the ladies. RD Evans comes out with Veda Scott and a man holding up a sign that says 40-0.  I guess that guy is Ramon.  Ok then.  The announce team plays up RD Evans’ streak.  Romantic Touch goes for Veda Scott’s hand, and Evans goes for a quick rollup.

The Match:  Evans doesn’t get the pin there.  Romantic Touch has the advantage here.  RD Evans does the Ric Flair flip in the corner.  Touch goes for Veda Scott again, and it distracts him.  Evans heads up top, but misses a diving headbutt.  Back and forth here, Romatic Touch has the momentum.  Evans goes for a backslide.  Touch hits a dropkick, then the Ring of Honor spot.  Touch locks in on Veda Scott and stalks towards her.  Touch heads under the ring after her.  The ref counts to 20 just as RD Evans rolls in.

Winner: RD Evans via countout

After the Bell: RD Evans and Veda Scott celebrate in the ring.  Romantic Touch smokes a cigarette.  RD Evans cuts a promo in the ring about being 41-0.  He says he’s going to be the only real man left standing.  Cue Silas Young and his strap.  He comes out and chases them out of the ring.  

What Worked: Good action overall.

What Didn’t: A little too much comedy.   

The Summary: A decent match, but nothing crazy.

reDRagon host their show “The Fish Tank” with special guest Cheeseburger.  They interview him and ask him about his name, then beat him up.  They have a match next week.

Adam Page vs. Cedric Alexander

Before the Bell: Adam Page is out first, followed by Cedric Alexander.  Roderick Strong on commentary.  They shake hands and we’re off.

The Match:  It’s back and forth to start.  Page and Alexander counter each other non-stop.  Alexander flips Page over the top rope. Page tries to hang on but ends up going over.  Page gets back in and gets some offense, hanging Alexander up in the ropes.  He nails him with a clothesline and sends him outside.  

Back in the ring, Page eats a boot to the face, followed up by an enzuigiri off the top rope. Impressive.  Alexander hits a kick to the gut, but Page powerslams him.  Page hits a shooting star off of the apron.  He rolls Alexander into the ring and goes up for a cross-body.  Roderick Strong yells at him from ringside.  Alexander stares at Roderick Strong and nails the Lumbar Check on Page for the win.

Winner: Cedrick Alexander

After the Bell:  Roderick Strong steps into the ring and has words with Alexander.  Alexander isn’t interested and walks away.  Strong tries to give Page some advice.  Page listens and nods.  Strong steps out.

What Worked:  Good chemistry between these two, and a nice build to the finish.  Roderick Strong added some nice pizazz to the commentary team, setting the backdrop for things to come.

What Didn’t:  No complaints.

The Summary:  A very good mid-card match from start to finish.

Adam Cole & Michael Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

Before the Bell:  Cole and Bennett come out to the ring, Maria flanking them both.  The Briscoes are out next.  Jay is clutching “his” ROH World Title. The fans chant “Man Up!”

The Match:  Jay Briscoe starts things out, but Cole tags in Bennett.  Jay stomps a mudhole into Bennett.  Tag to Mark.  Rapid tags, actually.  Jay hits a fierce uppercut on Bennett.  Mark Briscoe unloads with some Redneck Kung Fu.  Bennett catches him with a dropkick and tags in Adam Cole.  Mark hits some more Redneck Kung Fu, tags in his brother.  Jay is getting his hands on Cole finally.  The Briscoes use rapid fire tags.  Maria cuts in and grabs the mic and talks about how they cheat.  Action spills outside, and all four men are brawling.  Mark and Cole head inside.  Cole nails Mark with an enzuigiri.  Bennett dropkicks him from the apron.  Two count as we go to break.  

Back from break, hot tag to Jay Briscoe, who unloads a series of jabs on Bennett.  Briscoe is on fire here.  Adam Cole and Mark Briscoe are going at it ringside.  Bennett hits a Side Effect on Jay.  Tag to Cole.  Cole has the advantage here.  He and Bennett team up against Jay, who fights his way out.  The referee does nothing here.  It’s two on one.  Useless referee.  Cole and Bennett double-shoulder block Jay.  Mark Briscoe springboard dropkicks both men, then tosses Bennett over the top rope.  He hits a flying neckbreaker from the apron to the floor.  Nice.  

Back in the ring, The Briscoes team up against Cole, and set him up for Doomsday Device.  Mark leaps to the apron, but Bennett spears him off of the apron, through the table.  Cole hits a superkick to the back of Jay’s head.  He takes off his elbow pads, then goes for a Destroyer, but gets backdropped instead.  Cole goes for the Florida Key, but misses.  A kick to the face and a second attempt, but Jay rolls him through.  Good back and forth action.  Jay sets Cole up for the Jay Driller and nails it.  

Winners:  Jay & Mark Briscoe

After the Bell:  Mark Briscoe tosses Jay both ROH World titles, and he holds them up high.  Mark holds a piece of the table he went through, like it’s a title as well.  

What Worked:  Good pacing, nice tag action.  The Briscoes don’t team up often anymore, so this was a nice treat.

What Didn’t:  Having Jay and Adam Cole clash so close to their title match kind of gives it away, but since Briscoe got the pin here, booking logic dictates Adam Cole walks away champ.

The Summary: A very good tag match highlighting some of ROH’s finest.

Good card tonight, from top to bottom.  The Romantic Touch vs. RD Evans match I could’ve done without, but a minor gripe, really.  Enjoyable action, and a solid hour of wrestling.

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