Hey everyone!  Welcome to another week of Ring of Honor!  We’ve got a blockbuster of a night tonight, as Jay Lethal squares off against Tommaso Ciampa for the Ring of Honor TV Title.  It’s gonna be a 2 out of 3 falls match, so we’re in for a great night of action!  It’s Supercard of Honor VIII, in New Orleans!

But first, Silas Young vs. RD Evans!

“Pro Wrestling’s Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. RD Evans (w/ Veda Scott)

Before the Bell: Young comes out first.  Evans is flanked by Veda Scott and I don’t remember the other dude’s name.  Evans and company brags up their streak, which is 82-0 apparently.  They shake, but Young goes on the offense pretty quick.  

The Match: Evans gets the advantage but it’s short lived.  Veda Scott gets involved and pulls the leg out from Young, and he ends up chasing her around the ring.  Evans’ “heavy” cuts Young off, and Evans attacks from outside.  Back in the ring, Young tosses Evans into the ring.  They go back and forth as we head into a break.

When we come back, Evans heads up to the top rope and misses a headbutt.  Near fall by Young.  On the apron, Silas Young hits an electric chair drop.  Ouch! The ref counts, and at 19, Evans just barely rolls in.  

Back in the ring, Young goes for the strap, but never swings - Evans feigns the hit though while the ref’s back was turned.  Evans rolls Young up, but it’s no good.  Young ends up swinging and takes out the ref instead!  Evans gets a visual pinfall on Young, but noone to count.  Silas Young hits his handstand springboard moonsault as another ref runs out, and he gets the pinfall victory on RD Evans.  

Winner: Silas Young.  No wait, RD Evans

After the Bell: The original ref wakes up and disqualifies Young, reversing the decision, and awards it to RD Evans instead.

What Worked:  Good match from start to finish.

What Didn’t:  The interference kind of took away from everything.

The Summary:  A good match.  Enjoyable.

Truth Martini cuts a pre-recorded promo on Matt Taven.  

Taven comes out to the ring for a match.  Truth Martini comes out by himself.  It’s unclear who Taven is facing.  Martini says those that refuse his help are destined to hurt.  He says without him, Taven is nothing.  Martini invites Kevin Kelly into the ring.  Kelly enters the ring.  Martini opens up the Book of Truth and begins to read, but Taven cuts him off.  He reads his favorite chapter instead - “Matt Taven whoops Truth Martini’s ass.”  Out of nowhere, Martini kicks Taven right in the southern region, and he’s down.  “Surprise.”  Martini walks out.

Good segment, but I was expecting a match.

Backstage, Taven is running around looking for Martini.  He finds him in a bathroom, and there’s some shouting.  Martini walks out of the bathroom, stating “I’m not fired, you’re fired.”  He lights a cigarette as EMTs rush in, implying that Taven’s face got burned by Martini.

Nice video package highlighting Tommaso Ciampa’s TV Title defenses in Europe.

Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Jay Lethal in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the ROH World TV Title

Before the Bell: Lethal is out first.  Ciampa comes out second.  Ciampa gets right in Lethal’s face and holds the title high.  Bobby Cruise gives the in-ring title intros.  Ciampa takes his knee brace off, and instead of shaking Lethal’s hand, he hands the brace to him.  Well then.  

The Match:  They lock up.  Both men are pacing this one out.  Some early roll-up attempts.  Lethal goes for an arm drag into a cartwheel.  Ciampa rolls to the side.  He’s got him scouted. Ciampa tries to swing Lethal into the barricade, but Lethal kicks him into it and hits the ROH Spot twice.  He makes it three, sending Ciampa over the barricade.  We go to break.

We come back and they’re still fighting outside the ring.  They’re fighting into the crowd a but, head back into the ring quick. Lethal hits the arm drag into cartwheel/dropkick this time.  Two-count.  Lethal starts working on the neck, but Ciampa bites him.  They trade chops.  Both try to suplex each other, and they end up tumbling over to the outside in a pretty cool spot.  They trade chops outside as the ref counts down.  The chops turn into elbows.  at 19, both roll in.  Lethal attempts Lethal Injection, but Ciampa counters.  Lethal rolls through and scores a pinfall.  Jay Lethal takes the first fall.

Ciampa isn’t waiting long and immediately attacks Lethal.  They roll each other up, and Ciampa hits a knee to the face as we go to break.  Lethal hits the Lethal Combination into the Koji Clutch.  Ciampa reverses it into the Sicilian Stretch instead.  Lethal gets his feet on the ropes.  Both men struggle to their feet and trade blows.  Ciampa hits Lethal with his own move, but gets a two-count.   Lethal ends up hitting Ciampa with his own move, Project Ciampa, but he only manages a two-count.  Lethal heads up top and goes for the Randy Savage elbow.  

Lethal goes for Lethal Injection, but Ciampa ducks, sending Lethal into the referee.  Ciampa hits a series of German Suplexes.  On the 4th, he rolls Lethal through.  Both men are laid out.  For some reason, Truth Martini runs out and slides the knee brace over to Jay Lethal.  Lethal actually grabs it and nails Ciampa with it.  The referee never saw it.  Lethal only manages a two-count.  He hits the Savage elbow this time, but Ciampa fires up.  Two superkicks, and Lethal Injection, and Jay Lethal finally puts Ciampa away.  Jay Lethal takes the second fall.

Winner: Jay Lethal to become the new Ring of Honor TV Champion.

After the Bell:  Truth Martini runs into the ring to celebrate with Lethal, and Lethal raises his new belt.  Martini takes the mic and hands it to Lethal.  The fans are not ok with this pairing.  Lethal stands over Ciampa.  Lethal says “There is a house in New Orleans, and it’s called The House of Truth.”  He raises the belt.  

What Worked: This was a fantastic match from start to finish.  Really worth seeing.  Ciampa had a pretty great run as the TV Champ, and these two have wrestled each other so many times, it’s like a dance at this point.  I like the heel turn, as it makes Jay Lethal feel fresh, but...

What Didn’t: The heel turn tainted the victory, for me.  They could’ve accomplished this after the match.  

The Summary: A great match, and not your typical 2-out-of-3 falls match, since it never made it to the third fall.  A good title defense, but more importantly, something new and fresh for Jay Lethal.  Go see it.

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