Hey everyone!  Drew Koscelek here!  We’ve got another exciting week of Ring of Honor action to look forward to.  Let’s just get to it!

We’re in New Orleans, LA, for Supercard of Honor!  Kevin Steen vs. Michael Elgin is our Main Event, but first, Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong!

Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong

Before the Bell:  Alexander to the ring first, Strong comes out to the ring with the rest of The Decade - Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, and Adam Page, who holds the ropes for the other three. No handshake.

The Match:  Strong goes for a number of wristlocks.  Some really good chain wrestling here.  Alexander is looking great.  Another nice exchange leading into a dropkick from Alexander.  Strong has blood on his hand.  Looks like he got cut open.  Exchange of chops.  Strong yankes Alexander off the ropes for a two-count.  

Strong nails Alexander with an Olympic Slam for a near fall.  Strong goes for a back breaker, but Alexander rolls it up.  He tries again and gets it.  Two count.  They trade chops.  Strong nails Alexander with a jumping knee, then a gut buster for a very near fall.

Alexander hits a nice enzuigiri in the corner.  The Decade starts trying to distract Alexander, and it’s working.  Strong hits a dropkick, then a back breaker, and he gets the pin.

Winner:  Roderick Strong

After the Bell:  The Decade joins Strong in the ring.  They celebrate.  Jimmy Jacobs takes the mic and says Roderick Strong is one of the best wrestlers ever.  He says that Alexander is a good example of what not to do.  He praises Adam Page for learning.  He calls out Adrenaline Rush and Andrew Everett.  I guess they have a match.  It’s next!

What Worked: This match clicked on all cylinders from start to finish.  Great match.

What Didn’t:   Too short

The Summary:  Find this match and watch it.  Awesome from start to finish.

The Decade vs. Adrenaline Rush & Andrew Everett in a Six Man Scramble Match

Before the Bell: See above.

The Match:  We join the match in progress. Decade is in charge.  ACH gets taken out, and Taddarius Thomas gets in some offense of his own.  Scramble rules do not require tags, but do require only one man at a time.   Everett and Page are legal now.  Everett flips a lot.  Too crazy to call it.  

The pace slows down with Whitmer and it’s more like a traditional tag match for a bit. ACH hts a sweet leap over the top rope.  Thomas takes over and hits some capoeria.  Near fall on Jacobs.  Page is in and hits a nice back breaker.  Everett tries to high fly, but he misses the spot.  He sells it.  He ends up hitting a nice moonsault.  Whitmer in.  Nice spots from Everett.  Near fall.  Whitmer and Jacobs hit their tandem finisher.  It’s over.

Winner: The Decade

After the Bell: They call out ACH who is outside the ring.  Thomas is in the middle of the ring.  Jimmy Jacobs has a spike and threatens to stab Thomas, but they walk away instead.

What Worked:  Spotfest.  Fun, though.  

What Didn’t: I’m not a fan of matches with such loose rules.  

The Summary:  Entertaining for a while, but then the pace slows.  Skippable, in my opinion.  

We get a video package covering the rise (and fall) of Jay Briscoe as ROH World Champ.  They show highlights of his claim to the “real” ROH World Championship.  It all leads up to a ladder match at Supercard of Honor!  Because of the brutality of the match, they cannot show the match live on television, but you can order it!  

Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen for a shot at the IWGP World Title

Before the Bell: Elgin first, then Steen.  Steen gets a good share of the streamers.  They shake.

The Match: Steen wastes no time and goes for the package piledriver early.  This is going to be a very hard hitting match, it seems.  Steen slams Elgin into the barricade.  They put over Steen’s weight loss.  We go to break.

When we return, the action is outside, and Elgin is about to suplex Steen.  He gets him up and holds him before slamming him onto the floor.  Back in the ring, it’s back and forth.  Steen hits a sneaky DDT for a two-count.  Elgin picks up steam, and deadlifts Kevin Steen from the floor into a full German suplex.  Elgin goes for a cross-face, but Steen counters.  

Elgin heads up top and misses a strange move.  Some sort of senton.  Steen bites his way out of a bear hug.  Shoulder breaker, two-count.

Steen goes for his cannonball, but Elgin catches him into a powerbomb.  Steen gets him up for a near fall.  We go to break.

Steen slips out of another powerbomb attempt.  He hits Elgin with his own, then the Package Piledriver.  Elgin barely kicks out!  Steen rolls out of the ring and climbs up.  He lands on Elgin’s knees on a senton attempt.  Elgin hits a powerbomb, then a sitout powerbomb.  Nice sequence.  Two-count.  They climb up top.  Steen hits a nice reverse super-plex on Elgin.  Near fall.  Steen goes for another piledriver, but Elgin reverses it.  Three powerbombs!  He tries to pick up Kevin Steen, but Steen isn’t able to get to his feet.  Elgin hits the bucklebomb, but Steen hits the sleeper suplex.  Another bucklebomb, and Elgin actually uses the Package Piledriver against Steen.  This puts him away.  He gets the win.

Winner:  Michael Elgin

After the Bell: Both men are laid out. They don’t even make it to their feet.  They hug from the ground and shake hands from the ground.

What Worked:  Good build, nice pace.  Good match.

What Didn’t:  Big men shouldn’t flip.  The no-selling towards the end is a common complaint I have with Steen’s work and I didn’t care for it here either.

The Summary:  A very good match.  Two of the better big men in the industry putting on one hell of a match.

Solid show from top to bottom.  Match of the night, for me?  Strong vs. Alexander.  Be sure to check it out.

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