Hey everyone!  Drew Koscelek here with you for another exciting week of Ring of Honor action.  Our main event tonight is “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin facing off against one of my favorites from the indy scene - Rocky Romero, who is currently working for New Japan.  Let’s get started!

We are in New Orleans, LA, and things kick off hot.  Roderick Strong and Adam Page are in the ring.  Tommaso Ciampa hit the ring, entrance in progress.  He looks pissed.

Roderick Strong vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Before the Bell:  Strong kicks away the hand.  No shake.

The Match:  These two men lock up and Ciampa breaks clean in the corner.  Trading wristlocks.  Ciampa bites the fingers to get an advantage.  Bodyslam leads to a missed elbow.  Back and forth, Strong takes out the legs.  They trade pin attempts.  

Ciampa hits a legsweep, rolls it into a pin attempt.  It leads to a submission.  Nice sequence.  They trade chops.  Ciampa and Strong slip and and out of the ring, and Ciampa drags Strong out, slamming him into the barricade as we go to break.

We return, and Ciampa hits a sunset flip into another submission attempt.  Nice.  Strong breaks the hold.  He stomps Ciampa into the mat.  Strong chops Ciampa, and Ciampa eggs him on.  Ciampa trades chops.  He hits a series of German Suplexes, the third exploding.  Running knee in the corner, and a near fall.  Strong runs the ropes, and Ciampa catches him with Kryptonite Krunch for a near fall.  Boot to the face, Strong hits one back, then an Olympic slam.  Strong hits a Gut Buster for another two-count.  They trade elbows.  Ciampa hits a nice lariat and goes for Project Ciampa, but Adam Page distracts him.  Strong hits a knee to the face.  As the ref checks on Page, Cedric Alexander runs in and hits a jump spin kick to Strong out of nowhere.  It happened so fast, you could easily miss it.  Ciampa nails Strong with his finisher for the win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the Bell:  Roderick Strong grabs a mic and calls Cedric Alexander out.  He says when he wants to end things, he does just that, but what just happened really pissed him off.  He calls Cedric to the ring, and wants to fight now.  Cedrick obliges, and they fight!  Strong is on the receiving end of the ass whooping, and Alexander sends him packing.

Cedric takes the mic and tells Strong that he can beat him.  If it weren’t for The Decade, his arm would be raised in victory.  He challenges Strong at Global Wars, and promises him, in front of his wife and newborn, he will beat him.

What Worked:  As far as the match goes, not bad.  A little slow paced.  Hot angle at the end.

What Didn’t:  Dead crowd, same as last week, and the match didn’t seem to have much on the line.

The Summary:  Watch for the show closing angle.  Good stuff.


Pre-taped promo with Michael Elgin wearing a shirt that mocks Daniel Bryan’s “Fear The Beard” shirt.  He talks about challenging for the IWGP Title at New York City, and his upcoming match with Rocky Romero.

The Romantic Touch vs. Silas Young

Before the Bell: Romantic Touch comes out to the ring and makes a move on a guy this time instead of a girl.  He plays air guitar on his rose. Silas Young heads out second.  He talks trash to the camera. They shake hands and Touch makes a move to kiss his hand.  Young attacks instead.

The Match:  Steve Corino is doing a great job of putting over Silas Young as an “all business” wrestler.  RT tries to do some interesting moves, but Young corners him and attacks pretty fiercely.  Touch gyrates with his attacks.  Silas hits a nasty chop in the corner.  RT hits a nice kick to the face, and then goes for a springboard splash, but Young catches him.  He stretches RT out.  Young cuts him off and knees him in the gut.  Touch catches Young with an elbow.  Young hits a backbreaker, but Touch hits a dropkick, sending Young through the ropes.  He gets caught up, but works himself out.  

Two kicks to the face and a spinning clothesline, and Touch sets Young up for a monkey flip.  Backdrop, and RT gets a little cocky, strutting.  Silas recovers in the corner.  Nice sequence and RT misses a diving elbow.  RT goes up top and Young catches him.  Rolling Senton into a handstand springboard moonsault for the win.

Winner: Silas Young

After the Bell: Silas raises his hand.  That’s about it.

What Worked:  I enjoyed this match a bit better than the first one.  I think Silas Young has a great future, and Romantic Touch (Rhett Titus) is a very good worker.  The gimmick is silly, but it works.

What Didn’t: Dead crowd is dead.  I spoke about this last week too.  Same people.

The Summary: Good match.  


We get a recap of Kevin Steen’s path back to the Ring of Honor World Championship.

Here's an episode of The Fish Tank, featuring Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.  They’re here to air grievances about Ring of Honor, and they’re upset that ROH brought in outsiders to take the ROH titles.  At War of the Worlds, reDRagon get their rematch against The Young Bucks for the ROH Tag Team Championship.

Cory Hollis vs. Jimmy Jacobs (w/ The Decade)

Before the Bell:  Hollis comes out first.  Shockingly, Taddarius Thomas is with Adam Page and Jimmy Jacobs.  I guess The Decade has grown.

The Match: Jacobs throws a towel at Hollis.  Not even a handshake that I saw.  Hollis hits a surprise kick to the face.  He misses a charge in the corner.  Action spills outside the ring.  He sits Hollis on a chair, then does a splash outside the ring onto the chair (and Hollis).  He rolls Hollis back in and gets some water from Adam Page.  

Jacobs sets Hollis up for a neck breaker.  Outside the ring, Page and TD trash talk a bit. TD goes to answer Steve Corino’s questions, and Jacobs cuts them off.   Cory Hollis gets some offense and hits a nice front-suplex.  Two-count.  Nice brain-buster style suplex.  Another near fall for Hollis.  Jacobs hits a springboard cutter, followed by a spear.  It’s over.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs

After the Bell: The Decade comes into the ring.  They get Jacobs all pretty to leave the ring, then hold the ropes open.

What Worked: Good back and forth action.  Never once believed that Hollis stood a chance, but that’s ok.  This was about Taddarius Thomas.

What Didn’t:  Match didn’t serve much purpose other than the storyline establishment that Thomas is with The Decade now.

The Summary:  A decent enough match, but probably skippable.


Rocky Romero vs. Michael Elgin

Before the Bell:  Rocky Romero hits the ring first.  Michael Elgin comes out next.  Nice reaction for Elgin.  We get a handshake, and it’s on.

The Match:  I’m pretty excited for this match.  Nice back and forth.  Romero gets the best of the exchange with a low dropkick.  He brags it up a bit and shakes his hips.  Well then.  Romero locks in a head scissors on Elgin.  Elgin tries to stand him up, and he hits a hurricarana.  Elgin gets back in he ring and powers Romero into a bodyslam.  He sets Romero up for a suplex and holds him up. The audience counts pretty fast and loses it.  I would say it was a legitimate 30 seconds before dropping him.  Near fall as we go to break.

After the break, Romero is using his speed to get the advantage.  Elgin goes diving out of the ring, and Romero hits the Ring of Honor spot.  Both men are laid out outside the ring.  Elgin gets caught up in the ropes and Romero hits a springboard stomp.  Two-count.  Romero hits a few clotheslines but eats a boot.  They run the ropes, trying to get the best of the exchange.  Romero hits an ankle lock.  Miss with an enzuigiri.  Elgin deadlifts him and hits a German into a bridge for a two-count.

Elgin hits an enzuigiri of his own in the corner.  Up top, Romero takes Elgin out with a hurricarana.  Nice spot.  A “Lets go Rocky/Let’s go Elgin” chant breaks out.  Romero eats an elbow in the back of the head.  Elgin goes for the lariat, Romero ducks, but Elgin nails him after another attempt.  In the corner, Elgin deadlifts Romero from the apron, into a superplex.  Two-count.  That’s always impressive.

Romero rolls through and bridges into a pin attempt.  He catches Elgin on the ropes, then goes up top, but Elgin catches him on the turnbuckle.  Elgin climbs up, Romero goes for a sunset drop, but aborts and takes out the legs instead.  Romero rolls through into an ankle lock.  He locks in the legs and drops down.  Elgin grabs the ropes.  Romero doesn’t really let go, and gets kicked in the face for his troubles.  Elgin hits a chop, into a bucklebomb, into a sitout powerbomb.  Elgin takes the win.  

Winner: Michael Elgin

After the Bell:  Both men sell the match.  Elgin is on his feet first.  He approaches Romero, and extends a hand.  They shake as our show comes to an end.

What Worked:  Solid bout from bell to bell.  Elgin is a great worker, and so is Romero.  Nice action back and forth, spots were well done.  Good stuff.

What Didn’t: This crowd was killing me.  

The Summary:  Best match on ROH TV in two weeks.  Watch it.

A better episode than last week, but not by much.  Our main event is worth seeing, but the rest?  You could probably skip it.  Mostly storyline advancement here folks. The crowd sucked the life out of the show, too.

Thanks for tuning in with me tonight folks!  You can follow me on Twitter @PsionStorm, and be sure to follow the site @RingRap and @RingRapAudio! See you next week!