Hey everybody! Drew Koscelek here.  You ready for some Ring of Honor action? I know I am.

The past few episodes have been light on action, so I’m hoping for some better quality matches this week.  The pieces are being moved for storylines, however.

We’re STILL in New Orleans, LA, which means, another dead crowd.

Our Main Event is The Briscoe Brothers & Kevin Steen vs. Adam Cole & Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett.

Mike Posey vs. RD Evans (w/ Veda Scott & Ramon)

Before the Bell:  Mike Posey comes out for the match first.  RD Evans is second.  His streak is now 99-0.  The fans chant “Streak” with him.  We get a handshake, but Posey tries to take advantage.  

The Match: Evans messes around with him a bit.  Posey lures Evans to the apron, but misses a legdrop.  Atomic drop by Evans, who then misses a shoulder block in the corner. Posey starts working the arm.  He misses another legdrop.  

Evans hits a shoulder block off the top turnbuckle, then a running elbow from the corner.  Evans sets him up for the very overdramatic rollup.  Two-count.  Both men fight up top and Evans loses his balance.  Posey finally hits his legdrop for two.  Evans hits a hangman clothesline, then goes up top.   He shouts that HE is the master of the leg drop (imitating Posey) and in fact hits it, for the win.

Winner: RD Evans

After the Bell: The audience chants along with him, and Ramon has a new sign: 100-0.  They have party favors and streamers.  This is the latest party I’ve ever seen.  Ramon breaks out some champagne.  Evans declines, and says he doesn’t drink.  Ramon has him covered with an energy drink instead.  Funny stuff.

What Worked:  Mostly a comedy match, which is fine.  Entertaining.

What Didn’t:  The match never really got out of first gear.

The Summary:  Entertaining if you’re a fan of RD Evan’s schtick.  

After commercial, we’ve got a live edition of The Fish Tank, hosted by reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly).  They both get microphones, but no props otherwise.  Reilly makes a joke about being in Cleveland.  He welcomes everyone to The Fish Tank, and introduces “Mr. Robert Anthony Fish.”  He thanks O’Reilly for the warm intro, and says it’s a special Fish Tank, because it’s the first time they’re live in New York City.  (Actually, Cleveland).  Poor New Orleans…

They recap the happenings of Supercard of Honor, when they earned a Tag Team Title rematch for War of the Worlds.  They introduce their guest who also earned a title shot himself, Michael Elgin.

Elgin walks to the ring.  “Welcome you big lug, you!”  They ask him what kind of conditioner he uses, cause his mullet looks sweet.  They focus on the mullet discussion: who has the best of all time.  He takes the microphone, and asks them questions instead.  He wants to know if he helped bobby fit into his pants.  Which is more embarrassing: The scarf, the suspenders, or losing the Tag Team Titles.  He says he’s done talking and appreciates a good fight.  He says he spoke to Nigel McGuinness, and if they agree, they could have a good fight.  Both men agree and start taping their wrists.  O’Reilly takes off his shoes and tapes up his ankles as we go to break.

The Briscoe Bros cut a promo on Matt Hardy and the belt that Jay believes belongs to him.

We come back from break, and the match is almost on, but Elgin stops the ref from checking him - the match isn’t against Elgin, it’s against War Machine, Rowe and Hanson!

reDRagon vs. Raymond Rowe & Hanson

Before the Bell: All of the above

The Match: reDRagon is caught completely off guard here.  Rowe and Hanson toss them around pretty handily.  Rowe hits Fish with a nice jump punch.  Fish ducks out and runs around the ring, for a blind tag.  O’Reilly jumps onto Rowe’s back, but Row flips him down, tossing him into Hanson’s boot.  Tag to Hanson.  O’Reilly hits a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle, then drops the suspenders and locks in a choke.  Hanson powers out.  Nice sequence with Hanson taking out both men.  Tag to Rowe.  Fish and O’Reilly bail out of the match before it gets any worse, but Elgin cuts them off before they can get backstage.  They bail out into the audience instead.  It’s over.

Winners: Raymond Rowe & Hanson (via countout)

After the Bell: Elgin claps for them.  

What Worked: Nice heelish tactics from reDRagon.  More humor than we've seen from them in some time.

What Didn’t:  All angle here, and we really didn’t get to see much of a match.  Fun while it lasted.

The Summary:  Could be something worth seeing in the future, but not a must-see match this time around.

Backstage, Kyle O’Reilly is searching for “his mom’s van.”  Funny stuff.  He finds it in the handicap spot.  Bobby Fish runs out and jumps into the open window rather than the open side door.  

We get a recap of Adam Cole’s successful title defense at Ladder War, and his gift to Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett & Adam Cole (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) & Kevin Steen

Before the Bell: Our heels come out first, followed by Steen and The Briscoes.  Streamers everywhere as we break.

The Match:  The bell rings and all hell breaks loose almost immediately.  Bodies everywhere.  Mark Briscoe uses an inflatable kangaroo to drop some elbows onto Adam Cole.  It’s kind of crazy right now.  Steen and Cole in the ring, finally.  Steen hits an elbow into Cole.  Steen has control, but gets pushed into Cole’s corner.  Hardy and Bennett chime in with their attacks.  Hardy in the ring now.  Hardy hits a side effect, and a two-count.  Hardy sets Steen up for a Twist of Fate, but Steen counters and tags in Mark Briscoe.   Briscoe unloads with the redneck kung-fu.  Belly to Belly suplex.  Mark goes up top but Bennett pushes him off.  Adam Cole gets involved when the ref is distracted, and we break.

Back in, Bennett is the legal man, Mark Briscoe still getting worked.  Tag in to Adam Cole, who hits a shoulder breaker.  Cole tags in Bennett.  Another tag to Cole.  Rapid fire.  Mark gets in a desperation move and hot-tags Jay Briscoe.  Briscoe unloads on Bennett.  He takes out both Hardy and Cole.  Punches to Bennett.  Hardy gets involved.  Kevin Steen invites himself into the ring and hits a cannonball in the corner.  Falcon Arrow from Briscoe to Bennett for a near fall.  Tag to Mark and they set up for a Doomsday Device.  Cole gets in and Steen cuts him off, making it a Double Doomsday.  Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Steen.  Jay and Matt Hardy brawl into the audience.  Back in the ring, Mark Briscoe eats a superkick and the Florida Keys, courtesy of Adam Cole.  It’s over.

Winners: Adam Cole & Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett

After the Bell: Bennett and Cole attack Mark.  Kevin Steen runs in, but they take him out too.  Cole sets him up to be hit by the belt, but Mark grabs his leg.  Matt Hardy runs in out of nowhere, and grabs HIS belt, but Steen ducks and Bennett eats it instead.  Powerbomb to Adam Cole, and a second one on the apron.  Steen powerbombs Cole onto a table, but the table doesn’t break, so he tries again.  It still didn’t break.  Steen takes the Ring of Honor Title and holds it up over Cole to close the show.  

What Worked:  A bit hectic, but a very good six man tag match, and probably the more entertaining match I’ve seen in a few weeks.

What Didn’t:  Not much, really.  Solid from top to bottom.

The Summary: Worth watching.  Check it out.

Well, that does it for me this week folks.  With any luck, next week will bring us a new city - I’m burned out on the New Orleans crowd.  Hope you enjoy War of the Worlds this weekend!  See ya next week!