Hey folks!  Drew here!  A new episode of Ring of Honor has hit the web, so let's get right down to it!

We start off with a video package narrated by Nigel McGuiness, talking about recent events in ROH with SCUM and Jay Briscoe.  He recaps the tournament thus far.  We're in the semi-finals now.  Clips of the contestants putting the title over big.  We are down to Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa and Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen.  The winner of each match will move on to the finals!

Adam Cole cuts a promo on Tommaso Ciampa.  They'll be facing each other first.

Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa in a Semi-Final Match for the ROH World Championship

Ciampa immediately attacks Cole and stomps the hell out of him in the corner.  This is a very aggressive match from the start.  Back and forth outside the ring.  Ciampa goes corner to corner outside, knees in the barricades.  Cole counters but ends up getting powerbombed into the barricade instead, then eats a running knee.

Ciampa breaks the count, then tears up the padding on the floor.  Cole rolls into the ring, but Ciampa pulls him back.  They tease a few suplexes and Ciampa hits one.  Both men are laid out as we go to break.

After the break the pace has slowed a little bit.  Ciampa hits a series of running knees in the corner.  Ciampa takes Cole up top and hits the Kryptonite Krunch.  2-count.

Ciampa hurts his injured knee after a top rope move, and Cole takes advantage. Figure Four across the ring-post.  He goes for another one inside the ring, nearly gets rolled up, but locks it in after a third attempt.

Running knee to the face courtesy of Cole, 2-count.  Ciampa hits a nasty Back Cracker from a powerbomb, but only gets a two-count.  Cole hits a shoulder-breaker, then goes into another Figure Four.  The two men slap the taste out of each other's mouths.  Cole kicks Ciampa in the head repeatedly, knocking Ciampa out.  Cole gets a 3-count for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole to advance to the Finals of the ROH World Championship Tournament

My first time seeing Cole, second seeing Ciampa.  I'm not crazy about Ciampa's style.  He doesn't sell much, and a lot of his offense seems a little convoluted.  Cole sold most of the match, but was pretty good.  I need to see more from both men.

Michael Elgin cuts a promo on Kevin Steen, we get a video package, and then Steen cuts his own promo.  That match is next!

Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen in a Semi-Final Match for the ROH World Championship

Looking forward to this match. Elgin impressed last week, and Kevin Steen always impresses.  

Slow going in the beginning, with both men trying to get the upper hand through lock-ups and ducking out of the ring.  Test of strength?  Elgin wants one.  Steen accepts.  It's clean.  Elgin gets the advantage, but Steen hits a monkey flip the stomps on Elgin.  It's slow going but back and forth.  Elgin hits a moonsault but only gets a two-count.  Big man that flies?  Should be a more important move.

We cut to break with Steen outside the ring.  We come back with Steen rolling back into the ring and he hits a DDT on Elgin.  Two-count. 

This match has a completely different pace than the Ciampa/Cole match.  Elgin goes for a deadlift on Steen, which is pretty impressive - Steen's a big dude!  Steen goes for a Sharpshooter, misses.  Elgin locks in a Crossface, but Steen gets the ropes. Steen hits a senton from the top rope.  Two-count.

Elgin goes for a corkscrew senton but Steen gets the knees up.  Steen gets a two-count.  We go to one final break.  When we return, Elgin deadlifts Steen and hits a German Suplex for a two-count.  Elgin locks in a Crossface in the middle of the ring.  Steen mangages to get his foot on the bottom rope.

They trade elbows to the face.  Steen gets the advantage.  It's short lived, but Steen hits a pop-up powerbomb.  He goes for a Package Piledriver but it's reversed.  Elgin deadlifts Steen into a powerbomb.  Another powerbomb into the corner, but Steen manages a Sharpshooter.  Steen's shoulder gives out and he lets go of the submission move.  Elgin manages to get a Crossface in again and both men trade crucifix/pin attempts.  Steen hits a lariat, then a sleeper suplex.  Elgin barely kicks out.  

Steen tries for a Package Piledriver, but his shoulder is no good. He gives Elgin two sleeper suplexes, and Elgin manages to hit a clothesline before the third one.  Both men are laid out. 

Steen attempts one more Package Piledriver.  Elgin rolls it into a Crossface, working the bad shoulder, and Steen taps out.

Winner: Michael Elgin to advance to the Finals of the ROH World Championship Tournament

After the match, officials come out to the ring with ice packs for both men.  Steen congratulates Elgin as the show comes to a close.

Good match, better than the first.  The slow build was nice, but both men are pretty big and are capable of doing some pretty high-flying things.  I had some minor gripes with the match - big move, followed by no-selling and an equally big move by the other party - but that's more of the ROH style than anything.

I like that ROH is willing to give a one hour show two matches, and give both matches the time and depth to breathe on their own merits.  Looking forward to seeing the finals of the tournament, and knowing who took the win, I'm looking forward to seeing how things shape up.

Thanks for reading folks.  See you next week!