Hey folks!  Welcome to this week's edition of Ring of Honor.  It's time to finally crown a new Ring of Honor World Champion!

We start out with Jay and Mark Briscoe approaching the arena for tonight’s taping.  Jay has his ROH World Championship.  He’s pissed.  Mark is calming him down.  We get our intro, and the show begins.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show.  It’s the most important 60 minutes of Ring of Honor history - Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole will face off for the Ring of Honor Championship.  The entire show is dedicated to this match.

We see some recaps of Adam Cole facing Mark Briscoe in the first round of the ROH Tournament.  We see clips of his rise through the tournament.  We switch gears to clips of Michael Elgin’s wins to this point.

Backstage, Mark and Jay Briscoe are talking.  Mark encourages Jay not to lose his cool.  Jay walks out to the ring, belt in hand.  He steps into the ring.  He says if you wanna be successful, you gotta work hard.  He says a company is only as good as its’ employees.  He said 11 years ago ROH employed Jay Briscoe.  He was 18 years old.  He’s spent his entire adult life busting his ass trying to make this the best company it could be.  Fast-forward 11 years, Jay Briscoe whoops Kevin Steen’s ass and takes the title.  He gets a little shoulder injury, and the higher-ups felt he was unable to defend his title.  Jay calls out Nigel McGuiness.  He says Nigel defended his title with a torn biceps.  Why can’t Jay defend the title?  He says Nigel’s just the messenger and he knows it’s not his fault, but he feels this is BS.

He says he doesn’t want to just hand the belt over, and as soon as he’s cleared to wrestle, he’s going for the title.  Until then, he’s handing the belt over like a man.

Short vignette for Outlaw, Inc.

After commercial, Nigel McGuiness introduces the finals for the ROH World Championship.  There will be three judges at ringside.  If there is not a clear winner after 60 minutes, these three judges will decide who wins.  The three judges are Cary Silkin, original owner of Ring of Honor, current Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff, and current Ring of Honor Talent Scout, Prince Nana.

Nigel puts over the entire tournament and puts over this match huge.  

Adam Cole is out first.  Michael Elgin is next.  Here we go!

Bobby Cruise handles the introductions.  We take one more break.

Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin for the Vacant Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship

The bell rings and we begin.  Both men stare down.  Elgin shows his raw power early on.  Cole ducks out of the ring to recoup and gather his senses.  Back in the ring, Cole hits a suplex, but Elgin roots down and tosses him out of the ring.  

Some nice chain wrestling and mat work here.  Elgin holds Cole up for a 10-count suplex but lowers him, unable to hold him up, selling the wear from his match with Kevin Steen last week.  We go to break.

We come back and Cole is trying to wear the big man down.  Elgin gets a hot streak and uses his power to get the advantage on Cole.  He does a one-arm slam but he can’t capitalize on it.  Elgin finally gets up and hits forward and backwards clotheslines on Cole.  

Elgin goes for a deadlift German but Cole wiggles out and hits an enzuigiri.  He attempts a figure four, gets pushed out.  Elgin hits a German Suplex over the apron into the ring, and a second inside the ring.

Audience is pretty split between these two.  They trade elbows.  Elgin hits a German Suplex and a lariat for a near fall as we go to another break.

We return and Elgin goes for a suplex from the top rope, but Cole punches his way out.  Sunset Flip/Powerbomb from Cole.  Elgin hits a move that starts as a suplex, ends like a sidewalk slam.  Cole tries to go up top, Elgin catches him with a dropkick.  Elgin gets his wind and this time hits the deadlift suplex from the top rope.  Super impressive.

Buckle-bomb from Elgin.  He hits a spinning elbow to Cole and sends him out of the ring.  Elgin finds Cole underneath a table.  I wonder what will happen to that thing…  Anyhow he moves the table, but Cole rolls to the apron.  Naturally, Elgin catches him and tries to powerbomb Cole through the table.  Cole counters and tries for a German suplex through the table.  The two fight on the apron.  Elgin picks up Cole for a back suplex, but Cole flips it into a splash and both men go through the table.

Back in the ring, Cole with a Superkick and a Northern Lights Suplex.  2-count.  Elgin reverses a top rope move into a sitout powerbomb.  He hits a buckle-bomb.  Near fall.  Action is pretty fast right now.  Elgin accidentially hits the referee with Adam Cole’s feet as he sets him up for the finish.  There’s a visual 3-count but noone is there to count it.  Cole rolls out of the ring as Elgin pleads with the judges.  Final break.

Elgin slides out of the ring and tosses Cole back in the ring.  Cole hits a low dropkick to take out Elgin’s leg.  Cole immediately goes for a Figure Four leglock.  Shoulders down, ref counts to two.  Elgin is still locked up.  He grabs the ropes.  

Action spills outside and Cole hits a series of moves on Elgin on the floor.  He quickly rolls him in and gets only a two count.  Cole jumps off the top rope and hits a Canadian Destroyer on Elgin but only gets a two-count.  He gets pissed and pushes the referee, but the ref puts him in his place.  Elgin is face first on the mat.  Cole struggles to get him up.  He goes for the Florida Key, but can’t get it.  Cole goes for another Destroyer, but Elgin counters.  Elgin gets a Crossface in, but he looks exhausted.  Cole nearly taps.  Cole rolls Elgin up for a two-count.  

Cole hits two German Suplexes, then lands his finisher, the Florida Key, and gets the 3-count for a clean pin.

Winner: Adam Cole to become the 19th Ring of Honor World Champion

After the match, Cole is in tears and streamers fly into the ring.  Jay Briscoe walks out to the ring, World Title in hand.  Briscoe looks at the belt, then at Cole.  Briscoe hands the belt to Cole, then extends a hand to congratulate him.  Briscoe turns his back on Cole to check on Elgin, and Cole superkicks him in the back of the head, sending him to the mat.  Michael Elgin stands up and gets a belt to the face.  Cole stands tall above both men to close the show.

A very good match, and the only match, on the show.  I like that Ring of Honor wasn’t afraid to devote their entire hour to this one match, showing just how important the title is.  WWE and TNA could take note when promoting their main events.

Cole and Elgin had a good match that had nice pacing.  The rapid fire moves didn’t start coming in until the end, and everything seemed to have purpose.  The story here was Elgin still selling the beatdown from Steen, and that was played well.  

I need to see more from Cole before I’m sold on him.  In the ring he’s quite good, but I’ve yet to see much from his personality.  Looking forward to seeing how he handles the title.  Obviously, they’re setting up Jay Briscoe’s return here as well.

Thanks for joining me this week folks.  See you next Friday!