Last week, Adam Cole won the finals of the ROH World Championship Tournament, and we ended with controversy.  Cole won his match clean, but took out Jay Briscoe after the match.  What will happen next?  Will we hear from Cole?  Let’s find out!

We are in Philadelphia for today’s episode.  Jay Lethal will face off against Matt Taven for the Television Title, plus Adam Cole.  But first, Adam Page vs. ACH.

Adam Page vs. ACH

I can’t say I’ve seen either man wrestle before.  Looking forward to this.  ACH has a solid chant going for him.  

I understand why.  ACH is fast.  Very fast.  And quite athletic, too.  Flips seem to be a regular part of his offense.  Page wrestles a more traditional style to start, at least.  Heelish, too.

Page hits a surprising standing moonsault, which was nice, but it’s ACH diving over the top rope to the floor that really impresses.  The man is clearly a human highlight reel.

ACH goes for a top-rope splash but Page rolls it through and gets the pin.

Winner: Adam Page

Good opening action.  ACH impressed me from a high-flying standpoint, for sure.  Adam Page has crisp offense.  It was a short match, so the action was limited, but both men have tons of potential, and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

In the ring, Nigel McGuinness speaks about Adam Cole’s victory.  McGuinness puts over Cole huge, and says at the end of the main event, he was proud to be part of Ring of Honor.  He says Jay Briscoe was a man of honor and a man of his word.  But then, moments later, when Cole took out Briscoe and Elgin, he was embarrassed.  

At Glory By Honor, there’s going to be a 8-man Tag Match, where the ROH Champions take on their top contenders.

McGuiness announces that Michael Elgin will be on the challenging team, but Jay Briscoe’s music hits before he could continue.  Briscoe wants to know how he’ll have a champions vs. all-stars match when the real champ isn’t even in the match.  Nigel says he’s injured, but Briscoe says he’s gonna be back soon.  Briscoe is pissed.  He says he’s going to be cleared to wrestle 5 days before Glory By Honor.  Briscoe makes his case, but Michael Elgin comes out to clear things up.

Elgin thinks Briscoe didn’t watch the match last week too closely - he had a visual 3-count on Cole.  Jay starts to interrupt Elgin, but Elgin cuts him off.  He doesn’t care who he faces - he’s always fought for himself, by himself, and never had a brother to watch his back.  He says he’s now fighting for his own definition of honor going forward.

Jay says he’s the real world champ and they get in each other’s faces.  Referees keep them apart, and we go to break.

We are back, and it’s time for a match!  Mike Mondo hits the ring.  He’s been in Ring of Honor for a few years now, but if you’re new to the show, you might recognize him as Mikey from WWE’s Spirit Squad.  Or, possibly, perhaps not.  It was a pretty horrible gimmick.  Anyhow, Mondo’s got skills.  He’s gonna need ‘em - he’s facing Roderick Strong.

“No Fear” Mike Mondo vs. Roderick Strong

Kevin Kelly calls Strong “Mr. ROH.”  I think if anyone in the roster deserves that name, Strong is pretty high on that list.  

The action is fast right off the bat, and Strong nails one of his zillion variations on the backbreaker.  Mondo gets some solid offense in, but once Roderick gets that second wind, there’s no stopping him.  Top rope suplex drives the point home, but it’s the double-underhook powerbomb that puts the dot on the exclamation.  Roderick Strong gets the clean pin.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match, Strong puts over ROH huge, talking about how he’s been working there for 10 years.  He talks about all of the titles he’s held, including the ROH World Championship.  He says he’s the most consistent member of the roster.  10 years, three titles, but only one Mr. Ring of Honor.

I could’ve done without the promo - it served no purpose, except to remind people he’s a veteran.  The match itself?  Quite good.  

We see a short clip of Outlaw, Inc. snapping the wrist of… honestly I have no idea who’s wrist it was.  But he’s in the ring with Veda Scott, and someone else I don’t know. I thought it was Adam Pearce.  It’s not.  Anyhow, Scott says the fans witnessed a crime.  She calls the group Marshall Law.  To the Google!

Google tells me this is RD Evans and QT Marshall.  We can continue now.

She says Ring of Honor allowed “those degenerates” to get away with breaking RD Evans.  Evans takes the mic and says Scott advised him to seek legal action, but also advised him to seek revenge in the ring.  We’ve got ourselves a tag match.

Eddie Kingston and Homicide come out and the match is on.

Outlaw, Inc. (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) vs. Marshall Law (QT Marshall & RD Evans)

There’s a brawl outside the ring during the match.  Things are all over the place.  Outlaw, Inc. hits a move very similar to the Doomsday Device for the win.

Winners: Outlaw, Inc.

After the match, Homicide breaks another few fingers.  Poor RD.

Eddie Kingston takes the mic.  Says they’re in ROH to help clean up the place.  They have business with the tag team champions and calls out reDRagon.  They plunk down on chairs in the ring and wait as we go to break.

Not feeling this group.  Both men have talent.  Are the clown masks necessary?

Well, when we come back, Outlaw, Inc. is gone.  Good thing, cause it’s time for the main event!

Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven © w/ Truth Martini for the ROH Television Championship

Truth Martini has his Hoopla Hotties with him tonight, naturally.  I’ve never seen Taven wrestle.  Very familiar with Lethal’s work.  Looking forward to this match.

Taven stalls the start of the match.  The ref has his back turned, and Jay Lethal gives him some of his own medicine and feigns Truth grabbed his leg.  The ref tosses Truth and the Hotties out!

The match begins proper at this point and Lethal is taking it to him.  Lethal attacks Taven on the outside and we go to break.  

Taven’s in charge after the break.  Let me get this out of the way - there’s a reason Taven is wearing the belt, and it's apparent quickly..  He’s got some great offense and he’s good at working the crowd.  But Jay Lethal is just as good.  Lethal gets some fire going, and the Lethal Combination (back breaker into front-face leg sweep) is fast and impressive.

Taven proves ever resourceful and pulls some great counters out of nowhere.  Lethal comes so close to getting the pin and his frustration starts to get to him.  Lethal goes up top, but takes too long and Taven takes advantage, but Taven loses it.  Taven’s foot slips off the top and he gets hung up.  Lethal almost gets him set up for a finish, but Taven turns it into his finisher, The Climax, and he picks up the win to retain the TV Title.

Winner: Matt Taven to retain the ROH Television Championship

After the match, The Hoopla Hotties and Truth Martini come back out.  Martini puts over his ladies and Taven huge.  We close up the show with the House of Truth standing tall.

Excellent main event from these two men.  Taven impressed, and Jay Lethal still impresses.  

If you’re looking for a mix of things to entertain, this episode was pretty solid.  I would say last week’s episode was better, if only for the actual wrestling and importance of the ROH World Championship itself.  This offered a bit more variety in styles and topics.  Once again, the focus is on the titles, as it should be.

Thanks again for joining me today, folks!  Check us out next week for more Ring of Honor action!