Hey guys!  Drew here!  After missing two weeks of Ring of Honor action due to some personal issues, I’m back and ready for some action!

The show starts out with a recap of Michael Bennett cutting a promo about ending BJ Whitmer’s career, with that nasty piledriver on the ring apron.  Kevin Steen called him out though - and it’s Piledriver vs. Piledriver.  Bennett has ambushed Steen twice now, and both times nailed him with a piledriver.  Will Steen get his revenge?

We are in Chicago Ridge, IL for tonight’s episode.  It’s part of the Glory By Honor event!  Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly at ringside.

Let’s get started, shall we?  We’ve got Mark Briscoe facing off against Silas Young in our first match of the evening.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. Mark Briscoe

This match is a fight, right away, and it spills outside.  Young is on the offense, but Mark Briscoe hits a suplex from the floor to the apron, then goes up and hits a moonsault to the outside.  

Briscoe winds up for some of his “Redneck Kung Fu” but Young interrupts him.  Briscoe charges into the corner.  Silas flips him outside the ring, and Briscoe lands on top of the camera man!

Nice spot with Briscoe landing on his feet after a belly-to-belly suplex.  Silas hits a nasty backbreaker into a clothesline.  A near fall as we go into break.

We’re back and Young is outside the ring on the floor.  Briscoe lands a diving elbow from the apron.  He winds up for some of that Redneck Kung Fu.  Knife edge chops to the collar bone repeatedly.  Briscoe goes up top, nice sequence, ends with Silas getting a tainted roll-up with his feet on the ropes.  

Winner:  Silas Young

Post-match, Young rips the belt off the referee and starts whipping Briscoe with the belt.  He chokes Mark with the belt.  Some more referees hit the ring and separate the two.  Briscoe’s back is covered in welts.

Good match from these two.  First time seeing Young, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen Mark wrestle.  I forgot how athletic he can be.  It looks like we’ll be seeing more of this feud to come.

Adam Page hits the ring for the next match of the night.  He’s facing The Zombie Princess himself, Jimmy Jacobs!

Adam Page vs. Jimmy Jacobs

If you’ve never seen Jimmy Jacobs wrestle before, you’re in for a treat.  Page definitely has the height advantage here, but Jacobs has experience and the fans on his side.  

Page denies the traditional handshake.  The bell rings.  

Both men lock up a few times.  Page gets the advantage with some shoulder blocks.  Test of strength leads to an unconventional head scissors from Jacobs.  Page ends outside the ring, and Jacobs goes for a dive.  Page cuts the legs out from under him and hits a reverse moonsault of his own.  

Page does an interesting roll into a submission move, and he’s got Jacobs locked up in a half surfboard of sorts.  Pin attempt fails.  We go to break.

We’re back! Page has an arm lock on Jacobs.  Back and forth action here.  Page is consistently one step ahead.  Jacobs hits an impressive springboard cutter of sorts.  Only worth a two count.

Page goes for a Lionsault but Jacobs catches him with a something.  Looked dangerous and Page nearly took off his own head.  We’re good though.  

Jacobs misses a top-rope Hurricanrana.  He goes for the springboard cutter again and misses.  Page hits a standing shooting star press.  Two count.  

Nice build to the finish, Jacobs hits a top rope finisher for the win.

Winner:  Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs spent most of the match selling for Adam Page, who is really crisp and has a nice moveset.  Too many moonsaults and shooting star presses, in my opinion, but otherwise, very good.

Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis hit the ring.  He’s facing off against Mr. Wrestling himself, Kevin Steen!

Michael Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Kevin Steen

Steen immediately goes on the offense.  He goes for the Package Piledriver early.  Bennett ducks out.  Steen chases Bennett out of the ring.  Dumb move.

Back and forth out of the ring.  Maria watches from a distance.  Steen launches Bennett into the barricade.  He wins up and tosses him into the next one.  Steen picks Bennett up and crotches him on the ringpost.  He does once more, making sure Maria doesn’t miss it.  A third time for good measure.  The fans are chanting “One more time.”  He goes for the fourth one, but Bennett finally recovers.  He hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Steen into the barricade.  We go to break.

We’re back and Bennett is still in charge.  He teases a top rope move but decides against it.  He misses a punch on Steen and Steen finally gets his fourth post crotch.

Steen goes up to the top rope but misses a senton.  Bennett in charge now.  The pacing has slowed down now.  Steen catches the advantage with a pair of knees to the jaw.  Bennett hits a superkick to the gut.  Two count.  

Maria with the distraction, and Bennett hits a nice sequence.  Bennett lands a piledriver, but just can’t seem to put Steen away.  Two count.  

Bennett sets Steen up on the top rope.  Steen bites him, and hits the Senton this time.  Two count.  Maria distracts the ref, and Steen stops his offense to approach her.  It’s enough for Bennett to get the advantage.  He hits his piledriver clean to get the win.

Winner:  Kevin Steen

After the match, Maria directs Bennett to piledrive Steen on the apron.  Out of nowhere, Maria gets attacked from behind!  It’s Lisa Marie Varon!  Bennett and Steen continue going at it, as do Maria and Lisa Marie!  Staff from the back spills out to separate the two brawls, but they keep going at it.  Steen hits a diving senton from the top rope to the outside as we end the show.

Fun episode!  All three matches were good, with the main event being the star of the show.  Adam Page really stands out to me as someone with a bright future.  Good seeing Jimmy Jacobs back in an ROH ring, as well.

I’m pleased to see Lisa Marie Varon back in a wrestling ring.  If the name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s best known as Victoria from her stint in WWE, and Tara during her run with TNA.  She brings credibility to a roster that doesn’t have many women in it.  I’m looking forward to seeing if they establish a true feud between these two.

Thanks for tuning in with me.  Looking forward to next week’s Ring of Honor Wrestling!