Ring of Honor is coming at you fast and furious this week, and we’ve got a hell of a main event to look forward to.  Paul London is squaring off against Roderick Strong!  This is a match I'm definitely looking forward to.  Well, let’s not waste any time, shall we?

We get our usual highlight intro, and our announcers welcome to Chicago Ridge, IL.  Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are announcing!  We are starting things off with the Ring of Honor debut of Jesse Sorenson, and he’s facing Tommaso Ciampa.

Jesse Sorenson vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Jesse Sorenson is very lucky he’s in the ring right now, after facing a life-threatening injury in TNA.  I won’t get into that here, but he’s lucky to walk, let alone wrestle.  Anyhow, we start out with a handshake, and we’re off!

The announcers put over Sorenson’s heart, after coming back from near paralysis.  They don’t go into details, but we know what happened.  Sorenson does a kickup pretty early on, but Ciampa’s hard hitting style focuses on the head and neck.  Ciampa misses a running knee early on.  

Sorenson has some really nice dropkicks, by the way, and he’s putting them to good use.  Ciampa hits a knee to the face, sending Sorenson outside the ring.  Ciampa tears up some padding outside the ring, and sets Sorenson up for a suplex, but Sorenson reverses it and springs out from the ring to the floor as we go to break.

We come back and Ciampa plants Sorenson with a massive clothesline.  Sorenson hits a series of neckbreakers.  2-count.  Ciampa exposes his knee and hits a running knee in the corner.  He nails Sorenson a second time.  He sets Sorenson up on the top rope, but Sorenson hits a flip powerbomb that drives Ciampa down on his leg.  Awkward, but worked in Sorenson’s benefit.  

Ciampa sends Sornenson into the corner.  He locks in the Sicilian Stretch.  Sorenson gives up, and we’ve got a winner.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Not a bad match.  Sorenson looked good out there.  Ciampa does what he does well.  I’m not crazy about his style, personally, but he’s a fine wrestler.

Short promo about Outlaw Inc.  Also, next week it’s the ROH Champions vs. The ROH All Stars!

Adrenaline Rush (ACH & Tadarius Thomas) vs. Outlaw Inc. (Homicide & Eddie Kingston)

Homicide goes around hugging everyone instead of shaking hands.  Interesting.  

Kingston and ACH start things off.  ACH quickly uses his quickness to get the advantage.  Huge leaping elbow off the top rope.  He teases a leap over the top rope, but flips off the ropes at the last second.  Really impressive.  We take a brief break.

We’re back and it’s Homicide in the ring, all over ACH.  He tags into Kingston, so we didn’t get to see much offense here.  Tags back and forth.  Homicide is working over ACH’s leg, and even locks in an STF.  

Hot tag to Thomas.  He’s got some nice offense.  Thomas leaps out of the ring onto Kingston, but it’s all Homicide needs to get some offense.  Thomas reverses a spinning DDT into a top rope suplex.  Blind tag to Kingston.  Back and forth.  Outlaw Inc hits a Doomsday Device-like finisher to get the win.

Winner: Outlaw Inc.

Pretty competitive match.  Outlaw Inc. had the teamwork advantage.  I’m not really crazy about their gimmick.  

After the match, they cut a promo on reDRagon.  Homicide kind of plays the goofy role here.  Think Shawn Michaels a-la DX.  

We are gearing up for our main event.  But first, let’s take a look at Jay Briscoe’s unraveling.  Nice video package about Briscoe’s injury, the tournament, and Adam Cole winning the title.

Paul London vs. Roderick Strong

This is gonna be a hell of a match.  We start off immediately with some crazy matwork.  Strong takes London down and locks in a choke of sorts, but London weasels out of it.  Both men jockey for position.  Test of strength, but London kicks Strong in the jaw.  Both men run the ropes, and London hits a dropkick to get the advantage.  London dives out of the ring, but Strong gets the upper hand as we break.

When we return, it’s still very much back and forth, but Strong hits a backbreaker off the second rope, a la Randy Orton’s DDT.  Unique.  

London gets some steam, but Strong launches him gut first into the ring post.  That’ll take the wind right out of ya.  London’s back on his feet and both men are running the ropes.  Double cross-body and both are laid out.  Ouch.

The action is getting kicked up to the next gear, and damn Paul London is fast!  London goes for a springboard dropkick, but Strong cuts him off with a dropkick of his own.  They’re on the apron.  London hits a dropsault on Strong, knocking him off the apron, then a leap outside the ring.  Both men are laid out.  

Springboard dropkick and a near fall by London.  Nasty backbreaker by Strong.  They don’t call him the Messiah for nothing. Superplex from Strong to London.  What a match!

Strong rolls London over into a Boston Crab.  London barely escapes.  

It’s awesome move after awesome move and these two are reversing each others offense.  London goes up to the top rope, but Strong inches along the apron.  He dodges a stomp on the ropes.  Strong uses the apron to hit a back breaker.  Gut Buster and a running kick, and we geat a very near finish.  

London hits a rollup.  Strong hits a powerbomb.  2-count, but it’s rolled into another Crab.  London barely makes it to the ropes.  London grabs Strong with his feet and pulls him into a tombstone on the floor!  Awesome spot!  London up top and he nails a shooting star press!  Paul London with the pinfall!

Winner:  Paul London

Wow!  What a great match!  These are the matches that remind me why I’m a pro-wrestling fan.  On the fence about Ring of Honor?  Sign up for free and watch this before you can’t.

The rest of the show wasn’t bad.  It was good seeing Jesse Sorenson in the ring again, and he looked great.  The match itself was pretty good.  I wasn’t thrilled with the tag match, but it was fine for what it was.  However, the main event is worth going out of your way to see, and continues a streak of great main event matches every week.

Thanks for reading folks, and let me know what you thought of the show, either in the comments below, or on Twitter, @RingRap!