Howdy folks!  Drew here with another week of hard hitting Ring of Honor action.  We have an absolutely stacked episode this week!

We start out with a recap of BJ Whitmer bringing back Jimmy Jacobs to ROH.  Whitmer made a deal with Nigel McGuinness - if Jacobs wins the bulk of five matches, he gets a contract, as well as a title shot against Adam Cole.  Guess what?  He did, and that match is tonight!

We’ve got Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino calling the action, and it’s about to kick off with a slobberknocker!

Roderick Strong vs. “American Wolf” Davey Richards

This match is already bittersweet for me, knowing Richards is no longer with the company.  Carino talks up the real-life heat Richards has back stage.  

We start out with some chain wrestling, and quickly Richards has Strong in a surfboard of sorts.  Strong reverses it.  The two reverse each other back and forth and we get a staredown as we cut to break.

We return, and Richards goes for a flip elbow, but Strong catches him and drops the backbreaker.  He is the Messiah, of course.

There’s some awesome wrestling here and it’s really back and forth.  Richards misses a double stomp from the top rope, and ends up tying Strong up in a submission move using the ropes.  Strong hits an enzuigiri, and Richards is hung up on the ropes.  Strong hits a nice superplex and barely covers Richards.

Rapid fire knees and boots back and forth.  Strong gets the upper hand with a Sick Kick to the jaw.  They’re both out.  

Strong hits a series of chops.  Richards nails his double stomp this time around.  Ankle lock in the middle of the ring.  Strong tries to roll out, and gets a surprise rollup pin to get the victory.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Hard match to call since so much is going on.  Both these guys are at the top of their game.  Needless to say, this was really good.

Mark Briscoe cuts a pre-taped promo for upcoming match against Silas Young.  Back to the arena, Briscoe has a match.

Mark Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin

Handshake and we’re off.  Elgin is the power house, Briscoe is going for speed.  Elgin knocks him around a bit.  Briscoe shows he’s strong - does a few pushups, and challenges Elgin for a test of strength.  It’s a trap!  He goes under and back, tries to get the better hand.  Another standoff.

Briscoe charges into the corner, Elgin throws him down.  20-plus count hold for a vertical suplex.  Mark flips out of a powerbomb attempt.  Mark with the speed again.  It’s an interesting matchup, since Mark is kind of working like a smaller man, Elgin working like a big man, but they’re both the same height.

Elgin charges Briscoe, who pulls the rope down, and they’re outside the ring.  Elgin slams Briscoe down on the mat as we go to break.

We come back and Briscoe starts to get the upper hand.  He winds up for some of that Redneck Kung Fu!   Elgin catches Briscoe and goes for the deadlift suplex, but Briscoe reverses out of it.  Elgin is recovering, and Mark goes up top.  

Out of nowhere Silas Young attacks!  Jay Briscoe runs out for the save!  All hell breaks loose.  Elgin sees Jay and attacks him!  Mark does a moonsault to the outside on all three of them!  It’s an all out brawl and the match is thrown out as the staff empties out from back to separate the fight.

Winner:  No Contest

This was a decent match but after the pacing of the last one, seemed like it never got out of second gear.  I would say it was all a setup for an angle at the end, but the angle happened so quickly and was over in seconds.

Adam Cole (c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs (w/ BJ Whitmer) for the Ring of Honor World Championship

Adam Cole gets a standing ovation from Steve Corino.  Hilarious.  Nigel McGuinness joins our announcers at ringside.

We get a handshake, and the bell!  

Both men jockey for position on an early pin.  Reversals and roll-ups.  Doesn’t look as cool as it sounds.  Cole goes for a pin with his feet on the ropes.  Whitmer catches him and pushes the feet off.  

Jacobs slams Cole’s face to the mat repeatedly.  The match spills out of the ring and Cole hits a nasty back slam into the apron. We go to break.

Back in the ring, Cole locks in a Figure Four in the middle of the ring.  Jacobs gets out, and once again they spill outside.  Jacobs dives at Cole but Cole moves out of the way and Jacobs goes down.  

Cole hits a nasty shoulder breaker in the ring.  Near fall.  Jacobs locks in a submission choke right in the middle of the ring.  Adam gets back to his feet and picks Jacobs up, but Jacobs pops up and hits a reverse hurricarana.  Out of nowhere Jacobs nails Cole with a spear!  

Both men are on the apron.  Jacobs goes for his finisher on the apron, but Cole tosses him back into the ring.  Jacobs spears Cole on the apron!  Both men are outside the ring.

We get a near 20-count, but Cole slides into the ring.  Jacobs nails cole again and gets a near fall.  Jacobs locks in his choke again and Cole is nearly out, but he pulls through.  Cole picks Jacobs up and hits the ref in the process.  Todd Sinclair is out.  

Cole goes for his belt, but Whitmer stops him and grabs the belt.  Cole and Whitmer have a showdown.  Whitmer tosses the belt to Jacobs, but he doesn’t use it and hits Sliced Bread #2.  Cole barely kicks out.    Jacobs goes for a top rope move but misses.  He rebounds off the top rope and Cole nails a superkick.  Cole hits the Florida Key, and Jacobs barely kicks out.  

They jockey for position up top.  Cole hits a destroyer from the top rope and gets the pin.  We have a winner.

Winner: Adam Cole to retain the ROH World Championship

I’m not a huge Jimmy Jacobs fan, but this was a pretty great match.  Both guys busted their asses and their spots made sense.  Nice pacing, nice false finishes.  Nice ending.  Watch it.  

ROH continues their streak of making their title the most important product on the show.  It feels like it should - everyone wants it, and it feels that way.  

If you’re not watching Ring of Honor right now, you should.  It’s been really good.

Thanks for joining me today.  See you next week!