We are in Columbus, OH tonight, for Ring of Honor action.  We’re starting out quick!

“Wrestling’s Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. “T.D.” Tadarius Thomas

Young is showing off to the crowd early on.  Thomas takes advantage of this and tries to go for a maneuver.  No luck.

Silas knocks Thomas to the mat, but instead of pursuing the attack, he yells at Thomas to get up. “You call yourself a real man?  You’re nothing.”  He gets a pop for that.  Young locks in a headlock, but nearly gets pinned in the process.  Another shoulder block leads to more taunting, and Thomas kicks him in the head for it.  Thomas rolls through and hits another kick to the face.  

Thomas has some smooth capoeira moves, but Silas gets around them.  It’s back and forth here.  Thomas hits some innovative offense.  He’s got the momentum.  Thomas tries for a half-nelson suplex.  It gets blocked, but he pulls it off.

Thomas hits some more capoeira kicks in.  Back and forth with some reversals.  Silas hits a running senton and nails his finisher, a pretty sweet springboard moonsault to get the win.

Winner: Silas Young

Decent match.  I haven’t seen much of either man in the ring.  I like Young’s style.  Thomas is pretty good too, but his capoeira kicks don’t sit well with me. They look cool, but they don’t have enough of an impact for the amount of time Young stands there to take them.  Doesn’t look legitimate enough for my tastes.

ACH vs. Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole in a non-title match

ACH has a chance to win a World Title match if he can wrestle Cole to at least a draw.

Slow start to the match.  Cole does some jumping jacks to show his lack of concern in the beginning.

It’s kind of back and forth, but slowly Cole starts focusing on the knee of ACH.  His leg is taped up, so he’s targeting an existing injury.  ACH drops to the ground during an Irish Whip as we cut to break.

After the break, Cole continues to work the leg, but ACH starts to fight back.  Cole cuts him off with a kick to the gut.  ACH fires back and sends Cole outside the ring.  He leaps onto him from the apron.  He rolls Cole back in and hits a springboard neckbreaker for a near fall.  Pretty awesome.

Cole goes for a Florida Key attempt, but ACH works out.  Cole slides his kneepad down.  He talks trash and spits on ACH.  ACH hits a sitout powerbomb for a near fall.  He goes up top.  Nice frogsplash, but it’s only a near fall.  

ACH misses a leap over Cole and his leg buckles.  Cole hits a Superkick, near fall.  Cole immediately goes for the Figure Four and ACH taps.

Winner: Adam Cole

Very good match - started out slow but picked up at a nice pace.  Side note - it’s refreshing to hear the announcers call a match instead of taking selfies.

Time for our Main Event!

C&C Wrestle Factory vs. reDRagon (c) for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions

Before the ring announcements even take place, C&C hit dual dropkicks on Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reily, sending them off the apron.  Cedric hits a running dive outside the ring and we immediately take a break.

We join the match, and Fish is still wearing his ring jacket.  Caprice Coleman and Bobby Fish are the legal men.  Tag to Cedric Alexander.  Near fall.  Some nice double teaming by C&C.  Fish ducks out of the ring to get some room.  Blind tag to Kyle O’Reily.  O’Reily misses a dropkick.  Alexander gets a cover.  Two-count.  He fights out of the corner, but Fish pulls him outside the ring from the corner.  O’Reily still the legal man.  The referee has no control over the match and all four men brawl outside the ring.  

Back in the ring, Coleman hits a nice Northern Lights suplex on O’Reily, then hits it on both men at the same time.  Impressive.  Dropkick to O’Reily.  

Nice back and forth action.  Truthfully I missed the finish due to a phonecall.  Replay shows a nice brain-buster with a kick to the back of the head, called “Chasing the Dragon.”  reDRagon retains.

Winners: reDRagon to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

Solid match to end a pretty good show.  Emphasis is on wrestling and calling matches, as usual, and the titles have meaning and purpose.  If you like that sort of thing - which I do - then you should be watching ROH.

Join me next week as we cover another exciting episode!