Ring of Honor makes it's triumphant return to standard Pay-Per-View this evening, June 22nd, 2014, with Best in the World.  The card is looking fantastic, and we will have coverage of the show beginning (approximately) at 7:30pm.

Here is the finalized card for the event:

  • Adam Cole (c) vs. Michael Elgin for the Ring of Honor World Championship
  • The Briscoe Brothers vs. Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett
  • Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander in a Submission Match
  • Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Matt Taven for the Ring of Honor Television Championship.  Truth Martini will be handcuffed to the ringpost.
  • Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young
  • reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship
  • ACH vs. Takaaki Watanabe vs Caprice Coleman vs. Tadarius Thomas vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Tommaso Ciampa for a future shot at the ROH TV Championship

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Our PPV opens up with the Ring of Honor "Creating Excellence" Package.  A nice video intro for Best in the World.  They show highlights of all the past champions, including men like CM Punk, Austin Aries, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and others.  Many of the participants in the show tonight say they're "The Best in the World."

We are live in Nashville, TN.  Packed house tonight, the crowd looks pumped.  Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly are announcing tonight.  They preview our World Title match, Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole.  Up first, our Six Man Mayhem match.

ACH vs. Watanabe vs. Caprice Coleman vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Tadarius Thomas vs. Tommso Ciampa in a Six Man Mayhem Match

Full entrances for all the entrants here.  Worth noting, ROH seems to have some new cameras.  Picture is very crisp. Lights are very bright but at a poor angle.  Little details. 

Rules here, only two in the ring at a time, but there's tags like in a tag match.  ACH and Ciampa start it off.  ACH flips out of a shoulder block, but Ciampa slams him back down.  ACH shows some flashy moves.  Ciampa rolls him into the Scicilian Stretch.  Both men counter.  Nice exchange.  Watanabe steps in, but he's not in very long.  Caprice Coleman steps in, but TD tags himself in before Coleman can do much of anything.  TD hits some nice capoeira kicks, but ACH hits a flip dropkick.  TD rolls out, Whitmer jumps in and attacks from behind.  He lays into ACH with some chops.  Things get crazy.  I lost track of who is who, but Coleman and Ciampa get knocked out.  ACH and Watanabe are in.  Watanabe hits an uppercut, goes for a pin.  Two-count.

ACH goes running to dive outside, but Whitmer cuts him off.  No ROH spot here.  Whitmer lays into ACH with some chops.  Tag to TD.  Watanabe tags himself in and lays into ACH.  Watanabe drags ACH into The Decade's corner.  Whitmer is in, nice snap suplex.  Two-count.  Caprice Coleman heads in and starts taking everyone out.  Boot to the head, nice top rope Hurricarana to Whitmer.  Coleman hits a pair of flip Germans, and on the third, Watanabe gets suplexed too.  Nice spot.  Watanabe and Ciampa trade some stiff elbows.  Ciampa lands Kryptonie Crunch  All hell breaks loose.  TD and ACH trading kicks.  ACH gets powerslammed by Whitmer.  The fans start chanting "This is awesome."  Watanabe hits a backdrop suplex to Whitmer, Coleman breaks up the pin.  Coleman nails him face down.  Ciampa lands Project Ciampa on Coleman, then catches ACH and does the same.  Pin broke up by The Decade.

Whitmer turns on TD, but the pin attempt was broken up.  Watanabe hits some impressive and unique offense.  Ciampa and Watanabe trade hits, Ciampa rolls Watanabe head back into the turnbuckle.  Running knee in the corner.  Make that a second one, then he dives over the top onto The Decade.  Coleman hits a moonsualt and joins in on the fun.  ACH amps up and leaps over the top rop.  He rolls TD into the ring, hits a 450 splash and it's over.  ACH is your winner.

Winner: ACH for a future ROH TV Title Shot

A fun match to kick things off.  Six Man Mayhem is certainly a good name for what we saw here.  Some high flying action, but some hard hitting action too.  A nice mix and a good way to start the night.

Postmatch, Ciampa shakes the hand of ACH.  Ringside, BJ Whitmer and Steve Corino start going at it.  

We get a video package to introduce Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven, with lots of focus on Truth Martini's involvement in things.  

Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini for the Ring of Honor TV Championship

Proper title match intros, and Truth Martini gets handcuffed to the ringpost, but not without a fight.  Martini is no longer interested in being there.  His "bodyguard" who's name I didn't catch, looks lovely and she assures him it'll be alright.  No Code of Honor.  Here we go.

Taven and Lethal lock up.  Taven immediately goes for Martini, but Lethal cuts him off.  Back in the ring, chops to the chest.  Taven has the advantage.  Nice dropkick and cover for Taven.  Two-count. Taven goes for Martini again, but Lethal grabs him and pulls him in.  Chops to the chest.  Taven hits a standing moonsault for two.  Taven on the apron, he gets distracted by Silesia (I guess that's her name).  Lethal uses the distraction and dropkicks him off the apron.  

Outside the ring, Lethal nails Taven with a chop, but Taven fires back.  Back in the ring, both men exchange chops and elbows.  Taven hits a nice Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.  Taven heads out of the ring, Lethal hits a baseball slide to take him out.  Lethal goes for a cover, two-count.

Both men trade blows in the center of the ring.  Taven ducks and hits a series of kicks.  He rallies and hits clotheslines.  Rolls out and hits an enzuigiri.  He sets Lethal up on the ropes and hits a rolling neckbreaker for a two-count.    Taven sets up for his finisher, but Lethal counters and hits the Lethal Combination.  He heads up top for Hail to the King, and hits the elbow.  Only worth two.  

Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Taven had him scouted with a jumping enzuigiri and a brainbuster.  Two-count.  Nice spot.  Lethal rolls out, Taven follows.  Lethal hits him and runs into the ring.  He goes flying but Taven catches him in mid air.  Taven hits the dive instead.  He slides in and goes for two, and hits it. Let's make it three?  Silesia gets taken out as well.  Both Lethal and Silesia are out.  Taven grabs a chair and eyes up Martini.  Martini hands the security guy a wad of cash to protect him, so he does, and it's enough of a distraction.  They break off the handcuffs and take off.

Back in the ring, Lethal is laid out in the middle.  Taven goes up top, but Lethal was playing possum.  Knees up, and he takes Taven out.  Lethal hits the Lethal Injection and it's over.  

Winner: Jay Lethal to retain the ROH TV Title

Not as good of a match as I was hoping for.  Too many shenanigans between Taven and Martini.  I'm ok with Lethal retaining, however.

We get a video package introducing our next match - Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander in a submission match.

Roderick Strong (w/ The Decade) vs. Cedric Alexander in a Submission Match

Strong goes for some early locks, and they trade holds.  Nice matwork here.  Alexander gets the advantage.  He lays into Strong with some punches.  Strong reverses a suplex.  He lays into Alexander with chops.  Alexander sends Strong over the top rope with a clotheline, then runs through the bottom and second rope diving outside.  Different.  They fight, and Roderick sends Alexander into a back body drop into the ring apron.  Ouch!  Sick looking move.  Strong sends Alexander into the ring and starts working over the lower back. Strong lays into Alexander with a few chops, then hits a suplex.  Strong locks in a Camel Clutch, and toys hit him before wrenching it in.  Alexander drops down with a jaw breaker.  Strong fights back.  He hits a boot to the face.  Alexander shows some defiance, and hits a kick to the face.  

Alexander fires up and hits rapid headbutts.  He sends Roderick over the top and nails a kick and a dropkick.  Adam Page and TD towel him up immediately.  Cedric Alexander goes flying over the top, but Strong got out of the way and Alexander hits The Decade instead.  Alexander hits a  jump kick off the barricade, then a springboard DDT into a guillotine.  Nice move.  Strong gets to the ropes.  The hold is broken.

Both men trade enzuigiris.  Strong is dazed.  Alexander hits a dropkick in the corner.  Make that two.  Nice move from Alexander, and he pulls Strong into a Dragon Sleeper.  Strong reverses and knees out.  Strong sets Alexander up top, kicks him in the head, then climbs up.  Chops and he sets him up.  Someone threw a streamer into the ring and gets booed by the audience.  Strong hits a superplex.  Both men struggle to their feet.  They trade slaps.  Strong hits knees in the corner, spits in Alexander's face, and goes for a gut buster, but Alexander holds on and locks in a submission.  Nice.  Strong barely gets to the ropes.  

Action spills out of the ring.  Both men roll in and Strong hits a backbreaker.  He kicks Alexander in the face, and goes up top.  He sets Alexander up, but Alexander fights free.  Alexander drops Strong back first onto the top turnbuckle, then hits the Lumbar Check, then locks in Strong's own submission move, the Stronghold, for the impressive win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Alexander stands in the middle of the ring, hand extended.  Strong staggers towards him, and thinks about it.  He hesitates, then leaves the ring.  Major heat.  

Very good match from these two.  The history they have made it seem like Alexander had something to prove.  Strong always has quality matches, and both these men worked well together.  Very good match.  

We get a video package introducing The Briscoes vs. Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett.  Jay Briscoe wants his title back.  

Michael Bennett (w/ Maria Kanelis) & Matt Hardy (w/ Nick Searcy) vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe)

Lots of streamers for The Briscoes.  Bennett starts it off with Mark.  They lock up, Bennett feigns a clean break, but Mark attacks. Headbutts in the corner. Irish whip into a clothesline.  Tag to Jay.  He unleashes some kicks on Bennett.  Uppercut and headbutt, tag to Mark.  Mark hits a running clothesline in the corner.  Mark hits a chop in the corner, then a kick to the face.  Bennett hits a nice dropkick and tags in Matt Hardy.  Hardy starts working over Mark's arm.  Tag to Bennett, they whip him back into the corner.  Bennett goes for a cover, only worth one.  They're keeping Briscoe in their corner.  Suplex.  Mark tries to fight out, and he does.  Hot tag to Jay.  Lou Thesz Press to Matt, and he lays into him with some fists.  All hell breaks loose.  Hardy and Jay brawl outside, Mark and Bennett go at it inside the ring.  Nick Searcy is teasing getting involved.  He's an actor, by the way.

Back in the ring, Hardy gets double-teamed by The Briscoes.  Jay lays into him with a number of punches.  Neckbreaker, and let's make it two.  Three.  Jay goes for a pin, gets two.  Out of nowhere, Michael Bennett attacks Jay with the Iconic Title, and the match ends in a disqualification.

Winners:  The Briscoes via disqualification

Jay grabs a mic and calls Nigel McGuinness out.  "Give these people what they want to see!"  McGuinness shows up and turns it into a no disqualification match.  The match continues!

Well, this is going to be difficult to keep track of.  Fighting ensues outside the ring.  There are about 20 chairs in the ring.  Mark hits Bennett with a drop toe hold into a chair.  Jay chokes Hardy outside the ring.  Bennett goes head first into a chair, then a back drop into a chair.  The fans chant "We want tables."  They get them.  Outside the ring, Matt Hardy choes Jay out with a cable.  Maria takes a chair out of Mark Briscoe's hands.  Bennett tosses a chair into his head a few times.  Hardy pulls out a ladder.  He hits Jay with it.  Ladder goes in the ring.  Mark Briscoe is out on his feet, but he fights back.  In the ring, Hardy launches Briscoe into the ladder.  Mark sets up the table.  Hardy's got the ladder propped up on the second rope.  Outside, Side Effect from Bennett to Mark.  Jay drops Hardy across some chairs.  Jay suplexes him into the ladder.  Both men selling it.  Bennett and Mark go up top, the table below them.  Mark headbutts Bennett off, then hits a running elbow to Matt Hardy.  Shades of Cactus Jack there.  Bennett spears Mark on the apron.  Bennett sets Mark up on the apron again, but Jay sets Bennett up, and the brothers hit the Doomsday Device on the floor.  Nice.

Hardy is in the ring, Jay climbs in.  Matt Hardy hits Jay in the gut with the Peabody Award the actor was carrying around.  Only worth a two-count, however.  Mark gets the award, and Nick Searcy heads into the ring to get the award back, but Jay attacks him from behind.  Mark Briscoe goes up top and drops an elbow on Searcy.  Jay sets him up for a Doomsday Device, but Maria pushes Mark off the ropes.  Matt Hardy hit Jay with the Twist of Fate.  Jay kicks out at two and a half.

Hardy lays into Jay with chair shots to the back.  Bennett sets up the table.  Hardy sets up the ladder.  Mark breaks it up and sets Bennett up on the table outside the ring, he hits Bennett with a top rope froggy elbow through the table!  Back in the ring, Jay is laid out on the table, and Hardy climbs up.  Mark Briscoe sprays Hardy with a fire extinguisher, and it stuns him.  Jay goes up top to meet him and hits a superplex off the ladder!  Jay hits the Jay Driller and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers

After the match, Maria grabs the Iconic Title and takes off backstage before Jay can get the belt back.

A good hardcore match from these four men.  Basically, a highlight reel of some pretty good spots.  Before the DQ finish, it was a pretty good match.  The DQ was disappointing, but I'm glad they kept it going.

Video package of a recent live event, where Michael Elgin was tied up on the ropes by Adam Cole.  Cole threatened to cut Elgin's hair, but his wife, MsChif comes out to the ring to stop it from happening.  Cole locks in a Figure Four on her to torture Elgin before taking off. It adds a little more heat, for sure.

Larry Mercer and Mandy Leon announces one of the new signees to Ring of Honor.  His name is Moose.  He says tonight he's here to enjoy the show.  In seven years in the NFL he's accomplished a lot, but he says he hasn't earned anything in Ring of Honor.  Leon starts asking him a question, but Veda Scott and Ramon interrupt him.  She says we should've been talking about The New Streak instead, which is 122-0.  RD Evans isn't here, but he's on his way to Japan to "collect more wins."  She tries to recruit Moose.  He says he'll talk about this later.  She's not ok with that.  Ramon gives him the evil eye.  

We get a video package about Kevin Steen and Silas Young.  

Silas Young vs. Kevin Steen

Steen tells the camera we're looking at the Future of Pro Wrestling.  This could be true, if he heads to WWE.  Lots of streamers hit Steen.  Silas gets his share too, but not like Steen.  Steen offers a Code of Honor.  No thanks, says Silas.

Steen immediately attacks, but Young ducks out.  Steen hits a cannonball on him outside the ring anyhow.  Steen tosses Silas around outside, then sends him into the ring.  Young hits a series of elbows.  Steen pushes Young down.  Silas tries to send Steen over the top, but Steen catches him and chops him through the ropes.  They're outside again.  Steen goes for a powerbomb, but Silas grabs the ropes and kicks Steen off into the barricade.  He slams Steen's head into the floor.  

Back into the ring, Young kicks Steen in the corner.  Irish whip and a clothesline to the back of the head.  Young locks in a chinlock.  Steen fights out but Young yanks him down.  Young grinds into Steen with an elbow to the neck.  Steen elbows free, but Young kicks him in the gut, lands a neckbreaker.  Young goes for a pin, two-count.  

Steen gets to his feet and they trade blows.  Steen elbows Young, goes for a sunset flip but Young catches him.  Steen catches Young with a pair of knees to the face.  Young is laid out, and Steen goes for the cover.  Two-count. Steen yanks Young's legs up, and Young flips through.  He catches Steen off guard and goes for a pin.  He has the tights, but it's not enough.  Steen struggles to his feet.  Young tries to drag Steen, but Steen holds on.  Steen nails a pumphandle neckbreaker for a two-count.  Young hits some shoulder blocks in the corner, Steen goes for a package piledriver, Young hangs him up on the ropes and hits a springboard kick for a two-count. 

Silas sets Steen up for his finisher, but Steen sends him into the corner.  Cannonball into the corner.  Steen goes up top and hits a senton.  Two-count.  Young is on the apron, Steen gets hung up on the ropes.  Sila hits a boot to the face, then hits the beginning of his finisher.  He scouts Steen as Steen rolls away, and Young lands on his feet, catching Steen with a nice back breaker.  Two-count here.

Young starts talking trash, and Steen slaps the taste out of his mouth. Young attacks with some vicious knees in the corner.  Steen is out.  Young sets him up top and talks trash.  Steen headbutts him and catches him in a cradle suplex off the top rope.  Package Piledriver!  Steen wins it!

Winner: Kevin Steen

After the match, Steen plays to the fans.  He grabs a mic and more streamers head into the ring.  He tells Silas Young that he said a lot of things about him - called him a coward, a pussy, a quitter, but he cannot say he didn't beat him.  He says he's said alot of things about him - he's a jerk, bitter, an asshole, but he cannot say he is not an exceptional professional wrestler.  He tells Young he has a lot of respect for him.  He said in New York City he came out and interrupted him and tried to make a name for himself by interrupting the top guy.  "And I am the top guy."  

Steen says he was about to step away for a bit because his Ring of Honor contract is coming up.  He says every single minute in the ring before he leaves is important, and he's extremely happy he got to face Young in one of those final matches.  He hopes Young respects him, and "If you're the man you say you are, you'll shake my hand right now."  Silas Young shakes and walks away.  

The fans start chanting "Please down go."  Steen starts to thank the fans some more, and Silas Young returns, taking out the leg of Steen.  He attacks him and it takes four referees to break it up.

A very good match, and definitely a star-making moment for Silas Young.  He looked great in defeat, and retained his heat with the post-match attack.  As far as Kevin Steen goes, it was refreshing seeing him sell, though the finish was a little out-of-nowhere.  A very good match, worth seeing.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. reDRagon (c) (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships

This is a match I've been looking forward to seeing for a long time.  It's great to see Daniels back in a Ring of Honor ring again.  Code of Honor is observed here.  Daniels and O'Reilly starting it off.  Daniels locked in a wristlock, reversed by O'Reilly.  Scissor lock from O'Reilly.  Daniels goes into a headlock.  O'Reilly lands a nice European uppercut.  Running knee, then a slap to the face. Daniels hits some fancy matwork and returns the favor, then a nice kick to the face.  Tag to Kazarian.  Tadem work from the two.  Tag to Fish, Kaz hits a number of armdrags.  Kaz sends Fish onto the apron then legdrops him back into the ring.  Tag to Daniels.  

Sloppy move here, but some more nice tandem moves from both men.  O'Reilly gets in the ring and Kaz and Daniels make short work of him.  Fish is still the legal man.  Kaz gets cut off by a knee, Fish makes the tag, O'Reilly gets hit with a toe hold and he's down.  Kaz takes out Fish, but O'Reilly sends him into the ring post.  Daniels tries to even things up and Fish yanks Kaz into the ring post, then hits Kaz with a chair when the ref isn't looking.  O'Reilly targets the arm, tag to Fish.  Kaz and Fish trade blows. Fish slams into him and goes for a pin.  Two-count.  He works the arm, then tags in Kaz again.  Fish knocks Daniels off the apron.  Kaz fights both men, but Fish yanks his arm.  O'Reilly goes for a submission, Daniels takes him out.  O'Reilly locks in a rest hold on Kaz, Kaz fights out of the corner, and fends off Fish, but Fish takes him out on the apron.  O'Reilly misses a knee drop near the apron.  Kaz fights back into the ring, but O'Reilly locks in a guilotine choke.  Bobby Fish yanks Daniels off the apron, keeping Kaz from tagging.  Fish makes it back to his corner and tags in.  

Nice kicks from Fish and a two-count.  He wears Kaz down, Kaz fights out.  Nice neck drag to Fish, and Kaz goes for the tag, but O'Reilly cuts him off.  Kaz fights out and makes the hot tag to Daniels.  STO to Fish, kick to the face of O'Reilly.  Daniels goes up top and hits a cross-body on O'Reilly for two.  Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever but O'Reilly moves out of the way.  Rapid fire tandem attacks from reDRagon.  Really fast action, looked great.  Daniels sends O'Reilly diving over the apron, then after stomping Fish into the mat with Kaz, Daniels dives out at O'Reilly.  Daniels launches fish into a cutter from Kaz.  Daniels gets a two-count.  Another missed BME attempt.  Fish hits a Samoan Drop, then goes for his own moonsault. He misses.  Daniels out of the ring, Kaz hits a springobard DDT.  O'Reilly showing some great fire here, he lands a few kicks.  Daniels takes O'Reilly out.  Blue Thunder Bomb to Fish.  All four men are laid out.

Fish and Daniels trade punches.  Daniels moves in to elbows.  Fish hits a spin back kick.  Daniels reverses into Angels Wings, but O'Reilly breaks up the pin.  He pulls Fish over to the corner, and makes the tag.  O'Reilly hits a kick, but Daniels hits a Dragon Screw.  Tag to Kaz, and Kaz clotheslines both of them out.  Daniels misses a moonsault and Fish spears him into the barricade.  O'Reilly hits a running knee off the apron into the corner.

O'Reilly goes up top, Kaz catches him.  Kaz heads up top and nails O'Reilly with his finisher, the Flux Capacitor, but Kaz lands on his arm.  He barely makes the pin, but Bobby Fish yanks the ref out of the ring.  The ref can't find who yanked him out of the ring. O'Reilly goes for a roll-up and yanks the tights, but it's not enough.  O'Reilly unloads into Kaz, and they set him up for Chasing the Dragon.  Kaz barely kicks out!  O'Reilly goes straight into the armbar and Kaz has no choice.  He tags out.

Winners: reDRagon to retain the ROH Tag Team Championship

After the match, reDRagon taunt Kaz and Daniels.  They adhere to the Code of Honor.  

A very touch match to cover, because it was so fast-paced.  Excellent action from beginning to end.  reDRagon are the best tag team in professional wrestling right now.  Period. Beating Kaz and Daniels gives them one more bit of legitimacy.

A video package leads us into our main event for the evening.

Adam Cole (c) vs. Michael Elgin for the Ring of Honor World Championship

There's four referees in the ring.  Four.  Elgin extends an angry hand.  Cole accepts it.  The bell rings and Elgin stares a hole through Cole.  Cole charges and Elgin takes him down.  Cole tries to get out of the ring, Elgin lays into him with fists in the corner.  Cole whipped into the corner, he rolls out.  Elgin gets tossed through the ropes and out of the ring.  Cole goes for a springboard out of the ring, Elgin just walks away.  Elgin sets Cole up but Cole pushes him into the barricade.  Cole grabs a chair, Elgin catches it and nails Cole with a nasty forearm.  He brings Cole up and slams him onto the ramp.  

Back in the ring, Cole kicks Elgin in the arm and takes him down.  Cole heads up top, Elgin catches him and heads up to meet him.  Cole fights him off, goes for a sunset flip bomb.  Elgin punches him down, Cole yanks the legs out.  Elgin is down.  Cole gets aggressive.  Elgin fights out, Cole goes for a head scissors takedown in the corner, but Elgin hits a gut buster of sorts on Cole.  Interesting.

Elgin hits elbow after elbow.  Elgin nails Cole with a Tiger Suplex into a bridge for two.  Elgin ramps up for a clothesline, Cole hits him with a boot and enzuigiri.  He brings Elgin up on his shoulders, Elgin fights out.  Deadlift suplex attempt, but Cole knees out.  He hits a shoulder breaker of his own for a two-count. 

Elgin locks in a crossface out of nowhere.  Cole rolls back the shoulders.  Cole goes to the apron and tries to do something but Elgin cuts him off with a dropkick. Elgin goes up top and hits a deadlift into a Falcon Arrow.  Two-count.    Very impressive.  Elgin cracks Cole with an enzuigiri.  Cole hits a dropkick to Elgin's legs.  Elgin up top, Cole goes for a hurricarana, but Elgin holds on.  Cole manages to hit it, then hits a reverse hurricarana.  Cole locks in the Florida Keys into the bridge.  Elgin barely kicks out at two. 

Cole climbs up top, sets Elgin up.  Elgin scouts him, and hits him with a kick.  Cole goes for the super kick.  Elgin ducks and Cole NAILS the referee, Todd Sinclair.  Elgin goes for a buckle bomb, then a powerbomb.  Sinclair is out.  Elgin realizes what happened.  Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett run out to attack, but Elgin hits a fallaway slam on BOTH men at the same time.  Cole goes for a kick, but Elgin catches him.  He gets flipped in the corner.  Elgin hits a powerbomb on Cole, but this time tossing him out of the ring onto Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett.  Elgin charges up, Maria distracts him on the apron.  He grabs her hair and threatens to hit her, she slaps him in the face.  He charges after her.  It's a trap!  Cole goes for a destroyer on the floor, Hardy nails Elgin with the belt.  Florida Key to Elgin outside the ring.  Hardy and Bennett stalk Elgin, and War Machine come out to even the odds!  Rowe, Hanson, Hardy, and Bennett all fight to the backstage area.  Maria is still at ringside.  Elgin is still outside the ring.  The referee counts.  Elgin staggers to his feet as Sinclair counts.  He gets to 19, and Elgin barely makes it in.

Maria tosses the belt to Cole, and tries to distract the referee.  MsChif comes out, jumps on the apron, and sprays Maria in the face with green mist! Elgin chops Cole in the throat, hits the buckle bomb, then an Elgin Bomb, but Adam Cole kicks out at 2 and a half.  

The fans start throwing streamers into the ring.  Whoops.  "We fucked up."  Funny.

Elgin brings Cole up top.  Cole rakes the eyes, and dropkicks Elgin's knee out.  He slams Elgin's knee into the ringpost, then locks in a Figure Four around the ring post.  Cole, back in the ring, goes for a Figure Four, but Elgin rolls out of it.  He hits a schoolboy into a Crossface.  Cole punches the leg to get free.  Clever.  Cole works the leg.  Elgin stands up and goes for a clolthesline, but his leg gives out.  Cole takes advantage and hits a superkick.  He goes up top for the destroyer, and nails it.  Elgin kicks out at 2 and a half.

Cole goes back up top again, goes for another one, but gets rolled into a powerbomb.  Let's make that two.  The third powerbomb, Elgin sits out with it.  He gets the cover... 1, 2, 3!  Michael Elgin wins!

Winner: Michael Elgin to win the Ring of Honor World Championship

A very, very good main event.  The crowd was behind Michael Elgin getting the win here, and I think it was time to change things up a bit.  Adam Cole had a great run as champ, but it's time for a fresh face.  Elgin can be that fighting champion.  Only complaint?  Too many kickouts of finishers.

Streamers and confetti everywhere as Michael Elgin holds the belt in the middle of the ring.  The announcers note that he is the 20th Ring of Honor Champion.  The show comes to a close as Elgin celebrates in the ring.

Overall thoughts: A very good pay-per-view from top to bottom.  I suspect Global Wars and War of the Worlds were probably more impressive overall, but I think Ring of Honor did a very good job of presenting a compelling pay-per-view product, and for $35 (in HD) I feel I got my money's worth.  I would recommend the replay.

I'll have some extended thoughts on the show tomorrow in Around the Ring w/ Ring Rap.  Keep your eyes open for that.  Thank you for joining me this evening folks.  I hope you enjoyed the show!