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Ring Rap Audio is back, and this time Drew is joined by both Matt and Bill.  It's a news-heavy show, with lots of information about CM Punk, Matt Hardy, and more.  

In case you're living under a rock, CM Punk has reportedly left WWE.  It's unclear what the reasons are, or for how long he'll be gone, but it's a major topic of discussion since Wrestlemania is just two months away.  We break down Punk's potential reasons for walking out, including a discussion about The Royal Rumble, and the scenarios going forward with Raw, leading into Wrestlemania.

We also (briefly) discuss the Matt Hardy and Reby Sky scuffle.  Not much to report there.  

Matt is very upset to have heard that WWE is putting a lockdown on all nearby venues for Wrestlemania weekend.  It looks as if the typical influx of indy shows will be forced to relocate to other areas. Is this a smart move and "good for business?"

Special thanks to  @labt3k4, and Drew A. for sending in questions this week. Don't forget, you can too! Use #AskRingRap and ask us your questions!  We'll tackle them on the air!

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