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I have no idea what the hell is going on during this show lately, but things are getting weird.

Drew, Matt, and Bill sit down, like a typical week, with plans to record their discussions on professional wrestling.  They start out talking about Lita's induction to the WWE Hall of Fame, segue into more HOF discussion, and then swing into CM Punk being courted by Bellator.  From there, I have no idea what happened.  It's like a drunken frat party.

I blame Bill for this.  He started the Power Rangers talk.


We then determined that Angel Grove and Sunnydale, CA are next to Parts Unknown and this is all The Undertaker's fault.

After all that, there's a little bit of Raw, and a great discussion about submission moves to close out the show.

We had a blast recording tonight's episode and we hope it shows.  Take a listen and let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Ray from Florida for his question about Dolph Ziggler, and @DJScribs. for sending in his question and sparking that submission move topic. Don't forget, you can too! Use #AskRingRap and ask us your questions!  We'll tackle them on the air!

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