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Second time is the charm, right?

After a brawl with Skype last night, we tapped out.  Best to submit to a ruthless manuever like lag than try to fight it and break a limb.  So, despite spending an hour and a half trying desperately to record the show yesterday, we threw in the towel and called it off last night.

Sadly, Matt wasn't able to join us during the new recording, so it's just Bill and Drew, and in a more condensed fashion (that still went an hour and a half), we cut down on our topics slightly.  We discuss and remember Nelson Frazier Jr., better known as Mabel and Viscera.  We talk about Dish Network throwing down and drawing the line, choosing not to carry WWE Pay-per-views.  

Then, we preview and predict Elimination Chamber.

Check it out, and let us know what your predictions are!

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