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Now that the craziness of Wrestlemania has begun to die down, it's a good opportunity for Matt, Bill, and Drew to take a few moments to give some love to the other guys, like Ring of Honor, Total Nonstop Action, and Jeff Jarrett's upcoming promotion, Global Force Wrestling.  So, in this episode, that's exactly what they do.

After Matt's follow-up to last week's challenge about The Shield, the trio broke out into a discussion about Ring of Honor's upcoming card, Future of Honor. Who's on the card?  What matches are they looking forward to?

Jeff Jarrett is plugging Global Force Wrestling non-stop, and that may be a good thing.  What could the company become?  A contender to TNA?  A replacement for TNA?  

AJ Lee is reportedly stepping away from WWE for an indeterminate amount of time.  No details as to why, but there's plenty of speculation, as she is currently engaged to CM Punk.  Is AJ doing the right thing?  Is this just a matter of needing to step away?  Is it a political message?  What does this do for the Divas division?  And, how does this sort of thing fit into the current landscape of the entire roster?

Eric Young is the TNA Champion.  Does he deserve it?  Was this a wise move by TNA?  What went right (or wrong)?

Finally, some talk about Sting likely signing with WWE, this Monday's WWE Raw, and some reader questions, including a question about Daniel Bryan's opponent for Extreme Rules, and a question about The Ultimate Warrior.

Thanks to @labt3k94 and @DJScribs for sending in their questions.

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Show times

Matt Answers the Challenge About The Shield: Start - 00:14:30

Global Force Wrestling: 00:14:30 - 00:24:00

Future of Honor: 00:24:00 - 00:32:00

AJ Lee Taking Time Away from WWE?: 00:36:00 - 00:50:48 

Eric Young as TNA World Heavyweight Champion: 00:50:48 - 01:02:30

Sting and WWE: 01:02:30 - 01:11:42

WWE Raw, plus listener questions: 01:11:42 - End