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It's a bit of a slow news week in wrestling, but there's always plenty to talk about on Ring Rap Audio.  Never fear.

Matt, Bill, and Drew start things out with a discussion about Extreme Rules.  The show was mediocre at best, and even a strong match from The Shield and Evolution couldn't save it.  What went wrong, where, and how?  

AJ Styles won the IWGP Heavyweight Title for New Japan Pro Wrestling.  Is it a big deal?  The short answer is yes.  And when you look at the lineage and length of the title reigns, you start to see why.  The trio discusses Styles' place amongst Japanese Wrestling Royalty.

Plus, a discussion about WWE Raw, which morphs into a discussion about how to fix pro wrestling, which morphs into a discussion about cereal, bacon, and great Star Trek parody sites.  Go figure.

Special thanks to Marcus Frost Williams for his question last week, which we dove into in depth this week.

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