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I have no idea how we managed to fit this entire show into less than 90 minutes, but we did, so you better listen, ok?

First off, Batista was one of the stars of this weekend's biggest movie, and possibly the biggest film of the summer: Guardians of the Galaxy.  Matt saw the film.  What did he think?

Next up, Drew McIntyre (currently under his real name, Drew Galloway), is stepping up to the plate in EVOLVE this weekend, and he's got three solid matches ahead of him.  Will he be a good fit for the company?  Will the fans accept him?

There's leaked images of a new WWE Championship with the new logo, as well as a leak of a production truck advertising Smackdown on Thursday nights.  Which is real and which is fake?  What's the deal?

Should Hulk Hogan return to the ring, as he's saying he will?  (Hint: The Answer is no.)

Drew almost forgot to mention the new updates on Global Force Wrestling.  Whoops.

Plus, Bill and Matt get into it about WWE Raw and Summerslam!

Special shoutout to Mike at @MikedUpPodcast! Check out his pro-wrestling podcast!

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