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Finally, Ring Rap Audio, HAS RECORDED EPISODE 125!

It's a very special edition of Ring Rap Audio this week as we record the 125th episode, and we are excited and stoked.  It's an episode of reflection, of tears, of confessions.  

It's an episode about something we love: professional wrestling.

Tune in as Bill, Drew, and Matt sit down and talk about what makes pro-wrestling special to them.  Their earliest memories, what turned them into fans, what some of their favorite matches are, their favorite wrestlers, and more.

But the conversation isn't just about favorites.  It weaves in and out of Paul Heyman and Bobby Heenan.  It loops around to comparing the Attitude Era to today's product, and there's even a discussion about the Rise and Fall, or rather, the Fall, of TNA on Monday nights.

All this plus more on our very special, action-packed, 125th episode of Ring Rap Audio!

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