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itunes_logoIt's a pretty single-minded episode this week: Survivor Series was last night, and it was a newsworthy show, but was it for the right reasons? Matt and Drew discuss each match, and more importantly, try to figure out where the stories go from here. We all know that John Cena isn't really fired, but will WWE follow through with the stipulation?They better.Also, indy worker and Lucha Libre USA wrestler Chris Long was shot and killed at an Atlanta nightclub on Sunday. Matt and Drew take a moment to talk about Chris and pay a small tribute to his memory.Finally, Dory Funk Jr. and Gorilla Monsoon have been added to the list of inductees to the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. Matt and Drew discuss their careers and accomplishments in the pro wrestling world, as well as the other inductees thus far.We want your emails! Hit us up at RingRapAudio@ring-rap.com and we’ll tackle your question on the air. Or, if you want to tell us how much you love us (or hate us), you can do that too.Intro Music: The Storm Front – “Three”Break Music: The Storm Front – “Dead Inside”