We here at Ring Rap like to get to know our audience; and over the last couple weeks we have gotten positive results with the return podcast Ring Rap Audio. While we have gotten some nice responses via Twitter; we have also gotten some questions via email. This has inspired me to bring back an old column I write called Ring Rap Q and .

In the column I take the questions you ask and post them up for the world to see. So please keep them coming in and don’t be afraid to ask anything. Also please follow us at @RingRapAudio and @RingRap. We will do our best to respond to all your questions. So without further ado welcome back to ring Rap Q and A.

Mike From Edison, New Jersey comments: Dude I listened to your show the other day and was like WTF. How can you possible say that Daniel Bryan isn't good enough to be the top face of the WWE. The crowd loves him and he is only gotten hotter. You don't have a clue on what your talking about

Response: Let me start by saying that I am a huge Daniel Bryan fan. I have followed his career since his ROH, PWG, and NJPW days. No one wants to see him succeed more than I; but I still have to stand by what I said on the podcast.

I make this judgment due to history not personal bias. Throughout the history of the company the WWE has had only four small Heavyweight champs. Sorry; but HBK, Jericho, RVD and the Christians of the wrestling world fall under mid size champs. Out of the small champs we have had in the WWE only one was the true face of the company. Let me break things down for you so you understand why I answered the way I did on the show

Bob Backlund was the only small champion to ever be the face of the WWE his run as champ in the late 70s and early 80s lasted around six years. He was loved by the fans and sold out shows all over the world. After him though we have never seen a small champion be the “face” of the company.

Jeff Hardy was a three time champion but none of his runs lasted more than a a cup of coffee. While he was popular with the fans; he will mainly be remembered for his tag team title runs with the Hardy Boys. Not even at his top with the WWE was he ever the “face” of the company.

Rey Mysterio was a bit of a different story. His three runs were a bit more successful, and for a brief period he was just as popular as John Cena. However; his run at the top was very short lived and he was never officially the top guy. Some even argued that had it not been for the passing of Eddie Guerero he would have never gotten the push he did.


Now we have Daniel Bryan thrown in on this list. While I think his future is bright and he will in all likely hood capture the WWE title a few more times; I have to side with history. Since Vince has taken over he has shown time and time again that he does not have the faith to put the top billing on small wrestlers.

The only way I can ever see Bryan as the top “face” of the WWE right now is if Cena, Orton, and Batista go down. I hope I am wrong and one day the American Dragon will reign supreme over the land of the giants. But the sad truth is I don’t ever see that happening.

Dave from Atlanta Georgia asks: Now that AJ Styles has left TNA do you think he will take a stab at the WWE?

Response: That is a very good question that I would like to see answered soon. The truth is only he can answer that. I think he was asked that in an interview recently and said that the WWE has not contacted him at all. Who knows though; he may have just lied to keep things under wraps.

My personal opinion is that there may be a slim to decent shot of him going to the WWE. If he does though it may not be for a while. As of now he is doing a long solo tour called the Phenomenal one, and he still has a lot of dates to fulfill.

My main concern is that the WWE for some reason or other kind of stays away from former TNA guys. I remember when Matt Morgan was on the market and they didn’t snag him; and the same was said with Samoa Joe. Styles could be different for a variety of reasons.

Styles is an already proven star that can grapple with the best of them. He is great on the mic and would work really well with the flurry of former Dragon Gate and ROH guys on the roster. If I had to give a estimated guess I would say that it would a be a 40% shot that he will be in the WWE.

Tracy from Lisbon, Wisconsin asks: I was watching Impact and was shocked when I saw M.V.P on the show. Can he make TNA a big time promotion?

Response: TNA's issue has never been lack of talent. Over the years they have brought in guys like Kennedy, RVD, Jeff Hardy, the Dudlys and many many more. The problem with TNA is a combination of writing and booking.

It seems that TNA can't help but shoot themselves in the foot over and over and over again. So the question isn't can MVP bring TNA to the top; but can they book him the right way. If history is any indication then the answer is no.