Over the last week we have gotten some real solid response from the first Ring Rap Q and A column. I hope that we can continue to see the progress grow; because I truly do enjoy chatting with you fans. We had almost a dozen questions come in so I had a good selection to pick from. Please enjoy this weeks column and be sure to keep the questions coming in.


Jamal from Acworth, New Hampshire asks: How would you rank the top 5 Wrestlemania matches?


Answer: These are always fun little debates. You can ask a 1000 different people and they will probably all have different responses. First off; let me explain that I am a technical wrestling fan and in ring psychology so my matches would will probably very different from others. While I wont get into a whole list I will give you a few of my top favorites in no particular order.


HBK vs. Chris Jericho WM 19


This match which was slated in the middle of the card basically stole the show. You had Chris Jericho taking on his boy hood idle HBK in a dream match of sorts. It was a classic back in forth struggle where both guys did a wonderful job telling their stories in the ring. In the end HBK would prevail and both would hug, but Y2J left on a happier note after kicking the Heart Break Kid in very unpleasant place.


Wrestlemania 4 Randy Savage wins the tourney to became the champ


For those old enough to remember this was a special Wrestlemania. The title was declared vacant after Andre won the title from Hogan; who in turn handed the belt to the Million Dollar Man. This of course was overruled by the Jack Tunney (the fake boss at the time). So the WWE decided they would declare a champion via a tournament.


While I wont get into the whole tourney; I will say this Wrestlemania was chalk full of fun matches and drama. Ted Dibiase went into the finals fresher after wrestling one less match against a tired Randy Savage. It is worth noting that both of these guys were my favorites as I have always been a fan of heels.


It was a classic tale of the underdog who overcame all odds to finally win the big one. Some will say the victory was tainted a little after hogan helped; but it didn’t change the great matches that took place in the tourney. This will always be a favorite for this old time Wrastlin fan.


Taker vs. HBK WM 25


When I sat in front of the TV with my beer and pretzels I didn’t expect to much from this bout. Taker at this point was a part time wrestler and HBK was not that far behind. The whole good vs. evil storyline didn’t do much for me; and I had doubts how well these to would perform. Like many others I was pleasantly surprised when this turned out to become one of the greatest WM matches of all time.


Unlike prior Taker matches at Mania; the fans really thought that old man Taker may just go down on that fateful night. Taker was in rare top form and that only made things better as HBK still could put on great matches. Taker would wind up getting the pin to keep his streak alive, but both men walked out winners after putting on a match for the ages.


Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar


You want to talk about to beasts in the ring; well at the time it did not get any better than these two. Angle was already an accomplished star who was considered by most as one of the best in the business. While Lesnar was a larger than life star who not only had the technical wrestling down pat; but also was a powerhouse to boot. The way the WWE set up this Angle had the fans reeling and could not wait to see these two lock up.


The match itself was a masterpiece as both men put on a wrestling clinic. Angle and Lesnar worked as well together as any duo I had ever seen. In the end the Beast would go on to take the title; but make no bones about it both men left knowing they tore the roof down that night.


Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart WM 13


In 1997 there was no hotter feud than Austin vs. Hart. When the WWE booked an I quit match between these two at WM 13 I doubt anyone knew what a classic this would turn out to be. Hart was an already a mega star who was facing a then up and coming star in Austin.


The match itself was just insane on so many levels that it is hard to describe the action. Many years later in his career Austin would credit Hart for making him that night. The battle between these two would end up with Austin left a bloody mess. This match just didn’t steal the show; it was the show.


Heather from Seatle, Washington asks: Will we ever see the women’s division as good as it was when Lita and Trish were kicking ass in the ring?


Answer: I hate to say this because I really enjoy women's wrestling; but I would have to say no. The sad fact is the WWE just does not care about women's wrestling. It was a bad sign when they changed the women's title to the Divas title; and given the state of today’s product I don’t see it getting better soon.


There are plenty of really good women wrestling promotions like Shimmer if you want to see the ladies tear things up. My advice to you is either except what the WWE has to give you or move on. I hope I am wrong in what I am saying, but somehow I don’t think I am.


Dave from Stratford, Connecticut asks: In your honest opinion who do you see as the next up and coming WWE champion?


Answer: While there are a lot of talented guys in the pipeline as far as the future is concerned. The two guys that stand out the most are probably Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Cody Rhodes has the pedigree, the in ring skills, and the gift of gab in the mic. Give him a year or so and I promise he will be a WWE champion.


Reigns just has that look that reeks WWE champ. He is an overall good worker; but his true test will be when he leaves the SHEILD and does things on his own. If I had to lay money on it I would see he will come out on his own looking like aces. Only time will tell for both men though; after all how the WWE books them plays a major part in both men's future.