It is being reported on that ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, and his brother Mark, are gone from Ring of Honor for the foreseeable future.  Their contracts have expired, and are not going to be renewed at this point in time.  Jay currently carries the title, but there is no reported status for the title.

Reports are saying that Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which is a publicly traded company that owns ROH, has become aware of the controversial Twitter postings that Jay posted in May.  In those posts, Jay threatened to shoot those who taught his children about same-sex marriage.  ROH attempted to handle the matter in house, and had Jay issue a public apology and donate his pay for two shows to charity.

There are spoilers in the source story.  If you don't want television results spoiled, read the source article with caution.

The company ran a documentary piece on the Briscoes in their normal time slot recently.  There were developments reported in the source article that will explain the absence of the Briscoes.

There are other reports that prior to the Jay Briscoe Twitter-gate that the brothers would be heading to WWE for a developmental deal.  Those reports to date have not been confirmed.  I guess this is why ROH rushed into the brother vs. brother match at Best in the World on Saturday because of their contracts expiring.

I'm very surprised ROH didn't do a better job of setting themselves up for "life after the Briscoes" though.  Why did they not get the title off of Jay?  Perhaps they're holding out hope they can sort out the issues with the parent company in order to bring the Briscoes back.

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