To say that it's been a busy last month and a half for Seth Rollins would be a huge understatement. He betrayed his "brothers" and joined forces with his former enemies. In doing this, he turned from a colossal fan favorite into a massive heel. In spite of this - or maybe because of it - he managed to win a Money in the Bank Ladder Match that offered him a great opportunity to be the eventual WWE Champion (if only it wasn't for that pesky Dean Ambrose!). reports that, in an interview with, Rollins offered his thoughts on the following topics:

On working with Triple H:

"There is a wealth of knowledge in this company. Being side by side with the COO and (13 time) World Champion, the guy who has pretty much done it all in this business, having him as a mentor is something that you can't buy. If you're not learning something every single day, you're messing up."

On adapting to his new theme song:

"It took me a little while, even just walking down the ramp instead of through the crowd is a little weird at first. With them music, you have to find out how it flows with your entrance. I think now, after about a month or so, it's starting to catch on and I kind of like the way it feels."

On the blonde streak in hair:

When I was down in NXT, there were a lot of guys with long dark hair - Roman Reigns, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas. I needed to do something to set myself apart a little bit. If you're seeing the show for the first time and there are five guys with long dark hair, it's going to be difficult to remember who is who."

Though interviews like this are sometimes conducted to protect kayfabe, Rollins sounds pretty genuine overall.