Earlier this week, WWE announced that Sheamus would be out of action four to six months, following a nasty bump he took last month during the Money in the Bank ladder match.  I remember seeing the bump happen, and it looked devastating.  I was genuinely surprised he didn't get hurt.

But he did.

Sheamus worked a few matches here and there but has largely been missing from television since Money in the Bank.  When I heard he'd be taking an extended break from the ring, and was having surgery, my first reaction was positive.  "This is a good thing."

Sheamus has become a stale character over the past few months.  I'm not sure if he's a jokester or prankster or an ass kicker.  His pointless 1-800-FELLA skits aren't really getting over with anyone right now, and he seems like he's lost in the shuffle.  Is he a main eventer?  Mid card?  I don't know anymore.

Basically, he needs a break, and the timing of this injury couldn't be any better.

WWE has a very strong card right now.  Sheamus being missing from the mix won't harm WWE's bottom line.  There's some great main event talent in the mix, and some that are almost there to jump in his place.  His absence creates an opening that the hungry youngsters can latch on to.

But more importantly, by taking an extended break to recharge, heal, and get back in gear, Sheamus has a rare opportunity to take some time off and relax, and come back into a fresh mix of talent.  In six months time, the entire landscape of WWE could change, and it would present him with a year's worth of fresh feuds.

One other item worthy of note - his forecasted return is four to six months, which would put him right in line for a return at the Royal Rumble.  If Sheamus returns as a surprise entrant, I think the pop he'd get would be rejuvenating, and could even set him on a direct course to Wrestlemania.

Do I wish him injured?  No, of course not.  But, this could be the best thing that has ever happened to his career.