The lovely ladies of SHINE were in action as they brought us SHINE 20. Below are the results of the show for you to check out:

Yboy City, FL

Match 1: 3 Way #1 Contender Tag Title Match. Buddy System w/ Daffney vs SNS Express w/ Nevaeh vs Legendary w/ Leilani Kai
Kimber Lee announces its her birthday and Cherry Bomb is currently in a plane on her way there. Kimber Lee adds herself to the match with no partner. Malia Hosaka pins Kimber Lee after Leilani Kai distracts everyone by taking out Daffney.

Winner: Legendary

Match 2: Crazy Mary Dobson vs Amber O’Neal

Back and forth match ends with Amber O’Neal uses a chair on Crazy Mary seemingly turning heel.

Winner via DQ: Crazy Mary Dobson

Match 3: Justine Silver vs Su Yung w/ April Hunter

Su Yung makes Silver tap to Yellow Fever. Before the submission, Su broke out a glove and gave Silver the mandible claw dubbed by Lenny as “The Purge”

Winner via submission: Su Yung

Match 4: Shanna vs La Rosa Negra w/ Noemi Bosques.

La Rosa Negra hits a frog splash for the win. REALLY great match which Shanna controlled most of. End came when Shanna tried kicking a soccer ball into Negra in the corner but ref blocked her allowing Negra to hit her finisher. Match of the night so far.

Winner via pinfall: La Rosa Negra

Match 5: Nevaeh vs Candice LeRae

LeRae wins with a roll up out of nowhere.

Winner via pinfall: Candice LeRae

Match 6: SHINE Tag Team Title Match: Legendary w/ Leilani Kai vs Lucha Sisters.
Lucha Sisters dressed as Warpath (Leva Bates) and Blink (Mia Yim).  Brandi Wine pins Mia Yim after Leilani Kai trips Yim during a lionsault.
Winner via pinfall and NEW CHAMPS: Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine).

Match 7:  Last Woman Standing Match: Allysin Kay vs Jessicka Havok.

Various weapons used in this match including belts, canes, garbage can lids, and chairs. AK also attempted to use scissors at one point. After Havok hits a Air Raid Crash onto a chair, Su Yung comes out and ties Havok’s legs with rope allowing Allysin Kay to get up before the 10 count. After the match, Havok cuts a massive chunk of AK’s hair off.

Winner: Allysin Kay

Match 8: SHINE Title Match: Serena Deeb w/ April Hunter vs Ivelisse Velez

Rob Naylor and Rain join commentary with Lenny & Amber. At around the 40 minute matrk, ref kicks April Hunter out of the match for multile instances of interference. Ref bump around 50 minutes in and Serena taps while in a submission but ref doesn’t see it. Match ends in a 60 minute draw.

Winner: DRAW. Ivelisse retains the SHINE title.