Choosing a subject for my weekly spotlight can be a daunting task. The easy route to go would be as simple as picking someone like AR Fox or a Briscoe Brother and call it a day. The truth is I try to bring more to the table with this column.

I want to show the world wrestlers who are talented and could use more exposure. This weeks focus falls on a skilled, but fun individual. He is a hard working grappler who throws everything he has into his character and ring work.

Nicolas Dansereau (a Canadian wrestler), is better known to his fans as Player Uno, and has been seen all over the North American Indy scene. To the naked eye some would say Player Uno looks like a large Power Ranger. However, to those that follow his career, Uno brings a fun and exciting element that can please even the pickiest of fans.

His gimmick (which is one of the biggest parts of his appeal) was inspired mainly from a series of videogames that range from Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat, to Dig Dug. This is easy to tell though with move names like the Dig Dug Driver, the Gumba stomp, and the Bubble Bobble Buster.

His in ring antics are comical and can sometimes take away from his appeal to those that do not know him. Make no mistake about it though, this big man can throw down in the ring. He brings a solid combination of power and technical with a dash of Luchador style (he can do a killer moonsault for someone his size) to the squared circle.

Primarily a tag specialist, he will often be seen wrestling with Marc Dionne (Stupefied) as the team Super Smash Brothers. During his stints with Chikara, PWG, IWS, and Dragon Gate USA, Uno has gone on to rack up a ton of tag team championships to his name.

Some of his standout matches that come to mind are his bouts with the Young Bucks (they had a great ladder match worth checking out), Delerious and Hollowicked, and their feud with D.U.F (Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez) . He did have some solo success when he became the IWS Champion in the late 2000s. Uno would also go on to rank at 390 in the 2013 PWI rankings.

While we may never see Player Uno in a WWE ring anytime soon. I can honestly say that I can see him back with ROH in the upcoming future (he had a brief run with them in 2010). It is also not out of the realm of possibilities to think he may hit a TNA ring if he keeps progressing.

As for now, the fans can catch him tearing up the ring with Dragon Gate USA. He can also be found on YouTube where he is part of a couple web shows. One is entitled 4-play, and it’s about - what else - video games. Please take the time to take a flyer on Player Uno, I promise you will not be disappointed.

I would like to thank you once again for joining me for another edition of Spotlighting the Indies. Join me again next week as I try to enlighten all of you great fans, one read at a time.