This past weekend was chalk full of exciting Indy action all across the country. While I don’t have time to get you all the results that goes down; I do like to share some of it with you fine folks. As always, if you have any Indy fed in particular you would like me to keep tabs on email me.


Wrestling Is Respect
January 19th, 2013
Boonton, NJ


Show opened with announcement that Biff Busick was injured so not at the show. The main event would be a 30 minute Iron Man match with Drew Gulak and Green Ant.

The “New Smoking Gunns”/Baltic Siege def Pieces of Hate when Estonian Thunderfrog rolls up The Shard


Assad King def Frightmare with a chokeslam (Frightmare replaced Jervis Cottenbelly)


Oleg The Usurper def Leech Landa


Delirious def Snow Troll with a roll up


Gran Akuma def Chris Dickinson


Portia Perez def Veda Scott


30 Min Iron Man Match
Drew Gulak gets a quick submission about 90 seconds in.
Then Green Ant makes Gulak tap with the CHIKARA Special. 1-1.
They were tied 3-3 in the last minute and then a last second submission for Green Ant to get the win over Gulak


Wrestling is Respect is dead. Killed by Sidney Bakabella and his Wrecking Crew. Dr Cube and The Gekido were there but just a decoy.

Premiere Wrestling Xperience: The Debut
January 19, 2014
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Lodi def Andrew Everett

Michael Elgin def Kyle O’Reilly with an Elgin Bomb


Davey Richards def Rich Swann with a inside cradle after blocking a frog splash with his knees. #PWX


Jake Manning & Shane Helms def John Skyler and Kevin Steen when Helms pins Skyler w/ a hurri slam


Steen package piledrove Skyler after the match.

Amber O’Neal def Amanda Rodriguez after Doc Gallows hits Amanda with a big boot. Amber asks PWX to bring a women’s title if they want her back


PWX Tag Titles

Worst Case Scenario Elijah Evans IV & Ethan Case def Los Ben Dejos (Jay Rios & Cruz) when Case pins Rios after a double team jackhammer


PWX Title

Caleb Konley def Doc Gallows with a rollup out of a choke slam.

4 Way tag team match

Country Jacked (Corey Hollis & Adam Page) def Lance Lude & Zane Riley/Chase Brown & Kyle Matthews/Mr. Elite Drew Myers & Shaun Tempers when Hollis pins Lude after Page hits a modified kryptonite krunch

Country Jacked lays out a challenge to Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong, The Dojo Bros for Rise Of A Champion in Feb


Dream match Series

AJ Styles def Cedric Alexander after Country Jacked runs in causing a distraction allowing Styles to hit the Styles Clash giving Cedric Alexander his 1st loss in the Dream Series

post match Styles says it’s no gimmick or storyline he doesn’t work for Dixie he works for the fans. Styles gives major respect to Cedric.


IPW:UK “Hero vs. Sabre Jr.”
January 19, 2014
Tonbridge, Kent, England



*James Davis (w/Rob Lynch) b. Lance Lawrence (w/Sakura Lily)




*IPW:UK ALL ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Jonny Storm (c) b. Marty Scurll and Mark Haskins


*Danny Garnell b. Jonathan Windsor

*Dave Mastiff b. Prince Devitt

*IPW:UK HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Paul Robinson (c) b. The Mexican Eagle
*BAT FIGHT FOR THE IPW:UK TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: The London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch) b. The Bhangra Knights (Darrell Allen & RJ Singh) (c) – NEW CHAMPIONS

*Zack Sabre Jr. b. Chris Hero



Premiere Wrestling Xperience Presents: Taken by Force
January 18, 2014
Hickory, North Carolina


Mr. Elite Drew Myers def Chase Brown with a German suplex


Kyle Matthews def Kyle O’Reilly via submission with the royal octopus


Lance Lude & Dos Ben Dejos def Ethan Case, Elijah Evans IV, & John Skyler when when Cruz pins Evans w a springboard 450


Kevin Steen def Jake Manning after interference from John Skyler and a package piledriver

Corey Hollis def Davey Richards with a roll up out of an ankle lock


Cedric Alexander def Michael Elgin with a double leg roll up after a buckle bomb

Amber O’Neal & Doc Gallows def Amanda Rodriguez & Zane Riley with a x factor


PWX Title

Caleb Konley def Rich Swann with the ‘O’ Face to retain the title



Wrestling is Fun: The Wild Bunch
January 18, 2014
Easton, PA

Sidney Bakabella’s Wrecking Crew (Jaka/Oleg) def Los Ice Creams


Juan Francisco De Coronado def Brown Morning of Belarus with a bridging German suplex


Kimber Lee says she’s sick and Lance Steel takes her place


Lance Steel def Portia Perez with a boston crab after she is distracted by Kimber Lee who she superkicked off the apron


The Baltic Siege (Snow Troll, Latvian Proud Oak & Estonian Thunderfrog) def Devestation Corporation by DQ after interference from The Brown Morning & Martov Sicklemeier

post match all 5 men beat down the Baltic Siege


Coming back from intermission, Oleg had a little fun in the ring and “lost” to a little boy in about 5 seconds.



PWE Don’t Call It A Comeback
January 17, 2014
Columbus, IN

Credit: Gage Davis


El Rojo Dragon Def. Kevin Kronyk

Marcus Edwards Def. Johnny Rotten Sixx

Kyle Maverick Def. Joe Pittman

Justa Mazing & KO Kendra def. Ace Perry & Gabriel Grey

Markus Crane def. Dale Patricks

Main Event: Josh Crane Def. Adam Bueller