In the last few months, there’s been much talk about the best known superstar never to wrestle for WWE: Sting. Writing for the Bleacher Report, Ryan Dilbert recently provided a very informative look at the situation.
   On speculation of Sting’s future in WWE:
     “Recent interviews and backstage reports point at Sting’s desire to fully embrace the WWE chapter of his career. Vince McMahon is too opportunistic not to milk that.”
   On Sting’s contract situation:
     “Sting reportedly told TMZ that his contract doesn’t involve him wrestling but that he wants to get a deal done that would get him in the ring. A WWE source clarified to F4WOnline that the current deal is with 2K Sports, not with WWE.”
   On Sting’s relationship with WWE:
     “With as friendly as WWE and Sting’s relationship has become, it seems a safe bet that they will work something out. WWE can boost its WWE Network numbers with Sting nostalgia at a high level. It can sell more Sting merchandise.”
   On the impact of Sting in WWE:
      There's no bigger star that WWE could bring into its fold for the first time. WWE welcomed most of WCW’s biggest names when it bought the rival company out in 2001. Most of ECW’s standouts have been a part of WWE as well, and the majority of TNA’s stars were with WWE in the past, even if it was just briefly.”