It's only been two days since my last post about Sting, yet rumors continue to circulate like wildfire. The Wrestling Observer wrote:
 “There was a TMZ report this past week that said Sting had signed a PR contract but not a wrestling contract with WWE. According to those in WWE, that was a mistake by TMZ and that they confused a 2K contact (for the video game) with a WWE contract. Sting still has no deal, but they are trying to lock him in.”
The man’s so interesting, even rumors about him turn out to be rumors!
What isn’t a rumor is that Sting made a live, surprise appearance at San Diego Comic Con. Geno Mrosko of posted an article that including a photo and video of Sting standing next to Daniel Bryan and Hulk Hogan, looking like his old WCW self in black and white.
Is Sting getting closer and closer to being a WWE performer? Only time will tell.