Match 1:  Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase for the US TitleThere are some early Daniel Bryan chants.  Ted DiBiase is trying to grow a beard, but it just looks stupid.  Maryse is hot. The lights keep going out during this match for some reason.  Bryan wins a pretty good match with the LaBell lock.Winner and STILL US Champion - Daniel "Ride of the Valkyries" BryanMatch Rating: 3.5 stars (Sadly, this may have been the best match of the night and once again it was the first one)Miz comes out and hits Bryan with the briefcase.  He proceeds to make fun of Miami and LeBron James, calling him a traitor to Cleveland.  He claims that he's going to use the briefcase tonight.Match 2:  Sheamus vs. John MorrisonThis match was terribly slow.  We didn't get to see a lot of Morrison's offense.  Morrison wins with a flying knee to the face.Match Rating - 2.5 stars (I guess Morrison is getting a push now?)Backstage segment with Cena and R-Truth.  Truth says he can come down and take out Orton and leave Cena with a clear conscience.  Cena says no.  Is this an R-Truth heel turn?Match 3:  Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler for the IC TitleThe commentary was best during this match.  Matt Striker wants to marry Kaitlyn.  Over my dead body, Striker.  Kaval was very impressive during this match, doing things I can't even describe.  Dolph eventually wins after a rollup with a handful of tights.  He did take a shot to the face earlier that may have given him a broken nose.Winner and STILL IC Champion - Dolph ZigglerMatch Rating - 3.5 stars (Kaval gets my "MVP" of the night.  Very impressive)Interview with Jack Swagger.  Dashing Cody Rhodes interrupts, claiming Swagger can't get into clubs because of his ugly shoes.  Del Rio interrupts and says they need to stick together as a team.  And if they win, he'll buy them beers.Match 4: Elimination match - Team Rey Mysterio vs. Team Alberto Del RioMVP was eliminated first after Del Rio held his feet down on the outside while he was being pinned.Chris Masters was eliminated next by Del Rio's code red.DASHING Cody Rhodes (who was throwing hilarious temper tantrums every time he got hit in the face) gets a Big Show punch to the face for an elimination.Kofi Kingston eliminates Tyler Reks with some kind of back-kick and turned it into a rollup.Jack Swagger eliminates Kofi with the ankle lock.Rey Mysterio beats Swagger with a 619 then a splash off the Big Show's shoulders.Drew McIntyre is eliminated with a 619-chokeslam combo.Alberto Del Rio was taken out by a punch from the Big Show early in the match and was taken to the back, never to return.Big Show and Rey Mysterio are the survivors.Match Rating - 3.5 stars (mostly because of the hilarity involving Cody Rhodes.  Del Rio's non-elimination may come up on Smackdown.)Backstage, Randy Orton talks about his match.Match 5:  Natalya vs. LayCool in a handicap match for the Divas TitleNatalya makes Michelle McCool tap out to the sharpshooter in an extremely short match.Winner and NEW Divas Champion - NatalyaMatch Rating - 2.5 starsBeth Phoenix helps Natalya out after she gets jumped by LayCool after the match.  They then celebrate together with Phoenix putting Natalya on her shoulders.  Now that's strength.Match 6:  Edge vs. Kane for the World Heavyweight TitleEdge brings a wheelchair out to the ring to taunt Kane.  This match should've been so much better.  Their styles seemed to clash.  Or maybe its the fact that they're both getting older and slower.  The match ends in a tie when both men's shoulders are down and each has an arm on the other.Match Rating - 3 stars (Awful ending)After the match, Edge puts Kane in the wheelchair and runs him through one of the barricades.Backstage with Cena and Barrett.Match 7: Slater and Gabriel vs. Santino and Koslov for the Tag TitlesThanks to Nexus interference, Heath Slater hits Santino with his version of the Zig-Zag to get the win in a quick match.Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions - Heath "Wendy's" Slater and Justin GabrielMatch Rating - 1.5 stars (total filler match)After the match there's a beatdown on Santino until the Raw GM chimes in.  He/She tells Nexus to leave before the title match or they will be suspended indefinitely.Match 8:  Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Title with John Cena as the refereeIts a back and forth match, but its another slow one.  There's a "Let's go Cena/Cena sucks" chant for no real reason, considering he wasn't competing in the match. Orton retains the title with an RKO after Cena pushes Barrett into him. He hesitated on 3, but made the count anyway.Winner and STILL WWE Champion - Randy OrtonMatch Rating - 3.5 stars (I hoped for more from this match, but didn't get it)After the match, Nexus runs down, but Cena and Orton hold them off.  Cena then hands the belt to Orton as he celebrates all the way to the back.The next part is a little strange.  After Cena places his wristbands in the ring, he proceeds to go over and hug Michael Cole, but nobody else at the announce table.  When he gets to the top of the ramp he decides to walk around the entire floor area of the arena.  The show ends with him finally walking to the back.Overall show rating - 3.5 starsThe ending was interesting to say the least.  Why hug Michael Cole, but nobody else?  Michael Cole has to be the GM. There's no other explanation.  I hope the PPVs next year are better than these or WWE will be in trouble with a lot of loyal fans.  Good night.