Editor's note:  Matt was asked to participate in this week's Raw Roundtable.  Instead he wrote a book.  It's worthy of publishing on its' own merit.  Enjoy! -Drew

I was a bit surprised that I was asked to partake in this week's Raw recap. After all it has been some time since I have watched any kid of WWE programing. To say I am out of the loop would be a major understatement. So, please keep that in mind before you choose to rip my head off.

I will break things up into three groups. This will make things short, sweet, and to the point. My opinions can sometimes be harsh, but they are always fair. So sit back and relax a spell with my thoughts of this week’s WWE Raw. Oh, you can ignore everyone else's opinions; mine are always the right ones (kidding).


The Good

This week's Raw did not impress me very much. There was a reason I stopped watching and this Monday’s show didn’t do much to get me to excited. However, there were a few bright spots that I enjoyed.

The Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel and CM Punk feud

I have always liked Axel's worth ethic going back to his days at FCW. While I have no delusions that he will ever be as good as his father (Mr. Perfect). I do feel that he has the potential to one day be a top tier guy on the roster.

It only makes sense that Axel is fighting for Heyman. After all, it’s not like we will be seeing Brock on a regular basis. It is a “right time and place” situation for Axel to fall into. Not only is Heyman his pitchman, but you can see the potential great matches between Punk and Axel. I like what I see so far, and I am real interested in how this will turn out.

The AJ Lee Promo

I was not shocked to see that the women’s match was utter rubbish. The idea that Natalya would lose any kind of match to the likes of Brie is mind blowing. However, given what I have seen happen to women’s  wrestling in WWE over the last ten years, I am no longer shocked by anything.

That is why I was so shocked when AJ came out and basically said what most fans have thought of women’s wrestling. She has been a refreshing character for the Divas division, and if she can continue to improve upon her ring work she can be a real standout. I hope to see the WWE continue to giver her a solid push.

Randy Orton vs. Christian

While this match wasn’t the best match I have ever seen between these two guys, both still work well together. Up until this match I was scratching my head as to why I was wasting my time with this week’s show. I know this was more of a one time match deal with Christian, but it is still good to know that they can always pull a good program with these two veteran grapplers if needed.


The Bad

Stone Cold - I mean Daniel Bryan - versus the System Part Two

I know I will get killed for my thoughts on this, but this is crap. This is almost identical to the many feuds that the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin had with Vince and company. The only difference between the two now is that there are different players involved and it is a watered down PG version.

I really like Daniel Bryan a lot, but he deserves better than this. Was the creative team bored and couldn’t come up with something better to do with Orton and Bryan? I will be fair and give this storyline a little more time to hash out. But, if I wanted to remember great storylines of the past I can just watch WWE on demand.

The Direction of Cody Rhodes and The Miz

What the hell has happened to these two? At one point The Miz was a top heel who held the title for six months and headlined Wrestlemania. Rhodes, when given the chance, has shown time and time again that he can be a big time player. Yet, here they both are in mid-card limbo.

To be fair, Sandow is bullet proof as long as he is holding that case, but Fandango is garbage. His persona is lame, he is crap on the mic, and if you have never seen him in the past you would say his ring skills are average at best. Rhodes should be the one with the briefcase and the Miz should be a lot closer to the title picture IMO.

RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio

I was really looking forward to this match. This would be the first time I would be seeing RVD in a WWE ring in forever. That said, this match seemed sloppy to me from start to finish. Maybe they have had better matches in the past, but this was not one of them. I will be fair and chalk this up to a bad night to a couple real good in ring performers.


The Ugly


Pllllllleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeeeee just go away and never eeeeevvveeeerrrrrr (Sorry Jericho) come back. I have so much disdain for this walking pile of meat and bones it is not even funny. He can't wrestle, he can't cut a promo, so other than being jacked what the hell good is he?

I hated Goldberg when he ran over a much talented roster. I hated Batista when he did the same as Goldberg, and now I have to watch Ryback pull this nonsense? The world would be a much better place if this buffoon just went away and never came back.

The WWE pretending they really want to make a legit Tag Team division

Maybe I am just out of the loop, but it still seems to me that the WWE Tag Team division is non existent. Other than maybe 3 legit tag teams, all the other teams seem to be thrown together mid carders. Now they want to introduce to us the Los Matadors? Why do I get a funny feeling these two will be the next El Conquistadors?


Well folks, that is my two cents for this week. I hope you have enjoyed your time with me, as it is always a pleasure to write for you. I can’t promise you will see me touch up on Raw every week, but I will pop in from time to time. Leave your comments and let me know what you think. Also, please stay tuned for my upcoming Spotlighting the Indies column.