According to, The Miz was injured during Randy Orton’s attack on Monday night.

The story claims that Miz suffered an “upper thoracic injury” and a “bruised breastbone and collarbone” as well as other various troubles.

While the beatdown Miz took last night was vicious-looking, I’m fairly certain he’s going to be just fine. To me, the bigger story here is he may miss some TV time.

The Miz’s character is in desperate need of an overhaul. He made a very weak turn into a face some months ago, and ever since, has been essentially the same character he was as a heel. Sarcastic, corny, not all that funny. Really? Really.

It worked as a heel because he was playing a character that thought he was too cool. But now, he’s a good guy, and he’s supposed to be cool. It’s just not working out the way they had hoped.

WWE has a golden opportunity to write The Miz off of TV for a little while. Give him some time to freshen up his character, develop new traits. When he comes back, he has a hot feud with Orton waiting for him. You beat up The Miz in front of his parents? Really? Really? Now you’re gonna pay, Orton.

That’s what WWE, should do. Give him an edge. Give him a measure of revenge. Make him mad. Make him less corny and sarcastic. More aggressive. Less silly. Dare I say less Awesome?

With John Cena out of the picture for an undetermined amount of time (until the Royal Rumble, I hope), WWE has a rare opportunity to create new stars and change the landscape of their upper card. The Miz is certainly capable of handling the pressure. He headlined Wrestlemania 27, after all. Plus, he’s one of the most public faces WWE has out in the media, and he’s brilliant at it. Simply put - Mike Mizanin is valuable.

His current character, however, leaves lots to be desired.

Looking forward, The Miz has no currently direction on the card, except for pointless, dumb feuds with Fandango and other mid-carders. Mizco Inferno? Really? Really.

The Miz belongs at the top. If writing him off TV for a month or two is what it takes, then I am all for it.

Deep down inside, I know WWE’s track record with these types of things, and I fully expect to see him at the Smackdown tapings, cracking dumb jokes instead of beating the crap out of Randy Orton.

Time will tell, and we shall see what the future holds. In the meantime, we can only hope and pray something changes for the better.