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Mojo Rawley vs. Bull Dempsey

Before the Bell:  Rawley comes out first, and he's very excited.  I think that's his gimmick.  Rob Gronkowski is apparently in the audience.  Rawley's opponent is already in the ring.

The Match: Dempsey attacks immediately.  Dempsey gets all the offense initially.  It's a pretty sustained offense.  Rawley is put over as generally a positive guy.  That's nice. Rawley gets in a suplex and the tide turns.  He tackles Dempsey into the corner. He hits Hyperdrive and gets the win. 

Winner: Mojo Rawley.

After the Bell:  Rawley continues to be excited.

What Worked: I didn't like this match.  I'm not a fan of Rawley, either.  Sorry.

What Didn’t:  Rawley's gimmick is he's hyped, but that only gets you so far.  In the ring, he didn't do much.  4 moves, really.  I mean, literally 4 moves.

The Summary: Skippable. 

Backstage, CJ Parker cuts a promo about Mojo Rawley.  He doesn't like Rawley's lifestyle.  He talks about fast food or something. They have a match in a couple of weeks.  Also, CJ Parker recycles.

Time for Tyler Breeze!

Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn

Before the Bell: Breeze comes out first, Facetime and the works.  Sami Zayn heads out next.  He's mighty beardly.  Before the match even starts, Cory Graves attacks Zayn and sends him into the ringpost. The officials check him out.  Graves saunters back up the ramp.  Zayn drinks some water, trying to get his head back on straight.  The officials take him back.  No match tonight.  

The Match: N/A

Winner: N/A

After the Bell: N/A

What Worked: Good for the story, I suppose.

What Didn’t: I have yet to see Tyler Breeze actually have a match.

The Summary: Just furthering the storyline with Graves and Zayn.

Sheamus cuts a promo about being in NXT (which he never was).  Aiden English interrupts him.  Now they have a match.

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

Before the Bell: Adam Rose and his party head out to the ring.  His music seems a bit more amped up this week.  Camacho in the ring, awaits.

The Match: Renee Young puts Adam Rose over huge.  She needs to relax. Camacho locks in an armbar, but Rose rolls out of it and continues to roll.  Rose hangs on the ropes and does a bicycle thing.  He kicks Camacho.  Camacho drops Rose on the back of his head. The crowd chants "party pooper" at Camacho.  Camacho bloodies up Rose's lip.  He sees red and goes insane.  Rose hits the Bronco Buster in the corner.  Spinebuster, and Rose hits his clotheline finisher for the pin.

Winner: Adam Rose

After the Bell: The party comes out to Rose.  They carry him away.

What Worked: Rose is unique, but some of his style works and some doesn't.  He definitely stands out.  I need to see more before I can judge completely.

What Didn’t: Rose's tactics border between face and heel, and that confuses me.

The Summary:  Camacho got in most of the offense, but this was about Rose.

Sasha Banks (w/ Charlotte) vs. Bailey (w/ Natalya)

Before the Bell: Sasha and Charlotte come out first, Bailey and Natalya second.  

The Match: The ladies lock up.  First time seeing Bailey in action.  Bailey drops Sasha on her back and steals her sunglasses, puts them on, and starts taunting her.  Sasha starts flipping out.  Bailey drops Sasha into the corner, but misses a dive.  Sasha hits a dropkick in the corner. Sasha in charge now.  Bailey starts fighting back, but misses a dropkick.  Sasha tosses Bailey out of the ring, and Charlotte comes around, but Natalya plays defense.  Charlotte attacks Natalya when she's not looking.  Meanwhile in the ring, Sasha goes for a rollup, but Bailey rolls through and gets the sneaky pin for the win.

Winner: Bailey

After the Bell: Sasha and Charlotte throw fits.  Bailey and Natalya keep their eyes on the two.

What Worked: Bailey has a good character, as does Sasha.  I'd like to see a little more "steak" than "sizzle" from these two, but a good first impression for Bailey.

What Didn’t:  It was a short match.  I would've liked to see more wrestling, less goofing around.

The Summary: A good intro to Bailey, and further character establishment of Sasha and Charlotte.

Aiden English vs. Sheamus

Before the Bell:  Aiden English comes out to the ring to sing to the audience.  He's not very good.  Sheamus gets a pretty huge reaction.  English takes the mic and says some of the people here know him.  He calls this "The theater that The Artist built."  He says he's using WWE to make his way to the brighter lights of Broadway.  Sheamus asks the audience if anyone believes he'll make it in Broadway. (William Regal: "I do.")  Sheamus says where he comes from they celebrate with song.  He's gonna share an Irish song with the audience.  He gets the audience to clap, and he sings.  Half-way through his song, English steals the mic away.  Sheamus isn't pleased.  He tries to finish his song, but English attacks.  Sheamus looks pissed.  "Ring the bell!"

The Match: English gets the hell outta here!  Sheamus chases him, and it's typical heel stuff.  Sheamus fires back and attacks.  English tries to escape, but ends up with 10 clubbing blows across the chest.  Sheamus still hasn't taken off his shirt.  He goes for the Brogue Kick, but English ducks out as we head to commercial.

My coverage lapses slightly as I switched from the PS3 to the Xbox 360 to see if the quality of my feed was any better.  When I come back in, Sheamus rolled English back through the ring.  English yanks Sheamus off the steps and hits a nice clothesline outside the ring.  English is pretty aggressive.  Sheamus rolls himself up to the top rope but English catches him and counters.  Near fall. Back and forth, but English locks in a sleeper.  Sheamus fires up and hits a tilt-a-whirl.  He lines English up.  Brogue Kick and English is lights out. 

Winner: Sheamus

After the Bell: Sheamus celebrates.

What Worked:  English held his own more than I had expected him to, just from a storyline perspective.  Sheamus gave him a lot of offense.  Good match overall, would feel right at home on Raw or Smackdown.

What Didn’t:  Silly humor in the beginning that I didn't care more for.  Otherwise, just fine.

The Summary: A nice match for English, and if you're a Sheamus fan, well, you probably enjoyed this too.

Well, it was an entertaining episode, and certainly better than some of the ones I've seen, but another episode mainly about advancing storylines. The action wasn't bad, but to borrow a quote from Twitter... 

Thanks for following!  See you next week, folks!