Hey everyone!  Drew here, coming in a day late with my NXT Coverage. We were busy recording Ring Rap Audio yesterday. Give it a listen, if you haven’t already…

This episode of NXT should hopefully prove to be a good one. Bo Dallas is cashing in his rematch clause against Adrian Neville. What else is happening?  I have no idea.  Let’s find out!

Well, the description says it’s all rematches from ArRIVAL, so… there ya go.

Anyhow, let’s get started!

We start out with a video package highlighting Adrian Neville’s win over Bo Dallas at ArRIVAL, and Bo Dallas’ subsequent challenge.

Mojo Rawley vs. CJ Parker

Before the Bell:  Mojo hypes his way out to the ring.  It’s amazing he doesn’t blow up immediately.  CJ Parker comes out next, dancing his way to the ring. I have no idea what’s happening right now.  He thinks he’s a broom.

The Match: The bell rings and Parker gets the early advantage.  He goes for a pair of covers.  Two on each.  Mojo starts firing back.  Parker cuts him off.  Mojo takes an extended beatdown, but then he gets hyped and after hitting three moves, he gets the pin.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

After the Bell: Mojo gets hyped. Parker gets up, then he throws a fit.  

What Worked: Not much, really.

What Didn’t:  The match was flat. Neither character is really working for me. I don’t understand the appeal.

The Summary: Not a very good match, in my opinion.

We get a recap of Cory Graves’ brutal attack on Sami Zayn from last week.  A doctor evaluates him backstage, and gives a positive outlook. Sami says he’s fine.  The doc insists on continuing.

Up next, Tyler Breeze vs. Xavier Woods!

Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze

Before the Bell:  Xavier Woods still does not have his own music.  Tyler Breeze still has an epic entrance.

The Match:  The bell rings, and Woods looks pissed. They lock up.  Breeze fixes his hair.  Headlock, and Breeze gets the early advantage.  Woods hits some high flying moves, then slingshots Breeze into the corner. It’s back and forth, but Woods nails Breeze with a running knee to the face.  Woods tries to yank Breeze out of the corner, but Breeze hits his finisher, The Beauty Shot, for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

After the Bell: Breeze doesn’t spend a lot of time in the ring.  He fires up FaceTime as soon as he’s able.

What Worked: Better chemistry than the last match.

What Didn’t: For a match that was supposed to happen twice already, this was too short.

The Summary: This was a match that I was looking forward to, but it was too short to deliver.

Backstage, Bo Dallas talks about Neville winning the title. He says Neville only proved he is better at climbing ladders.  He says he’s going to win, and we can “Bo-lieve that.”

Cory Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Before the Bell:  Graves saunters out to the ring.  Yoshi Tatsu is taking a less energetic approach than normal.  

The Match:  Graves uses the ropes to his advantage early on, and gets in a series of chops in the corner.  Tatsu gets pissed and unloads, returning the favor.  Tatsu gets in some “high flying” offense, but Graves takes over and starts working the leg. Tatsu sells the leg as he gets some offense in, but Graves shoulder blocks Tatsu off his feet, then locks in Lucky 13, his submission finisher, for the victory.

Winner: Cory Graves

After the Bell: Graves takes the mic and cuts a promo on Sami Zayn. He tells him not to be a fool, and to “stay down.”

What Worked: I’m into Graves. He knows his character, his character seems legit, like a real extension of who he is.  This is the exact reason it works.

What Didn’t:  Unfortunately, I like Yoshi Tatsu as well, so I’m disappointed he’s jobbing out.

The Summary:  A decent match.  Graves continues to shine.

Charlotte (w/ Sasha Banks) vs. Natalya (w/ Bret Hart)

Before the Bell:  Charlotte comes out first. Nattie comes out with Bret Hart, surprisingly.  

The Match:  Charlotte tries to keep up with Nattie, and they do some fine matwork here.  There’s some quick pin attempts.  Natties has the advantage. She runs over Charlotte’s back, then dropkicks her in the face.  Clever.  Charlotte gets the advantage and starts working Natalya’s leg.  Charlotte teases a Figure Four, but Natalya rolls her up.  Charlotte works the leg some more, but Natalya counters.  Charlotte attacks the gut.  Natalya reverses it, then locks in a Sharpshooter, but Sasha Banks runs in for the DQ.

Winner: Natalya

After the Bell: Sasha argues with the ref, then Natalya takes Sasha out.  She locks in the Sharpshooter, and Banks taps, but it’s not a match, so who cares?  She finally lets Banks out.  Banks and Charlotte retreat.  Nattie celebrates with Uncle Brett.

What Worked: Charlotte is doing a great job in the ring, and she’s playing a good heel.

What Didn’t: I think a clean finish would’ve been beneficial.

The Summary:  Glimpses of a great women’s match, cut short thanks to overbooking.

Backstage, Adrian Neville talks about his upcoming match.

Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville (c) for the NXT Championship

Before the Bell: Bo Dallas comes out first.  Neville second.  My stream during ArRIVAL acted up, so I’m looking forward to seeing this match.  Championship Title Match announcement from the ring lady.

The Match:  The bell rings and it’s on.  The fans are split.  Lockup, stalemate.  Neville flips out of the corner and gets the advantage.  He heads up top and Dallas rolls away, but Neville changes direction instead.  Action spills outside. Back in the ring, Bo Dallas cuts Neville off before he can get back into the ring.  Dallas hits a nasty clothesline outside, then rolls Neville back into the ring.  Bo hits a series of drop knees and we go to break.

Back from break, and Bo Dallas is still in charge.  On the apron, Neville gets in a kick and a shoulder block.  He leaps over, but Dallas uses the ropes to reverse the pin. Dallas hooks the arms, but Neville kicks out.  Neville uses his kicks and springboards off with a nice forearm to the face.  Near fall. We had a near ref bump, but no dice.  It’s back and forth again.  Neville goes up top for Red Arrow, but Bo Dallas gets his knees up.  Dallas nearly gets the pinfall.  Nice spot.

Dallas hooks the arms again, but Neville rams him into the corner.  Neville nearly hits a Tornado DDT.  Dallas throws him into the corner.  Neville catches Dallas with a kick to the face, and takes him out.  He goes up top and hits a reverse 450 Splash to get the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville to retain the NXT Championship

After the Bell: Neville struggles to his feet, but he makes it.  Dallas is laid out and is being attended to.

What Worked: Great pacing, and a great match from beginning to end.  These guys have good chemistry with each other.  Definitely felt like a worthy title match.

What Didn’t:  Not much to complain about really.  I enjoyed it.

The Summary:  A very good match to end an otherwise mediocre show.  

NXT as a whole seems to have an identity crisis.  I feel like they’re cramming too many matches into an hour show.  If they scale things back a little bit, I feel like they could make better use of their time.  

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