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We aren't wasting much time... here comes Emma! 

Emma vs. Sasha Banks (w/ Charlotte)

Before the Bell: Emma heads out first. Sasha comes out second, joined by Charlotte. 

The Match:  Emma taunts Sasha with dance moves.  Emma is playing head games.  Or, maybe not.  Sasha sends Emma into the turnbuckle face-first.  Sasha gets in a few stomps and has control.  Sasha misses a legdrop and Emma recovers.  Emma goes for a tarantula on the ropes, she calls it the "DilEmma" apparently.  Low splash in the corner. Charlotte hits the apron and Emma taunts her.  Sasha attacks but Emma dodges and Sasha takes Charlotte out.  Emma scores the Emma-Lock for the submission victory.

Winner: Emma

After the Bell: Charlotte hits the ring and Emma takes off.

What Worked:  Emma certainly is an accomplished wrestler. Sasha has a great character

What Didn’t:  Something with Emma isn't clicking.  Not sure what.

The Summary:  Never really got out of first gear for me, but still a better women's match than on Raw.

We get a brief video package about Mojo Rawley.  Later tonight, Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves!

The Ascension (Connor & Victor) vs. Jack Hurley & John Vandal 

Before the Bell: The Ascension comes out to the ring.  Their entrance is impressive and feels big time.   They're facing a pair of jobbers.

The Match: Victor destroys Hurley from the get-go. I looked away for a moment and Vandal is in the ring.  Connor tags in.  He throws Vandal into the ropes upside down.  They hit their tandem move and get the win.

Winner:  The Ascension

After the Bell:  The Ascension pose.  Rawr?

What Worked:  Another highlight reel for the tag champs, who have yet to have a real match I've seen.

What Didn’t:  The big men don't have much going for them except power moves.  

The Summary: Another squash match for The Ascension.  

Up next, Xavier Woods vs. the returning Brodus Clay!

Xavier Woods vs. Brodus Clay

Before the Bell: Woods comes out to Clay's old music. Brodus has new music.  He looks like more of a badass.  I hope he is.  

The Match:  Woods uses his speed to get the advantage early on, but Clay hits a nice T-bone suplex on Woods.  Clay's got the advantage from here.  Another nice suplex.  Near fall. Woods get in some offense and hits a Shining Wizard for a 2-count.  Clay fires back and nails a powerbomb.  A "better than Batista" chant breaks out.  Brodus hits a dive from the second rope for the pin.

Winner: Brodus Clay.  

After the Bell: Clay takes the mic.  He says WWE took everything from him - his music, his girls, and his tag partner, but most importantly, they took his pride.  From now on, he's going to be the one taking.  He targets Adrian Neville, and says he's going to take the NXT Championship.

What Worked: The match was a little sloppy.  Brodus on the mic is magic, however. 

What Didn’t: Ring rust and a clash of styles made nothing particularly great. 

The Summary: Brodus is back with a new character, which should have been his old character.  It works.

Backstage, Adrian Neville talks about Brodus' challenge. He says Brodus is gonna take the title then bugger off.  Neville asks if Clay has been living in a cave.  He says in NXT, they're just as good as those on Raw or Smackdown.  Neville puts over previous champions.  He says if Brodus can earn an opportunity, he'll be there waiting.

Up next, Tyler Breeze. 

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyler Breeze

Before the Bell: Tatsu is already in the ring.  Breeze makes his pretty epic entrance.

The Match: Breeze goes on the offense immediately.  Tatsu gets a couple of hope spots, but Breeze is pretty ruthless.  He hits the Beauty Shot for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

After the Bell:  Breeze Face-Times himself and heads back up the ramp.

What Worked:  Breeze had some good offense.  I haven't seen a proper full-length match from him yet, but I feel like he's ready for the main roster.

What Didn’t: Squash match, which really isn't a complaint.

The Summary: Squash match!

Backstage, Sami Zayn cuts a promo about Corey Graves.  Graves cuts one in the industrial district, apparently. 

There's a video package about Paige.  She cuts a brief backstage promo about Charlotte and Sasha.  

Corey Graves vs. Sami Zayn

Before the Bell: Graves comes out to the ring first.  He poses with his "Stay Down" fists.  Sami Zayn comes out second.  Zayn gets a welcome fit for El Generico.

The Match:  The bell rings and Graves just chills in the corner. Sami makes a move and graves ducks out of the ring.  Sami makes another move on Graves, and he ducks out of the ring again.  They lock up and Zayn gets a strike in.  Graves actually leaves the ring this time.  Zayn follows him out finally.  Zayn gets Graves in the ring and starts with the offense.  Back body drop.  Zayn clotheslines Graves out of the ring, then runs the ropes and hits a dive to the outside.  

Back in the ring, Graves uses some sly tactics to get some offense.  He hits a few knees and a series of dropping punches as we go to break.  

Back from break, Graves has control with a suplex and a 2-count.  Graves works the headlock.  Graves is working over his head, targeting the reported concussion.  Graves gives a boot to the head and the ref checks him.  Near fall.   

Zayn starts to get the momentum, but Graves cut him off.  Graves makes a run at Zayn and Zayn hits an exploder suplex for a near fall near the ropes.  Zayn hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for another near fall. Regal puts over that Zayn isn't focused on Graves.  Graves intercepts a kick to the face.  Both men crack heads and they drop.  Zayn climbs up to the top rope but can't make it.  He's really playing up the concussion.  The ref checks on him.  Graves takes advantage.  He moves in and locks in Lucky 13.  Zayn doesn't even tap out.  The ref just calls it. 

Winner: Corey Graves

After the Bell: Graves eyes up Zayn.  Medical staff comes out to check on Zayn. 

What Worked: I like Graves.  I know there's some mixed opinions out there about him and his character, but I like him.  His promos need work, but he knows his character, and he plays it up very well. I think he's got the big things WWE is going to be looking for, and I think he'll end up on the main roster this year.  Same goes for Zayn, really.  He's just biding his time.  Anyhow, these two worked well together.  The concussion storyline means it's not over yet.

What Didn’t:  I wasn't crazy about the concussion story, but it's fine. 

The Summary:  A good match, but the concussion story got in the way of what could have been really good.  If this leads to another match between the two (which I suspect it will) then I'm ok with it.

WWE NXT was solid tonight, and featured the rebirth of a character.  A better show than in past weeks.  Worth watching.

Thanks for following along with me tonight folks. See you next week!