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- Backstage, Paige is walking.  JBL approaches her.  She's got both her NXT and Divas Title.  He tells her he's got a problem.  He puts over her winning both titles.  He says she's all over the world, and she can't defend it if she's on the road.  He says the NXT Championship should stay in NXT.  He tells her he has to strip her of the title.  She's upset, naturally.  He puts her over big time and says he's going to have a tournament to find the next champ.  She reluctantly hands over the title.

- After the intro music, Lana walks out to the ramp and introduces Alexander Rusev.  He's facing Travis Tyler.

Tyler attacks early.  The fans sing Adam Rose's theme.  Not sure why.  Rusev hits a number of knees and drops Tyler on his back. Moments later, Rusev has The Accolade locked in.  It's over.

Alexander Rusev wins.  Lana speaks.  

- Backstage, Adam Rose is carried in to his party.  He calls Camacho a "party pooper."  He tells Camacho to be a rose bud.  

- I think I'm bored of Adam Rose already.

- Back in the ring, Charlotte comes out to the ring.  Sasha Banks is at her side.  Emma  comes out to the ring to face them both.  Who is Emma's partner?  No idea! 

- After the break, Paige is on the apron.  I guess she's the partner.

- I'm thinking the reason Paige didn't get an intro was the overdubs about being stripped of the title.

- Nice tag action from the ladies.  It's rare we see a good women's tag match.  Or a good women's match period. 

- Charlotte locks in a headlock with her legs.  Impressive, shades of the Figure Four.

- Hot tag to Paige.  It's short lived, and Charlotte hits her finisher for the victory.

Tyson Kidd is up next.  He's got some new music.  He's facing Mason Ryan.  I guess this is gonna be a squash match.

- Speed vs. strength is the story here.  Kidd has some offense, but Ryan quickly powers his way through.  Kidd turns it around.  Maybe not.  

- Kidd hits a nice flip neckbreaker off the top rope for the surprise win. 

Renee Young interviews Kidd at ringside.  He says it's the rebirth of Tyson Kidd.  He says NXT is the place to be.  He says he'll brawl, soar, or prove people wrong.  Kind of a standard promo.  

Angelo Dawkins comes out to the ring.  Tyler Breeze comes out next to a full intro.  

- Dawkins is impressive early on, but Breeze heels it up and uses some elbows.  Kick to the back, then a headlock.  Breeze is very aggressive.  He hits The Beauty Shot and gets the win. 

- Video package about Brodus Clay vs. Adrian Neville. Backstage, Brodus Clay attacked Neville, and seemingly knocked out a few teeth.  Legit.

Corey Graves saunters out to the ring.  He's teaming up with The Ascension.  They'll be squaring off against Sami Zayn & The Usos​.

- Uso vs. Ascension starts it out.  Graves blind tags himself into the ring.  Tag to Sami Zayn.  Graves tags out quick.  Connor is in.  Graves tags himself as soon as it seems as if Zayn is in trouble, but Zayn surprises him.  Back and forth tags.  Jey Uso gets in some nice offense on Viktor, tag to Jimmy.  

- Viktor hits a nasty clothesline, and Jimmy is in trouble.  We go to break.

- Back in, and Corey Graves is in the ring. More back and forth action.  They're wearing Jey Uso down.  Jey fires back and gets in a back body drop.  He gets cut off for the hot tag, but manages to fight his way through.  Hot tag to Jimmy Uso.  Jimmy's on fire.  Samoan Drops to both members of The Ascension.  Graves hits a blind tag and takes out Jimmy's knee, but Jimmy rolls him up.  Near fall.  Tag to Zayn, who hits a cross-body for a near fall.  The Ascension hops in and interrupts, but get tossed out.  Dives outside in stereo.  Big splash off the top rope and The Usos and Zayn win.

- Fun tag match, overall pretty good.  The Ascension looked like they belonged with The Usos and Zayn didn't seem to be out of place either.  Corey Graves heeled it up mostly, not much from him.

Good show tonight!  Thanks for following along!  See you next week on NXT!