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- We are in Orlando, FL, and Emma struts her way to the ring, popping bubbles.  It's a first round match in the NXT Women's Championship tournament.  Looks like Emma will be taking on Charlotte.  Charlotte is accompanied by Sasha Banks.  I'll bet money she gets involved here.  

- Emma dances a bit before they lock up.  Emma uses some slick tactics to take Charlotte down.  Charlotte gets nasty and hangs Emma up on the ropes, sending her outside.  She tosses Emma in the ring and goes for a pair of pinfalls.  Charlotte locks in a Figure Four headlock.  Emma rolls her back and gets the shoulders down for a two-count.

- Charlotte locks in the Figure Four headlock again.  Emma powers out.  Boot in the corner, and a clothesline.  Emma pulls her snake sock out of her boot, and goes for Charlotte, who ducks.  Sasha Banks takes the snake to the face, and Charlotte rolls her up, distracted.  A strange bridge pin gets the victory.  Charlotte advances.

Good ladies match here.  Charlotte is pretty solid in the ring.  Sadly, since being paired with Santino, I can't take Emma seriously.  

- Later tonight, there's a Battle Royal for the #1 Conterndership for the NXT Championship.

- A new tag team, The Legionaires (Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis) come out to the ring.  They're against El Local & Kalisto​.  This should be entertaining.  El Local is Ricardo Rodriguez, and Kalisto is Samuray del Sol.

- Local and Lefort start off.  Blind tag to Louis.  Lefort and Louis hitting rapid tags here.  They're working over El Local pretty heavily.  The Legionaires are keeping Local in their corner.  Local gets whipped into the corner, and he slides into a stop, hitting a kick.  Hot tag to Kalisto.  Kalisto is all over the place.  The action is pretty fierce.  Kalisto hits a springboard jumpkick to get the win.  Awesome stuff.  

Kalisto is exactly the kind of high flyer WWE needs, and it was pretty apparent immediately.  I don't think he'll be a tag wrestlers very long. 

- Backstage, Adam Rose amps up one of his rosebuds.  That guy has a match up next.

Camacho comes out to the ring.  We see highlight video from last week's attack.  The dude's name is Captain Comic.  Ok then.  

- Camacho immediately attacks.  He hits a dropkick then keeps CC down with kicks. He drops CC down and hits a legdrop.  Camacho wears CC down.  This is a squash match, and it ends when Camacho hits a running powerslam.  

- Adam Rose runs out to make the save before Camacho can do any more damage to Captain Comic.  Camacho takes off.   

Just a means of getting Camacho's offense established.  Strictly squash.

- My audio feed cut out here, but apparently Alica Fox cut a promo.  Alexa Bliss also did - she's ready to make a huge impact in NXT.  

Alica Fox walks out first.  She's facing Alexa Bliss.  Bliss is wearing a skirt and blew fairy dust during her entrance.  Shoot me.

- Alicia fox goes on the offense.  There's glitter all over the ring.  Bliss misses a jump off the top and rolls through.  She hits a backflip into a knee.  Fox hits a nice tilt-a-whirl back breaker.  Very crisp.

- Fox hit a nice Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge.  Fox locks in a headlock, and Bliss fights out.  Bliss hits a tilt-a-whirl somethingorother into a pinfall.  Surprise pinfall.  Alexa Bliss gets the win.

- Backstage, Adrian Neville talks about his win against Brodus Clay last week, and the battle royal later tonight.  He puts over how tough a battle royal is.

- Speaking of Battle Royals... that match is happening right now!  Most of the roster is in the ring.  Mojo Rawley gets his own entrance.  So does Sami Zayn... and surprisingly, Bo Dallas. 

- The bell rings and we're off.  There's some names in here I've never seen.  First elimination was Oliver Grey.  Curt Hawkins next.  A whole mess of people eliminate Brodus Clay.  

- Not much to call here.  Mostly a punch of punches and struggling on the ropes to push people out.  Danny Burch goes flying.  Mason Ryan takes out Aiden English.    We go to break.

- After the break, more punching and pushing on ropes.  I don't find battle royals very exciting until the end.  Sylvester Lefort and Kalisto are both out.  Camacho and Xavier Woods trade chops, and Woods gets excited, hitting a clothesline taking them both out.  Mojo Rawley is gone.    Jason Jordan too.

Bo Dallas ducks a clothesline from Baron Corbin.  He sends Corbin out.  Dallas then eliminates Yoshi Tatsu.

Bo Dallas is on a rampage.  He eliminates Mason Ryan and Colin Cassady.  Tyson Kidd then eliminates Bo Dallas.

- We are down to Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, and Sami Zayn.

- Breeze attempts to eliminate Kidd, who slips under the legs.  Breeze hits the Beauty Shot.  He moves on to Zayn.  He thinks he tosses Zayn out, but Zayn flips back into the ring, and sends Breeze over to the apron.  They fight.  Breeze makes it back in.  Zayn misses a kick and tumbles over the top, but hangs on.  Breeze punches him, and Tyson Kidd attacks.  Breeze sends Kidd over the top.  Both men hanging on the ropes.  Kidd drags Breeze over the top and all three fall to the floor.  It's not clear who landed last. 

- Four referees try to make a decision while the three men argue with the refs.  They start pushing each other.  Kidd gets rough with Zayn.  Triple H comes out.  He says there's obvious confusion, but we need a #1 contender for NXT Takeover.  "What do you think we should do?"  He asks the audience.  They chant "Triple Threat!"  Trips says the audience knows what is best for business - he makes it a triple threat next week.  The winner of the match will face Adrian Neville on May 29th at NXT Takeover.  The show ends with all three men arguing ringside.

Good ending to the battle royal.  I've seen the spoilers, so I know who wins, but I like how they're getting there much better than just the battle royal itself.  Other thoughts?  Kalisto looked amazing, and I'm super excited about his future.  Charlotte is looking dominant, and Alexa Bliss, while having a somewhat annoying gimmick, looked pretty impressive.  I need to see more from her.  The rest of the show?  Not much to report.

- I'll have more to say about NXT on my next edition of Around the Ring with Ring Rap.  Thanks for tuning in with me this week, folks!