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- Running slightly delayed due to an issue with my Xbox One not running the app.  It's ok.  I've got backup. Xbox 360.  We're good.

- Recap of Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd part two.  It was a good match.  Be sure to watch it if you haven't.   Backstage on Raw, Natalya is chatting with JBL  I'm having trouble hearing, but it seems like she's trying to find something for her hubby to do on NXT.  JBL will think about it.

- Our first match is a ladies match, and Sasha Banks is approaching the ring, flanked by Summer Rae and Charlotte.  Our announcers touch base on the troubles they've had.  Alexa Bliss comes out to face her.  Still the worst entrance ever.

- Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

- Banks pushes Bliss before going for a headlock.  She gets Bliss down, but talks trash and bites her in the ass.  Bliss has some nice matwork, gets the advantage for a near fall.  She smiles too much.  Monkey flip out of the corner, Sasha gets the advantage with a backbreaker.  Two-count.  She sets Bliss up for a surfboard and locks it in.  The action continues at a slower pace, as outside the ring Charlotte and Summer Rae start bickering.  Alexa Bliss uses the distraction to get the roll-up for the win.

- Winner: Alexa Bliss

- After the match, there's actually a bit of a slapping match between the three BFFs.  More tension.

Decent enough match from these two.  Nothing amazing, but some nice sequences.  Unfortunately, the in-fighting doesn't interest me much.

- Backstage, Tyson Kidd accuses Natalya of costing him the NXT Championship.  She takes offense to this. He's got a tag title shot later, and he says he could've gotten it on his own.  He doesn't want her help.  He heads off to find Sami Zayn to discuss strategy.

- Backstage, Aiden English is teaming up with a new partner.  The footage looks like an old-time silent film.  I couldn't hear the name of the partner (audio issues) but I believe they're calling themselves the Vaudevillians.

- Mojo Rawley runs out to the ring.  He's facing off against a jobber, Garrett Dillon.

- Mojo Rawley vs. Garrett Dillon

- Mojo locks in a headlock.  He does two moves.  Dillon gets in some token offense.  Rawley counters. He hits his sequence. He gets the win.  

- Winner: Mojo Rawley

​They must be trying to get Rawley to sell more, because he took a pretty lengthy beatdown in the middle of the match, but the finish was never in doubt.

- Backstage, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd pump each other up for their match.

- CJ Parker comes out to the ring, protesting the environment.  

- In the ring, more jobbers.  The lights go out, Aiden English introduces his new tag team.  Simon Gotch & Aiden English.  They are indeed, the Vaudevillians, and they have old timey music.

The Vaudevillians vs. Angelo Dawkins & Travis Tyler

- Dawkins and Gotch start things off.  He's got his dukes up.  He pins Dawkins and does a few one-armed push-ups.  Tyler in, tag to English.  English in charge, nice work isolating Tyler.  Tag back in to Gotch, who is a little gimmicky, but entertaining.  They're portraying him as a strongman.  Tag to English, who hits a senton off the top rope, for the win.

An interesting concept for a gimmick, and the fans are certainly eating it up, but will it translate on the larger stage?  Possibly not.

- Backstage, Colin Cassady cuts a promo, says everything is going very smooth, but something is missing.  He starts singing: "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's..." and he cuts off there.  Hmm.

- Up next, Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze!  But first, RVD is there, checking things out.  He's here to challenge Adrian Neville to a match.  

- Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

- The fans chant "Lucha" at Kalisto.  Tyler Breeze comes out to his new theme song, which I still don't care much for.  Kalisto looks disgusted.  The bell rings and it's on.  Kalisto flips out of a wristlock, Breeze locks in a headlock, taking Kalisto down.  Kalisto rolls him back for a count.  Breeze cinches it on.  Kalisto breaks free and hits some super impressive moves, sending Breeze out of the ring.  He stops short of flipping outside at him.  

Back from break, Kalisto is getting kicked down in the corner.  He's getting angry, goes for a cover.  Headlock on Kalisto again, and Breeze cuts him off with a knee, but Kaliston hits a headscissors out of nowhere.  Breeze nails him with a flying punch.  More headlocks.  This is boring me.  Breeze bulldogs Kalisto into the turnbuckle, but Kalisto catches him on the apron with a kick.  He hits a springboard cross body.  They trade punches.  In the corner, Breeze launches Kalisto up, but Kalisto fakes him.  He goes for another springboard, but Breeze hits the Beauty Shot out of nowhere for the win.

- Winner: Tyler Breeze

Not a bad match, but it never got out of first gear, and when it did, it was over.  Could've been so much more.

- Next week, Adrian Neville vs. Rob Van Dam!

- Up next, The Ascension vs. Sami Zayn & Tyson Kidd for the NXT Tag Championships!

- Tyson Kidd & Sami Zayn vs. The Ascension (c) for the NXT Tag Team Championships

- Sort of looking forward to this match, because I'm hoping The Ascension will have a real match here.  Let's see...

- Zayn & Viktor start things off.  He goes for Zayn's back, corners him, and whips him back into the corner again.  Tag to Connor, who attacks Zayn and keeps him isolated in the corner.  Tag back to Viktor.  Zayn fights back, but eats a few chips.  He's out on his feet.  Zayn continues to be isolated in the corner.  He goes for a tag but gets dragged back into a suplex.  Zayn fights out and goes for a top rope cross-body.  He makes it to his corner and goes for a tag, but Tyson Kidd is nowhere to be found.  He's heading back up the ramp.  The Ascension hit The Fall of Man and put Zayn away.

- Winners: The Ascension

A disappointing end to what could have been an awesome match.  Instead, we got Zayn beat down for the entire duration, and Tyson Kidd taking off.  I get they're pushing him as a heel, but I think this could've been handled better.

Overall, not a very inspiring episode of NXT.  Solid matches, but a felt like a lot of it could've been done better.  Next week should be exciting with RVD facing off against Adrian Neville... be sure to tune in and join me as I cover it LIVE!

Thanks for reading!