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- Cold opening with the Vaudevillans, heading out to the ring. Simon Gotch and Adrian Neville give their full intro, in glorious black and white.  Their combined height of 12 feet 7 inches.  Fantastic.

- Looks like they're facing some newer talent, aka jobbers.  They're big dudes. Tea Perkins and Matt Surgarman?  On screen graphics would be nice.

- English locks in a hammer lock, waves his hands, and drops back with it.  A little sily.  Tag to Gotch.  Head scissorts into a feat of strength.  They were pushups.  The announcers are putting Gotch over big time, but he's only done two moves.

- Tag to English, and he hits a swanton off the top for the win. The Vaudevillans win.

Silly match, but fun.  Nothing crazy.

- New announcer Rich Brennan with Alex Riley and Renee Young tonight.  He talks about Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn's failed tag team opportunity from last week.  Zayn was pissed.  He says it's not the last we've heard of him and Kidd.

Xavier Woods comes out to the ring.  CJ Parker protests.  Xavier is facing Bull Dempsey.  Big dude.  I feel like Xavier is going down.  Woods flicks his hair at him.  Dempsey locks in a headlock and drags Woods over. Woods strikes free, Dempsey headbutts him.  He drops some elbows, chinlock.  Woods fights out and drops Dempsey on his chin.  Flip over the ropes and a kick to the face.  Dempsey strikes Woods mid-air.  He hits his finisher, the Bull Dozer, and gets the win.  

Dempsey certainly looked strong in the match.  We don't know anything about him yet, but he seemed confident in the ring, which is half the battle. 

After the match, Dempsey grabs the mic and says in NXT the children have run the household for too long.  The industry was dominated by men. We're witnessing an era of the last of a dying breed - Bull Dempsey.

Decent promo too.  More confidence.

Summer Rae walks out to the ring with her BFFs, Charlotte and Sasha Banks.  She's facing newcomer Becky Lynch.  Lynch is Irish, apparently, judging by the green outfit, the jig she does to the ring, and everything else we're hammered over the head with.  Naturally, Summer Rae dances.  They begin fighting. Back and forth action.  I can't take her seriously because she compulsively jigs.  She does manage to hit an exploder suplex on Summer Rae, and gets the win.

I would probably be more into Becky Lynch if her gimmick wasn't so freaking stupid. 

- Colin Cassady heads out to the ring.  He's facing Sawyer Fulton.

- Renee Young claims Sawyer Fulton trains with thumbtacks in his boots.  They're getting more and more ridiculous.  Fulton hits shoulders in the corner, Cassady on the run, but Cass dodges a spash in the corner.  Boot the face, elbow drop, and it's actually over.  Big Cass wins.

- During his celebration, Sylvester LeFort and Marcus Louis interrupt, but Enzo Amore makes his return and runs out to the ring to even up the odds.  He cuts a promo the audience already knows all the words to.  I've never seen him, but I know he's spent some time in NXT and I believe he's returning from injury.  He's solid on the mic. Looking forward to seeing more. 

- After a commercial, Tyler Breeze is joining our announcers on commentary.  Adrian Neville, our NXT Champ, heads out to the ring.  This is our main event.  He's taking on Rob Van Dam. 

- RVD with a headlock, but Neville goes into a head scissors.  Neville hits a series of arm drags.  He dodges most of RVD's offense, and RVD spills outside the ring.  Both men stand off after some reversals.  RVD has a few inches on Neville in height.  Both men go for a spotfest of flips of sorts, leading into RVD hitting a jump kick off the turnbuckle. Nevill goes outside, RVD teases a flip off the apron, Neville scouts him and dodges and catches RVD with a kick instead.  Neville heads up to the turnbuckle and nails a moonsault outside the ring as we break.

- Back from break, Neville still has control.  RVD counters and lands an atomic drop.  He hangs Neville up on the rope and hits a top rope jump kick to the face.  Rolling Thunder.  Spin kick in the corner.  RVD has Neville on the run. Neville starts to fire back.  Sunset flip from Neville, leading to a reversal and pin attempt.  RVD hangs Neville upside down in the corner.  Jump spin kick to the legs.  Van Dam goes for a roll-up pin but it's a little loose.  Neville kicks out.  Neville fires up and hits some offense.  Kick to the gut, he takes RVD down and climbs up top, then hits a nice dropkick for a two-count.  Springboard into an enzuigri.  Standing shooting star press.  Two-count.  RVD slams Neville down to the mat, goes for a split legged moonsault, but misses.  Neville rolls him up for two.  They trade elbows and kicks.  Nice spot where RVD tosses Neville up and kicks him.  RVD heads up top and goes for the Five Star Frogsplash.  He misses.  Neville struggles to his feet, hits a tornado DDT.  He drags him into place, goes up top.  Neville nails Red Arrow.  It's over.  Adrian Neville wins. 

Good main event from these two.  RVD had one of the better matches he's had lately, and Neville looked like he belonged with a legend.  Good stuff.  I enjoyed it.  

- After the match, Neville wants a handshake.  RVD obliges. He gives him a fist pound before leaving the ring. 

Good episode tonight. Some new stars, some returning.  Solid action all around, and enjoyable.  Watch the main event, gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for following along with me tonight folks. See you next week!