Hey everyone! Drew Koscelek here for you, slightly delayed, with the NXT Report.  I hope all of you in the United States are enjoying Independance Day.  Me?  It’s raining.  So, let’s sit down and get some show coverage going, shall we?

Looks like a pretty good episode this week, with Justin Gabriel squaring off against Sami Zayn, and Bayley teaming up with Becky Lynch to face off against Charlotte and Sasha Banks.  Let’s get started!

We’re kicking things off with Big Cass and Enzo Amore heading out to the ring.  Amore and Cass cut a promo about Cassady’s match.  Pretty solid stuff, very cliche, but the audience eats it up, and honestly, it could work on Raw.

The Legionnaires come out to counter their promo.  Sylvester Lefort says himself and Marcus Louis have no match.  Lefort says Cass and Amore are from New Jersey (they’re not).  Interesting.

Colin Cassady (w/ Enzo Amore) vs. Sylvester Lefort (w/ Marcus Louis)

Both men start swinging hard right away.  Lefort has the smaller of the two.  Cass hits East River Crossing and the Empire Elbow to get the victory in about a minute, maybe less.

Winner: Colin Cassady

I don’t have much on Amore to really go by, but I like what I’ve seen so far.  Cassady I’ve been a fan of since the first time I saw him.

Adrian Neville talks about his match against RVD when Tyler Breeze interrupts him.  Breeze warns him to be ready whenever he wants to cash in his #1 Contendership.  He claims to have suffered a “career ending injury” in a freak modeling accident.  He hurt his finger.  Funny stuff.  Neville is not amused.

We get a short recap of Bull Dempsey’s match last week.  They paint him as pro-wrestling “last real man.”  Silas Young may have something to say about that.  

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte & Sasha Banks vs. Bayley & Becky Lynch

I swear if Becky Lynch jigs all over the place, I may kill myself.  Bayley and Sasha start it off.   They lock up and Bayley gets the better of the situation.  Tag to Lynch, who hits an axe handle off the top into an arm drag.  Sasha presses her back into her corner and a quick turnover to Charlotte.  Both ladies go back and forth, Lynch makes the tag in the corner.  Bayley works over the arm of Charlotte.  

Rapid fire tags from Lynch and Bayley.  Double Suplex to Charlotte.  Sasha makes a run-in, but the ladies cut her off.  Charlotte and Sasha regroup as we break.

After the break, Bayley is isolated outside the ring and the BFFs have control.  Sasha is legal here.  She kicks Bayley down and pills on her hair.  Back and forth tags from the BFFs.  Bayley fights out, but Sasha keeps control.  She smacks Lynch in the corner and the ref holds Lynch back.  Tag to Charlotte.  Back and forth tags.  Bayley manages to knock both ladies into each other and makes the hot tag to Lynch.  Lynch fires up and hits a series of leg drops to Sasha.  Cover is broken by Charlotte.  Bayley evens things up but Charlotte tosses her out.  Sasha tags out and Charlotte takes out the knee of Lynch.  Charlotte hits her finisher and gets the pin.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Charlotte

After the match, Banks trash-talks Lynch while Charlotte leaves.  Bayley runs in and attacks her, sending Banks flying out of the ring.

Good tag match from the ladies.  They had ample time and put on an entertaining match.

Backstage, Justin Gabriel cuts a promo on Sami Zayn.  Tyson Kidd approaches him and tells him he’s a main roster member.  He says he’s in purgatory in NXT.  He says the phone calls become less frequent, then they stop all together.  Tyson tells him to put the boot into everyone that’s in his way.  Gabriel says he’s wrong, and he’ll prove it by beating Zayn tonight.

Backstage, Sasha Banks and Charlotte bicker.  Charlotte doesn’t want to tag with Sasha anymore, and they should go their separate ways.  Banks says it’s about Summer, but Charlotte says Summer made it clear she can’t trust anyone, including her.  Sasha says Summer Rae is gonna face Bayley to determine a #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Title, and that Charlotte’s days are numbered.

Not a great promo from either lady, but the strange angle that they stood and the camera filmed them in didn’t help.  Think of it as the “I’m watching a match on this convenient monitor and I’m going to stand here awkwardly” angle.  It was pretty bad.

CJ Parker vs Steve Cutler

Cutler making his NXT debut.  Parker gets him in the corner early on and shoulders him in the corner.  He makes short work of Cutler, hitting his finisher for the win.

Winner: CJ Parker  

After the match, Parker takes the mic and calls Xavier Woods, saying he’s a semester away from his Doctorate.  He’s the most educated man in WWE, but what has he done since leaving NXT?  Parker talks about the antics he’s had with the Funkadactyls, pandering to the audience.  He says if he had the opportunity Woods had, he’d win titles, make a name for himself, and change the world along the way.  “You have what I want, what I need, and I’m coming for you.”

We get a video package highlighting the relationship issues with Tyson Kidd and Natalya. It’s a backstage interview with Renee Young and Kidd.  He answers questions about his match with Neville.  Kidd gives Renee a bunch of lines about how glad he was Natalya stepped in to stop him from using a chair.  He walks away after she asks some uncomfortable questions.

Sami Zayn vs. Justin Gabriel (w/ Tyson Kidd)

Kidd actually joins Gabriel at ringside.  They lock up, and Gabriel goes for the wrist.  Zayn reverses it.  Both men reverse each other back and forth.  Slow pacing here to start.  Gabriel kicks it up and flips through into an arm drag.  Zayn leapfrogs and hits a pair of arm drags of his own.  Gabriel nails Zayn with a running elbow, taking him down.  Kidd coaches on from the apron.  Kick to the back, and two as we break.  

Gabriel still has control, but Zayn fights back with his own elbows.  Clubbing blows to the back, and Gabriel locks in a nice stretch.  Zayn tries to get free, Gabriel takes him down and locks in another headlock.  Zayn gets free, but Gabriel takes him out with a clothesline for two.  Zayn fires up and hits a nice dropkick.  He nails a Blue Thunder Bomb for two.  Zayn hits an Exploder Suplex into the turnbuckle for two.  Zayn misses a kick in the corner, Gabriel catches him with one of his own.  Two-count.  Gabriel nails a neckbreaker to Zayn for a very near two-count.  

Gabriel hits a very nice moonsault and Zayn barely kicks out.  Gabriel is starting to show frustration.  He climbs up top for his 450 splash, but Zayn cuts him off.  Zayn nails him with a shot to the face.  He heads up top and goes for a superplex, but Gabriel fights out of it. He hits elbows to the face and gets the advantage.  Gabriel misses off the top and Zayn takes him down.  He immediately locks in the Koji Clutch and gets the submission win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

A pretty good match from these two, but I feel like it never really went to the next gear, despite teasing it a number of times.  

After the match, Tyson Kidd consoles Gabriel.  Zayn eyes him, and just as he lets his guard down, Kidd attacks him.  Gabriel looks on, and Kidd beckons him to help out.  Gabriel thinks about it, then starts attacking as well.  Before it goes any further, Adrian Neville runs out to even things out.  Kidd and Gabriel bail out.

Not a bad show!  Good tag action from the ladies, and Zayn vs. Gabriel was enjoyable.  Still, I feel like it could have been much more.  Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you next time!