Hey everyone!  Drew Koscelek here with another week of NXT action. I’m running late, so you get an abbreviated version this week.  My work shift is not without its negatives…

- Our show opens up with a #1 Contendership match for the NXT Women’s Championship!

- Bayley vs. Summer Rae for the #1 Contendership for the NXT Women’s Championship

- The audience is pro-Bayley.  Bayley slams Summer’s face into the turnbuckles half a dozen times.  

- Bayley stretches Summer out in a submission attempt.  She hits a springboard arm drag, into a toe hold, and then spins around on top of Summer.  Let’s do that twice.

- Summer Rae turns the tides after ducking out of the ring, and back in.  She stretches Bayley out, but Bayley rolls through for a pin attempt.

- Summer’s beatdown continues, but Bayley fires up.  She sends Summer face first to the mat.

- The fans start chanting “Bayley’s gonna hug you.” Clever.  Spear in the corner, nice suplex and a cover.  Two-count.

- Summer reverses a Bayley to Belly suplex into her own finisher, the Summer Crush.  It’s over.

- Winner: Summer Rae to become #1 Contender

This match wasn’t bad, but it didn’t feel like it ever got out of first gear.  

- We get a recap of Sami Zayn’s beatdown last week at the hands of Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.  Zayn and Adrian Neville talk backstage.  Zayn says he can count on Neville. 

- Gabriel and Kidd speak backstage.  He tells Devon he made a choice not to be a loser anymore.  He started here, and four years later, he’s back.  He says the talent here is great, but not on his level.  “Sometimes to get ahead in life, you just have to break some rules…”

- Later tonight, these four will be in a tag match!

- Back in the arena, Tyler Breeze has shown up, apparently.

- Sin Cara is down in NXT this evening.  I can’t wait to watch him lose.

- Sin Cara vs. Wesley Blake

- Not familiar with Blake, or if I am, I forgot.  They’re putting him over hard on the commentary team.  

- Sin Cara using speed to get rapid fire pin attempts.  Blake gets a kick to the gut, but Sin Cara gets the advantage, and dives out of the ring.  

- Blake gets another strike in and hits an arm breaker.  He works over the arm continuously.  Sin Cara gets in a toe drag to buy himself some space.   Kicks and a springboard.  Make that another.

- Sin Cara goes to the apron and nails Blake with a kick.  Up top, Cara hits a senton for the pinfall victory.

- Winner: Sin Cara

Decent match.  Nothing crazy.  Surprisingly, Sin Cara won.

- Backstage, Natalya talks to Tyson Kidd about his interview last week with Neville.  She’s taken aback by the way his responses were. They argue.  He says she can choose to be on his side and join him out at the ring, or she can stay out of it.  The choice is hers.

- Backstage, Sasha and Summer Rae talk about her victory.  Once she wins the title, everyone needs to get used to the Summer of Summer.  

- CJ Parker comes out and says he’s said some things he’s not fond of.  He asks Xavier Woods to come out. So, Woods does.  In a suit.  Parker says he got a little overzealous last week, and he said some things he shouldn’t have said.  He says he’s sorry.  

- Woods recaps for himself.  He says he got too excited and acted like a child last week.  Woods says he’s using logic, and logic is the only thing keeping him from beating him now.  Parker says he wants to offer peace, and he suggests Woods accepts it.

- Parker attacks Woods from behind and yanks on his hair.  The referees come down to break it up, and Parker leaves.

- After break, The Vaudevillians are in black and white, talking about how they will be tag champs.  They laugh.  Cute.

- Back in the arena, our announcing team introduces a video package about The Ascension’s reign of terror.

- Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins

- Dawkins get a headlock early, but Dempsey tosses him around.  He rolls through a arm-drag attempt.  

- Dawkins goes for a sunset flip, and Dempsey crushes him, dropping his weight.  Elbows across the jaw.  

- Dawkins fights back and hits a nice dropkick, but Dempsey cuts him off with an elbow.  He hits a running splash in the corner and a side bodyslam for the win.

- Winner: Bull Dempsey

- After the match, he says he’s the wrecking ball, and he’s not stopping until he’s NXT Champion.

They’re pushing Dempsey pretty hard.  He’s got a unique look and I enjoyed him on the mic last week.  This promo was short, and to the point.  Too early to say otherwise.

- Sami Zayn backstage, interviewing Adrian Neville.  He asks him what possessed him to rescue Sami Zayn last week.  Neville says he’ll always have his back, but what’s next?  Zayn says they’re gonna go out to the ring and show Kidd and Gabriel just what they signed up for.

Good stuff from Zayn. He’s really comfortable talking.

- Sami Zayn & WWE NXT Champion Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

- Kidd has Nattie by his side, so I guess they’re making up.  The fans chant her name.  

- Kidd and Neville start things off.  Neville works the arm.  Zayn tags in, continues wrenching the arm.  Kidd hits a knee and tags in Gabriel, who eats an arm drag.  Zayn tags in Neville and then uses himself to provide height for a corkscrew from Neville.  Impressive!

- Tyson Kidd tags in and takes charge, but Neville flips out of the corner and hits a cross-body.  Tag to Zayn.  Zayn ends up out of the ring as we go to break.

- Back from break and it’s rapid tags from our heels, who have control of Zayn.  Double-team kick to the head for two.  Zayn makes a hot tag and takes out Gabriel with some high flying offense.  Kicks out of nowhere.  Things get crazy and Neville head’s up top, but Gabriel distracts him and Kidd hits a dropkick on the ropes to take him down.  Elbow drop from Kidd, two-count.

- Zayn yanks the ropes and Gabriel goes tumbling over.  Neville makes a blind tag to Zayn and goes flying through the ropes.  Zayn comes off the top and gets a near fall.  

- Zayn lays into Kidd with punches, and Kidd rakes the eyes.  Zayn tosses Kidd over the top and runs the ropes.  He dives over the top, taking out everyone else.  Back in the ring, Kidd fakes a knee injury.  Nattie checks on him.  He attacks Zayn, and Zayn fights back, sending Kidd into Natalya.  Kidd feigns interest in her, then gets a sneaky rollup on Zayn for the win.

- Winner: Tyson Kidd

- After the match, Kidd sells it like the biggest victory in the world.  Zayn shakes his head as the show comes to an end.

Good match from these four.  My exhaustion kept me from enjoying it more, but it was exciting and good to see four of the best NXT has to offer.

Thanks for reading tonight folks.  Goodnight!