- WWE is airing NXT on the WWE Network, pretaped and such, and I am here to cover it, slightly delayed due to work.  Rather than waste time, let's just get started with tonight's episode, shall we?

- Show opens up with Jason Jordan and Ty Dillinger heading out to the ring.  They're one of the newer tag teams, with a new look and new music.  They're facing Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.  Enzo cuts his promo, and the audience chants it along with him.  Reminds me of Road Dogg, actually.  They close the promo SAWFT.

- Dillinger and Cassady start it off.  Dillinger tags out to Jordan early on.  Jordan tried to suplex Cass.  Can't get it done.  Cass hits some elbows.  Jordan cuts him off.  Tag to Dillinger, who strips his kneepad and strikes Cass in the head repeatedly.  Cover for two.  Tag to Jordan.  They're isolating Cass in their corner.  Fast tags back and forth.  Dillinger goes for a stomp and Cass catches the boot.  Hot tag to Enzo.  Enzo runs the ropes, and Dillinger catches him with a stiff kick to the face.  He picks Amore up, puts him in the corner, and tags in Jordan.  Jordan slams Enzo into the corner.  He runs in for another shoulder, but Cass actually dives in and takes the bump.  Enzo is out on his feet.  Jordan picks him up, but Cass sneaks in when the ref isn't looking and hits the big boot.  Enzo falls on top of Jordan, getting the pin.  Enzo and Cass for the win.

- An enjoyable tag match.  Enzo didn't get to do much, so I'm still waiting for a match out of him.  I think Dillinger and Jordan worked well together and I want to see more of them as a team.

- Renee Young interviews Sami Zayn backstage.  He doesn't have a tag partner.  Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel enter and talk trash.  Out of nowhere, Adam Rose gets carried to the convo.  He offers his services to Zayn, who accepts.  Ugh.

- We take a break and return to CJ Parker vs. Xavier Woods.  Woods comes out looking pretty serious.  He takes Parker down early on, then lays into him with some chops.  Parker tries to bail out of the ring.  Woods sends him over the top instead.  They brawl, and back in the ring, Parker sends Woods shoulder first into the ring post.  We go to break.  

- After the break, Parker is trying to submit Woods with a sleeper of sorts.  Clothesline into a senton.  Two-count.  Parker continues with shoulders to the mid-section.  Running knees in the corner.  Parker wrenches the back and neck.  He goes for another senton, but Woods gets the knees up in time.  Woods fires up and connects with a back kick, and a drop-kick.  Cross-body off the top, Parker rolls through, but Woods kicks out.  He slams Parker into the mat for a near fall.  Honor Roll for a two-count.  Woods climbs up.  Parker rolls away, but Woods dives FAR and connect with an elbow.  Only worth two.  Parker sends Woods face-first into the ropes, then hits a very unique looking Fireman's Carry finisher for the win.

- Some good stuff here, but the match never really felt like it got out of first gear.  Enjoyable for the most part.  

- Tyler Breeze cuts a promo from the stage, and says it's time to challenge Neville for the title.  He doesn't say when.  Well then. 

- After the break, Bayley comes out to the ring.  She's facing Eva Marie.  All of the boos. 

- Eva Marie slaps Bayley, and they lock up.  Eva Marie actually gets in some offense.  Bayley gets in more.  Cover for two.  Eva Marie gets the advantage and hits a few knees to the back.  Nothing fancy, for sure.  Eva Marie gets a kick to the gut, Bayley rolls her up.  Running elbow into the corner.  Belly to Bayley for the win.  

- We come back from commercial, and it's time for the main event!  Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel team up against Sami Zayn & Adam Rose.  

- Zayn and Kidd start it out.  Kidd with the headlock.  The audience is very happy to see Zayn.  Hip tosses from Zayn, into an arm bar.  Tag to Rose.  They lock up and he slaps Kidd on the ass.  Kidd jumps out of the ring, then Rose jumps after him and tries to get him to give chase.  He gets kicked instead.

- Gabriel in now, kick to the back for one.  Rose hits a nice spinebuster for two.  Kidd breaks it up.  Kidd tags in and hangs Rose upside down.  Gabriel stretches him out upside down.  We go to break.  Back in, Kidd has Rose in a choke with body scissors.  Tag to Gabriel.  Gabriel attacks Rose on the apron.  Bodyslam and leg drop.  Tag to Kidd.  They're keeping Rose isolated in the corner.  Rose fires back at Gabriel, but it's short lived.  Back suplex to Rose for two.  

- Kidd back in, he goes for a springboard elbow.  Rose gets the knees up.  It's what he needs to make the hot tag to Zayn.  Zayn tearing into Gabriel.  Nice energy.  He tosses both men out of the ring, and hits a running dive over the top.  He comes up clutching his knee, but he's ok.  He beckons Rose to do the same, so he climbs up and jumps off too.  Rose rolls Gabriel in.  Zayn hits the Helluva Kick.  It's over.  Rose and Zayn pick up the win.

Good tag match from both teams.  Zayn and Rose are an unlikely team, but by WWE logic, they're both faces, right?  Zayn is so ready for the main stage it's not even funny.

So, we've got two teams advancing in our Tag Team Championship #1 Contender's Tournament:  Enzo & Cass, and Rose & Zayn.  The tournament continues next week, and we will have coverage of the show as it airs.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @RingRap, and follow me on Twitter @PsionStorm.  See ya next week, folks!