WWE Summerslam came to a shocking (not really) close last night and everyone was glued to their TVs as Triple H turned on Daniel Bryan, giving Randy Orton the easy win.  Most of the Ring Rap staff saw this coming.  But, how about the other matches?

Let's have a little bit of fun and do a full tally of the show and see who was really on point.  The winner gets bragging rights until the next pay-per-view, which is NOT Bragging Rights.

Please note this is NOT a roundtable.  This is just for stats, and fun.  And bragging.

You can see the participants predictions below:

Jay's Scorchin Hot Summerslam Predictions

Shanna Harris Predicts Summerslam!

Daniel Tidd's Summerslam Predictions

WWE Summerslam - The People's Summerslam Predictions! (Bill Wentz)

Drew Koscelek's WWE Summerslam Predictions

Preshow: RVD def. Dean Ambrose via DQ

Shanna was the only person on the team to correctly pick the finish, 100%, however everyone seemed to think that Ambrose would be retaining the title.  Gotta call it down the middle for this!  Shanna gets the first point!

  • Shanna Harris: 1-0
  • Jay Ciaravino: 0-1
  • Daniel Tidd: 0-1
  • Bill Wentz: 0-1
  • Drew Koscelek: 0-1

Bray Wyatt def. Kane in a Ring of Fire match

The rest of the group catches up to Shanna on this one, as she was the only one to choose Kane to win.  The post-match attack definitely writes him out for the near future, as well.

  • Shanna Harris: 1-1
  • Jay Ciaravino: 1-1
  • Daniel Tidd: 1-1
  • Bill Wentz: 1-1
  • Drew Koscelek: 1-1

Cody Rhodes def. Damien Sandow

Daniel and Bill dropped the ball on their picks for this match, but really it could have gone either way.  Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, however!  

  • Shanna Harris: 2-1
  • Jay Ciaravino: 2-1
  • Daniel Tidd: 1-2
  • Bill Wentz: 1-2
  • Drew Koscelek: 2-1

Alberto Del Rio def. Christian

Both Jay and Drew called for a new champ out of this match, but Jay took it a step further and predicted Sandow would cash in.  Neither were right.

  • Shanna Harris: 3-1
  • Jay Ciaravino: 2-2
  • Daniel Tidd: 2-2
  • Bill Wentz: 2-2
  • Drew Koscelek: 2-2

Natalya def. Brie Bella

Everyone picked Natalya to win.  Everyone except Drew.  Sad face.

  • Shanna Harris: 4-1
  • Jay Ciaravino: 3-2
  • Daniel Tidd: 3-2
  • Bill Wentz: 3-2
  • Drew Koscelek: 2-3

Brock Lesnar def. CM Punk

This was a brutal match.  Once again, Daniel and Bill were on the same page, this time for the better.  Everyone else?  It's clobberin' time, losers!

  • Shanna Harris: 4-2
  • Jay Ciaravino: 3-3
  • Daniel Tidd: 4-2
  • Bill Wentz: 4-2
  • Drew Koscelek: 2-4

Drew is in a very secure last place right now.  First is tied between Shanna, Bill, and Daniel.  Who will pull into the lead?

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

Jay and Drew are the losers here.  Everyone else picked Zigglyn.

  • Shanna Harris: 5-2
  • Jay Ciaravino: 3-4
  • Daniel Tidd: 5-2
  • Bill Wentz: 5-2
  • Drew Koscelek: 2-5

Daniel Bryan def. John Cena

Nearly everyone predicted the ultimate outcome, but the picks were all over the place.  Only Jay had the finish picked exactly, minus Vince McMahon celebrating at the end.  I should give him bonus points for that, but I won't.

  • Shanna Harris: 6-2
  • Jay Ciaravino: 4-4
  • Daniel Tidd: 6-2
  • Bill Wentz: 5-3
  • Drew Koscelek: 3-5

Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan

Shanna was the only one that didn't predict this.  Bill figured it would be against Cena.  Considering it was a widely assumed (but not official) match, I won't hold that against either of them, and we won't count it.  

Final tally of Summerslam Predictions?  Shanna and Daniel come in tied at first place with 6 wins 2 losses! Bill takes third with 5-3, Jay in fouth with 4-4, and Drew dragging his feet at the end with 3-5!

Well, that was fun!  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @RingRap.  Look out for our Summerslam Roundtable discussion later tonight.  Thanks for reading folks!