As the guy who brings you the (pseudo)live recaps of TNA every week, I thought it would be fun to throw you my predictions for TNA’s biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory.  The show goes live tomorrow night at 7PM EST with the pre-show on Spike TV, and the pay per view event itself at 8PM EST.  There are seven total advertised matches, so here’s what I think will go down.

Pre-Show Match:

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Bad Influence vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. The Bro-Mans; Gauntlet match, winner gets a match with James Storm and Gunner for the TNA Tag Team Championship on the pay per view:

What do you get when you combine a retread ethnic gimmick, two comedy teams, and a team that can actually wrestle and entertain?  This match.  I feel like Joe Park and EY and the Bro-Mans are just comedic gimmicks that could never really be taken seriously in terms of holding championship gold.  Chavo tries his best to be a heel, but no one cares.  Couple that with Super Mex doing some of his crowd-pleasing big man moves, and that team just doesn’t seem like a fit against Gunner and Storm.

The team that does, however, is Bad Influence.  Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are entertaining and they know how to get heat.  Their ring work has been very good of late also.  I think they make the best pairing against a decent championship team in Gunner and Storm and that pairing could draw a solid pay per view match.

It might be some wishing and hoping, but I’m rooting for Bad Influence to pull off the win here.

Main Card:

Manik (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries; TNA X-Division Championship fought in Ultimate X

Ultimate X is a lot of fun to watch.  Unfortunately to me, it feels like this is the “get everyone of worth on the show” match this time.  Most of the men in this match did not have any meaningful singles program going on up until this match was put together.  And by the way, I’m going to guarantee a big Jeff Hardy spot at some point in this match that probably includes a ladder in some way or form.

I do enjoy watching these kinds of matches.  Generally they’re fast paced and have some cool spots in them.  And all of these guys can provide that kind of action in various forms.  The primary story here is that this is considered an “all star” match and that each wants a chance to exercise “Plan C” to get to the World Heavyweight Championship again.

I think the guy you have to watch for here is Chris Sabin. He’s playing the smarmy, sneaky “Miz-Like” heel now.  I think putting the belt on anyone but Sabin is a “step down” for the character.  Austin Aries could make it work with his promo skills, but he’s good enough in the ring and on the mic to get to the title other ways.

Look for Chris Sabin to steal one here and grab the title.

ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke; TNA Knockouts Championship fought under three-way rules

As much as I want to say there’s a good story behind the three ladies in this match, I don’t know that I can.  I think the three in the ring could be entertaining, but it’s the fourth woman that I have my doubts about.

I hear you…”Bill, what do you mean by fourth?  Have the paint fumes from working on your truck affected your ability to count?”  I’m talking about Lei’D Tapa.  Tapa has at least influenced match outcomes involving all three of these ladies.  I expect she will do the same somehow in this one.

Somehow she will hit the ring again in San Diego, and this one won’t truly get a finish.  ODB will retain the title, but the match won’t end clean.

James Storm and Gunner (c) vs. the winner of the four-team gauntlet on the pre-show; TNA Tag Team Championship

This isn’t a new concept, as we saw WWE do this to establish a contender at the Night of Champions pay per view as well.  As I mentioned in the pre-show match discussion, I am really hoping that the team we see face Storm and Gunner is Bad Influence.  I think it’s the best tag team title match they could put on this card.

I think this will be the place to kick off a meaningful tag title story.  Storm in particular has history with Kaz and Daniels.  Gunner is capable of good matches, and Daniels and Kaz speak for themselves.  James Storm and Gunner will continue to hold the straps after this night, but they (hopefully) have a solid program moving forward with the team they face here (again, hopefully Bad Influence).

Sting vs. Magnus

Magnus wants someone to “make him” like Ric Flair made Sting all those years ago.  Sting has stepped up to be the guy to do that for Magnus.  That is pretty much the extent of the story going into this match.  They have sold some tension between the two over the past two weeks on iMPACT, but nothing that flags a major character shift for either man.

I really hope they don’t turn Magnus heel on this show.  He isn’t over enough as a face yet to make a heel turn work at this point.  As for the match, well, let’s just be brutally honest here.  Sting isn’t going to “make” Magnus as Flair did for him years ago.  That comparison doesn’t work here because those men were in their prime back when Flair put Sting over.  Sting, quite frankly, is over the hill now in terms of his in-ring work.

But, Sting is TNA’s “legacy star” in the mind of Undertaker, so a win over Sting does have some meaning.  It just won’t mean that meteoric rise to the top that Sting’s win over Flair in the 80’s did.  Look for a frustrated Magnus to get some level of redemption and pick up the win on this night, and for the two to shake hands and remain allies in the Mafia.

Kurt Angle vs.  Bobby Roode:

This, in all likelihood, is your match of the night.  Kurt Angle is back from his stint in rehabilitation, and he looks good.  Roode is without question a sound in-ring worker.  This will end up being a showcase match.

It all got set up when Angle interrupted the “EGO Hall of Fame” segment.  The EGO boys were mocking Kurt Angle for getting inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame (which will happen tonight if you’re reading this on Saturday).  Roode wasn’t pleased that Angle interrupted that ceremony, but it was Kurt who issued the challenge for this match.

This one sets up for a good, long program if they want to go there.  On this night though, Kurt Angle returns victoriously and gets Roode to tap out to the Ankle Lock.

Bully Ray (w/Brooke, c) vs. AJ Styles; TNA World Heavyweight Championship under No Disqualification Rules

Is this story about the title, or is it about Dixie Carter and the departed Hulk Hogan?  This overshadows this program much like Triple H and Stephanie do the program between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton – just a lot less effectively.  If you’ve read my show recaps, you know my disdain for Dixie being involved in this situation.  Up until this past Thursday’s main event segment, Dixie was more of the focus of this program than anything.

Bully and AJ can have a good program and a good match on Sunday.  I just see Dixie as unnecessary baggage.  Bully and AJ did have a solid and intense contract signing segment that showed me that if left alone, they could have had a solid program throughout if they focused on AJ not having a chance at the title for a year and Bully being the heel he has been.

There are a number of things coming to a head behind this match.  Bully’s remaining Aces and Eights members are not happy with him, and may screw him over.  Ken Anderson got a lot of mention, and he might spoil things.  Dixie doesn’t want AJ with the company, and he has promised to “make her pay.”

 Watch for shenanigans; the traditional referee bump, numerous run-ins from various parties, perhaps Brooke and/or Dixie sticking their nose in things.  Maybe Hulk makes an appearance?  And of course we’ll get a really overbooked finish.  In the end, AJ Styles wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and makes them all pay.

Will I be right?  Will I be wrong? Plan on joining me tomorrow night at 7PM EST as I bring you live results and reaction throughout the evening for the entire Bound for Glory event!