The following results contains spoilers for tomorrows episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. If you do not want to know I would advise you to stop reading now. Below are the spoilers for TNA Impact thanks t

MVP came to the ring and called for Eric Young to come to the ring to reveal his opponent for Slammiversary. MVP says he is going to introduce the number one contender for the title and tells Eric to look towards the entrance. MVP attacks Eric Young and tells him he will see him at Slammiversary.
Former NXT star Kenneth Cameron is introduced backstage as Bram. He seems to be affiliated with Magnus as the two speak about Magnus’ upcoming match with Willow.

Willow defeated Magnus w/Bran via DQ when Bram attacked Willow. Bram then handcuffs Willow to the ropes then grabs a turnbuckle hook from under the ring and hits Willow with it. He tells Magnus that this is how you do things around here.

The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany and  in an Elimination Evening Gown Match.

The Wolves defeated The Bromans in a TNA World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match.

The ending saw DJ Z coming out to help his team then The Wolves grabbed him and did a double hip toss from the top of the two ladders onto Robbie and Jessie who were outside of the ring. Huge spot. The Wolves pulled down their titles for the win.