With Final Resolution around the corner, TNA needed to really deliver the goods this week. Given their track record as of late, I had my doubts they would do so. I have to say that I was pleased with this week’s show for the most part. They trimmed down the backstage segments and gave us some solid bouts.While it would have been nice if the matches went a little longer, I think that everyone delivered for the time they were given. Join me once again as I give you my run down of Impact. As you know I pull no punches, and I didn’t start in this edition of the good, the bad, and the ugly. The GoodFlair opens the show with solid goldWhile I am not a fan of Flair in the ring, I do have to say that when it comes to cutting a promo he still has it. Matt Morgan is riding a monster push right now. It was a smart move having a vet like Flair in the middle to help it along.Matt Morgan can learn a lot from Ric Flair when it comes to rocking the stick, and the one thing Flair has done good in TNA is getting guys over.Generation Me, Robbie E, and Cookie vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, and Velvet Sky Even though this was an eight-man tag match that only went for around six minutes, I thought this was a solid bout for the most part. Just about everyone looked good except Cookie. Lethal shined the most out of all who was involved, in my opinion.More importantly, this match continued the slow stewing of a hot feud in the making with Gen Me and the Guns. This is a feud that the fans can’t wait to see, me included. I liked the finish with the spray to the eyes, and I also liked how this led into a backstage confrontation that set up a match between the four on Reaction.Raven vs. Jeff Hardy and the demise of EV 2.0Anyone who has read my column in the past knows that I was not a big supporter of the ECW reunion. I am so relieved to finally see all of this nonsense coming to an end. This time the unlucky victim was Raven. He hasn’t been relevant in pro wrestling since the early 2000s.I will give some credit to him; considering how badly out of shape he looked, Raven put on a solid enough bout. He even impressed me to a certain degree. Hearing Hogan say he was fired was music to my ears. It’s time to break up EV 2.0.Stevie Richards, Rhino, and RVD, are all still decent enough in the ring to stay with TNA. The only one left who needs to go is Dreamer. While he can serve a purpose in the back, he has no business being in a wrestling ring anymore.Abyss vs. Shannon MooreMy first reaction to this match was WTF. This had to be one of the oddest pairings I have seen in some time. Throw in the fact that this was a casket match, and I just had to scratch my head in wonder.With that said; this was an entertaining match. Moore looked great as always, and it was nice that TNA did the right thing by letting him get in some solid offense.It even looked like he was going to win it a couple of times. Abyss worked his normal style of match, but I have to admit he worked well with a small high flier. He sold Moore’s offense like a champ which was very important for Shannon.He has been kind of buried lately, and this kind of steam was just what the doctor ordered. As for as the Pope popping out at the last minute; I’m sorry...it just felt too WWE-ish.Mickie James vs. Angelina LoveAll I can say is wow! This is what women’s wrestling is all about. While I did have a couple of issues with this match, like not having any real build up and not giving these two talented ladies more time, for the time they did get they really delivered the goods.This match went back and forth and really left you wondering just who would come out the winner. Love should also get some major props in this match. Right now James is the new kid on the block and it would have been easy for Love to make her look weak.She did a great job selling James' offense and it only shows what a professional she is. Even though this match was only five minutes or so long, it was still better than anything the WWE women have produced as of late.Ric Flair vs. Matt MorganWhile the match itself wasn’t anything special, it did serve its purpose in making it look possible that Morgan has a shot at winning the belt against Jeff Hardy. Flair was over the top in this match and made Morgan look great.I also enjoyed seeing Doug Williams make the turn. He has been nonexistent for too long now. It will be interesting to see what his future holds.Crisp and short backstage segmentsOver the last few weeks I have been killing TNA about the long over dramatic backstage segments. This week I didn’t really have any issues with what they fed us. They were somewhat short and helped push the future story lines.I like the buildup of Winter and can’t wait to see her finally get in the ring and square up against the talented Knockouts division.The BadJeff Jarrett’s MMA nonsenseThis was a snooze fest from the beginning until the end. Whether it was the lame backstage promo, or the painfully long “MMA” display we saw.I would love to see Jarrett actually take part in a real MMA bout. How entertaining would it be to see him tap out after a minute or so into the match?Luckily Samoa Joe came out and ended this awful segment. On the flip side of things, I am surprisingly interested to see this two go one on one.Out of all the older guys on the TNA roster, Jarrett is one of the few who is still solid in the ring. I just hope they do the right thing and put Joe over when all is said and done.Brother Ray vs. Brother DevonThis is a match that should have taken place maybe five years ago. I know that Team 3D is one of the best ever to step in the ring, but let’s be honest: they haven’t been relevant in some time. They did a nice job sending them off last week. With that said, I’m not sure how well this match will sell.To make matters worse, the Rocker comparisons were just way too farfetched. For the record, in Marty Jannetty’s prime, he was just as talented as HBK. I get so sick and tired of hearing him bashed all the time.Bubba Ray is nowhere near the level of HBK. How TNA can even let him make the comparison is mind-boggling.It’s cool that they want to go their separate ways and split up. That doesn’t mean the fans want to be treated to this “too little, too late” feud.The UglyRhino and Dreamer putting the crowd to sleepWhat is worse than handing a mic to one of the worst promo guys in the business? Giving the mic to a more than one guy who can’t cut a promo and having them work together. Dreamer and Rhino had the crickets screaming "boring!"Well, at least Rhino can still put on a solid bout. The only thing Dreamer can do is help you fall asleep at night.Match ResultsGeneration Me, Robbie E, and Cookie vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, and Velvet SkyWinner: Gen Me, Robbie E, and CookieRaven vs. Jeff HardyWinner: Jeff HardyAbyss vs. Shannon MooreMatch ended in a no contestMickie James vs. Angelina LoveWinner: Mickie JamesMatt Morgan vs. Ric FlairWinner: Matt Morgan