Welcome to our live coverage of tonight's "Final Resolution" pay per view offering.  This is the last pay per view event for TNA this calendar year.  Tonight's card shapes up as follows:

  • AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels; "The Final Match"
  • Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries
  • Kurt Angle, Wes Briscoe, Garett Bischoff and Samoa Joe vs. Four Members of Aces and Eights
  • Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan; TNA Tag Team Championship
  • Tara (c, w/Jesse Godderz) vs. Mickie James; TNA Knockouts Championship
  • Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King; TNA X-Division Championship
  • Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode; TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Check in periodically throughout the night for updates and results for tonight's pay per view event.  Show coverage will kick off around 8PM EST.

Show Open:

The opening is a video package focusing on the Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy title match.  The three man booth of Taz, Tenay, and Keneley checks in for commentary as pyro goes off.

James Storm comes to the ring, dressed in ring gear.  The announcers wonder what he's up to because he's not scheduled to wrestle.  Storm says he's there to ruin Bobby Roode's victory party before it gets started.  He asks for Roode to come out and join him so Storm can punch him in the face.  Storm goes for his catchphrase but he gets interrupted.

Kazarian comes out and talks about the Willie Nelson song "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys."  He taunts Storm saying that everyone has to listen to Storm whine and complain and calls him a drunk.  The fans cheer that remark.  Kaz calls Storm a "goat roper" and it's time for him to cut the "Dime Store Toby Keith" routine and ride off into the "sunshine" (oops!).

Storm makes fun and asks Kaz "you had all day to think of a promo and that's the only crap you can come up with?"  Storm says they don't like sunshine where he comes from, they love moonshine.  Kaz mocks the crowd for cheering and starts a mocking "we drink too!" chant.  Storm challenges Kaz to take the ass kicking he had in mind for Roode.

Kaz points out there's no official and the match isn't sanctioned.  Storm says he doesn't need a referee to whip Kazarian's ass.  An official comes out and points Kaz to the ring.  Storm meets him at ringside and fires up on Kaz.  The match starts as the fight spills into the ring and the official calls for the bell.

Funny how the crowd responded to the drinking lines.  Storm didn't need to mention the stuff about thinking up a promo but it was good mic work from him.  Kaz has come a long way too and gotten much better on the mic as well.

Match #1 - Kazarian vs. James Storm

Storm works in his T-shirt.  He hits the Closing Time codebreaker then works up the fans as he teases the Last Call.  Kaz uses the official as a shield to avoid the the superkick.  Kaz tries to get his finisher, but Storm counters and hits the Last Call to get the win.

Nice opening affair that wasn't advertised.

The announcers talk at ringside, and they work through footage featuring Aces and Eights "working for" Bobby Roode last Thursday.  Keneley gets a bit lost so Taz fills in the gaps.  They show Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy in separate shots backstage.

Keneley gets lost in himself a lot lately, and uses a lot of cliches.  Because he feeds things to Taz and Tenay, he seems if he should be the leader of the trio. But Taz and Tenay carry more authority in their words.  We shall see how Keneley grows.

Match #2 - Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King:

The two shake hands to start.  Tenay says that King told him this is a dream match after watching RVD in his ECW days and modeled his style after him.  RVD catches King with a kick, and King comes back with his own kick.  RVD sells it at ringside while he collects himself.

RVD goes up top but King catches him with a kick that sends RVD to the floor.  King asks if we saw that in the camera.  King throws RVD back in and gets a near fall.  King locks on a hold to slow the pace down.

King crotches RVD on the rope then hits a kick to the back.  RVD battles back with his signature offense, using a monkey flip out of the corner then follows with Rolling Thunder.  He goes up top again but gets cut off by King.

RVD shoves King off the rope, but King flips and lands on his feet.  RVD hits a kick from the top rope but crashes and burns on the Five Star Frog Splash.  King sets up for Royal Flush, but RVD counters into a leg scissor roll up to win.

Winner - Rob Van Dam to retain the X-Division Championship

The announcers did a nice job of telling the story in the match and they got on the same page through this match.  The one problem with this match is the lack of character development in King, which didn't give the fans reason to care either way with him.  Solid match that could have used that spark.


JB interviews Christopher Daniels.  Daniels talks about all the history that he and AJ have through the years that all builds up to this match tonight.  Daniels says that when he wins tonight, it won't be hyperbole, it will be fact.

Match #3 - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan; TNA Tag Team Championship

Ryan and Chavo start the match.  They work to having both big men face off a bit later.  Morgan hits shoulder blocks, but Hernandez bounces off and doesn't fall.  Hernandez goes for a third but he gets hit with the Discus Clothesline.  Morgan glares at the hard camera then tags in Ryan.

Ryan sells for a bit but eventually gets the hot tag to Morgan.  Morgan roughs up Chavo, stares at the camera again, then tags Ryan back in.  Ryan ends up selling offense again from the tag champions.  Morgan gets involved and suplexes Hernandez, then picks up Ryan and drops him on Hernandez to get a two-count.

Hernandez battles back with a backbreaker and backs off to the corner.  He gets a headbutt from Morgan.  Hernandez comes back with multiple clotheslines on Morgan and knocks Morgan out to the floor. Morgan does land on his feet, though.  Chavo hits the Frog Splash on Ryan and covers, but Morgan pulls the official out to the floor.

Chavo dives on Morgan, but Morgan catches him and drives him into the ring post.  Hernandez hits his big shoulder block/dive to take Morgan down.  Hernandez says this isn't over.

Winner - Chavo and Hernandez by disqualification

Morgan looked dominant in this one.  If he's working with the right face, he could be money right now.  I question if Ryan is over enough right now to make this pairing work and I guess they're going to keep the two together to try and get Ryan over.  Ryan has a place in TNA, but it's not this teaming.


Borash is with Austin Aries.  He says he's going to keep pushing buttons because the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  He cuts a Hogan-style closing line "Whatcha gonna do, when Austinmania runs wild on you, brother?"  Funny.

They feed it into a video that recaps the Hogan/Aries/Bully Ray story.

Match #4 - Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray

Aries points out Bully Ray's chain but Hebner has nothing to say about it.  Ray sells early on and Aries gets a lot of heat from the fans when he plays to them.

Ray battles back and hits a missile dropkick that drew a "holy shit!" chant.  Ray charges but Aries pulls the ropes down, which lets Ray tumble to the floor.  Aries tries a suicide dive, but he eats Ray's foot.

Later, the fans get going about tables.  Ray goes out after Aries who is at ringside.  Ray chases and gets tripped into the steps, which opens him up.  Brooke Hogan comes to ringside to check on him.  Aries pulls Brooke into the ring but Ray comes back and throws Aries to ringside.

Hogan comes out and glares at Brooke and Ray.  Ray tells Hogan to get Brooke out of there.  Hulk takes Brooke to the back  Aries hits a low blow and rolls Ray up for the win.  Aries grabs Ray's hat and does the Stan Hansen sign.  Aries points at his head and walks to the back.

Winner - Austin Aries

The finish took away from the match for sure.  They had a good match at Sacrifice and this one was sort of going that way but never got to that level.  Aries is a good heel, but the dynamics are better when the roles are reversed between these two.  The Hogan dynamic is hurting this storyline.


JB interviews Tara and Jesse.  She chides Velvet Sky for being back for "six minutes" and talks about the violins for Mickie James.  Jesse talks about all the celebrities texting him to wish Tara luck and set up a victory party.

Match #5 - Tara (c, w/Jesse) vs. Mickie James; TNA Knockouts Championship

Taryn Terrell is our referee.  Mickie looks straight out of GLOW as the "Farmer's Daughter."  Tara and Jesse come out with their power-couple gimmick going.

Mickie controls early.  She knocks Tara to ringside where her and Jesse hug.  Tara uses the distraction from Jesse to get control.  Tara teases the Widow's Peak, but Mickie counters to roll her up.  Taryn was distracted by Jesse though and made no count.

Mickie hits a Thesz Press off the top onto Tara at ringside.  Jesse sticks his nose in again and gets a kick from Mickie.  That opens up the opportunity for Tara to hit Widow's Peak for the win.

Winner - Tara to retain the Knockouts Championship

The "power couple" gimmick is getting zero heat.  I'd rather see Jesse go away to get better matches.  Tara doesn't need him to do good work in the ring.


JB interviews Bobby Roode.  Roode says he promised himself he would do whatever it took to get his title back.  He says he will prove to the world tonight that it pays to be Roode.  He says his investment will pay off and repeats the line from the Aces VP - "Money talks, bullshit walks."

Not Roode's best moment but not horrible.  Will we see another run of interference in the title match tonight by Aces?

They use a video package to set up the eight man tag.

Match #6 - Aces and Eights (DOC and Devon along with two masked members) vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe

The announcers hype it up about how Briscoe and Bischoff have respect and handle their business the right way as the faces come out.

Aces gets the first long run of offense, working over Samoa Joe.  The fans taunt Devon with "you sold out" chants at one point.  Joe starts to battle back, hitting slams on the masked members in succession, stacking them up.  Angle gets the hot tag and hits Angle Slams on Aces while Wes and Garett cheer on from the corner.

Angle and DOC go toe to toe while the rest of the teams fight at ringside.  Brisco hits a high cross body but ends up eating a big boot.  Everyone takes turns with big moves.  Joe hits a big suicide dive into a flying elbow on Devon on the floor.  Angle locks on the Ankle Lock in the ring.

DOC brings out the hammer, but Angle ends up with it.  Brisco hits a spear on DOC before Angle can use the hammer.  Angle hits the Angle Slam on the skinnier of the two masked men in order to get the win.

Winners - Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Briscoe and Garett Bischoff

Was it me, or did that spear look more like a save?  Aces looks bad by losing matches all the time.  This story is really treading water, badly.


JB interviews AJ Styles.  Styles says once again, history will say he beat Daniels one more time.

They use a video package to set up the AJ/Daniels "one last time" match.

Match #7 - Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles; One Final Time

Daniels gets good heat by dancing on the way to the ring.  Tenay says that he talked to Styles earlier in the day and they talked about the number of matches Styles and Daniels have had, and it's around 115.  Someone in record keeping came up with that.

Tenay talks about how Styles' confidence is rising as Styles controls the offense early on.  Styles suplexes Daniels on the apron and Taz points out how hard that area of the ring is because of its construction.  Daniels bounces back with a uranage out on the apron.

Daniels stays in control and slams Styles on the steps.  "Did you see that?" he asks into the camera and holds up his hand.  Every finger is taped but the middle one, and that's not lost on some of the live crowd given the reaction.

Styles hits a couple headbutts and looks like he's got an open cut near his eye now.  The two men collide in the ring and the announcers say that's where he opened up his head.  Daniels targets the eye area, but Styles comes back and hits a Pele.

Daniels tries for Angel's Wings but Styles counters and hits Styles Clash.  Styles tries a cover but Daniels kicks out.  Styles tries the Clash again but this time from the ropes.  Daniels holds on and flips Styles over.  Neat spot.  Daniels comes back and hits the Styles Clash on Styles for the win.

Winner - Christopher Daniels

Really good match with a unique finish.  Makes perfect sense in the "AJ is frustrated" storyline to have him lose a match that he can't get a rematch for.  This is what WWE COULD have done with John Cena, but they elected instead to get him back on track within a pay per view and two episodes of Raw.

They use a video package to set up the main event.  Tenay runs through the tale of the tape.  Roode makes his entrance first, then Hardy.  JB gives us the old-school ring intros for our title match.

Match #7 - Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode; TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Hardy gets in some early offense.  Taz points out that Hardy is having issues covering Roode because he's not hooking the leg.  The announcers question if this is all an effect of the attack Hardy took from Aces and Eights on iMPACT last Thursday.

Roode keeps control of the match, nothing flashy though.  Hardy fans keep cheering for him and trying to rally him.  Roode goes to the second rope and jumps off right into Hardy's foot that he lifted.  Hardy hits a Russian Leg Sweep to get two.  Hardy runs the ropes and gets thrown through them by Roode.

Roode throws Hardy into the steps then throws him in the ring.  Roode covers for two.  Taz points out the nuances of hooking the leg closest to the rope to avoid breaking the count and forcing a kick out.  Taz is doing a good job here to create a sports vibe tonight.

Hardy gets another flurry of offense in.  The announcers emphasize that Hardy needs to get separation so he can hit his offense.  Hardy hits a splash to get a two count.  Roode catapults Hardy to the corner but Hardy lands on his feet and is able to connect with Whisper in the Wind for two.

Hardy hits a front suplex and a splash for two.  He plays to the fans to light response, then turns around into a Double R Spinebuster from Roode for a near fall.  Hardy hits Twist of Fate, but Roode tumbles out of the ring.  Hardy hits a running clothesline off the apron.

Hardy asks for the fans near the railing to move back a little.  He positions the ring steps and takes a run at Roode, looking for Poetry in Motion but instead crashes and burns hard into the guardrail then the floor.  How he kept going after that was amazing.  Roode throws Hardy back in the ring and gets two. Roode sells frustration as the Hardy chants grow.

Roode sets up for a superplex, but Hardy fights out of it. Hardy follows with a Swanton Bomb and sells the effect of hitting his own offense and can't get a cover.  Hardy stands up and eats a spear from Roode for two.

Aces and Eights comes to ringside, and Roode smiles.  Roode motions for them to get involved and asks what they're waiting for but they just stand there.  Roode turns right into the Twist of Fate from Hardy, who picks up the win.

Winner - Jeff Hardy to Retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Afterward, Aces and Eights hits the ring and attacks Hardy.  They hit him with a big powerbomb.  Roode confronts the leader and complains about having paid them to finish the deal and how he should be champion right now.  The Aces turn on Roode, putting the boots to him.  DOC hits a big chokeslam on Roode.  Aces stands over Roode with 8 fingers up as the show ends.

They run a hype video featuring Bully Ray for the Genesis pay per view, airing Jan. 13, 2013.

A good main event that the crowd was mostly flat for, at least Roode's early offensive run.  They got behind Hardy late in the match and were sent home happy with the babyface win.

Aces did NOTHING for me here at all.  I can follow the logic of going after Roode by screwing him over for having paid them for something, but they beat up a face and a heel here at the end...and this did nothing to advance their story. 

In fact, the Aces story has been treading water for so long I can't be compelled to care.  On top of that, the four-man team lost earlier in the night to a team with two green as grass rookies in Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff.  How do I take these guys seriously anymore?

I guess the best way I can describe the PPV tonight is "no frills.". You got what you paid for - no big storyline development, no big news, no title changes.  The one story they can run with is the Styles/Daniels stipulation, but will it come in a timely fashion to really make it feel like it was important?  Call it a "B-level" show with good ring action.

Be sure to join us this Thursday for all the fallout from tonight's pay per view event as we bring you iMPACT coverage.  Thanks for watching along tonight.